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Sweet Pit Bull Gemma Meets New Foster Kitten And A Friendship Forms Instantly 1m01s

Sweet Pit Bull Gemma Meets New Foster Kitten And A Friendship Forms Instantly

When we meet someone for the first time, sometimes we get lucky and they become our best friend. We do everything with them and enjoy spending as much time as we can with them. Gemma the loving and gentle pit bull meets her new foster kitten and instantly, they have a connection. They definitely have a great friendship in the making, maybe they will even be best friends. This is such a precious clip, we get to see every little adventure Gemma and her foster kitten go on throughout the day, it is too adorable! These two already have such a great connection. Gemma and her foster kitten try to do as much as they can together. One of their favourite things to do is play hide and seek. Gemma looks for the foster kitten as it hides behind the curtains. What a great hiding spot! This cute kitten is small enough that it won't be noticed behind a curtain, awesome! Whenever they have an opportunity to play together, they will play. There is never enough kisses when it comes to these two, they already love each other so much, so awesome! Check out this priceless clip of Gemma the Pit Bull playing with her new foster kitten friend. Have you seen a dog and cat that love spending time together? Let us know in the comment section down below!

This Attention-Seeking Adorable Dog Is Jealous Of The iPad1m27s

This Attention-Seeking Adorable Dog Is Jealous Of The iPad

Pit Bulls have a terrible and unfounded reputation of being some ferocious beasts that would jump at your jugular the moment they get the opportunity. They are ferocious looking to be sure, with their muscular bodies and the snout that sheds fear in your bones. But when given the chance, a true, unprejudiced chance, then you will be convinced that that Pit Bull Terrier dogs are no different than you average Labrador or Husky. As a matter of fact, you could even say that a Chihuahua is more menacing than a Pit Bull. When given the love and respect they deserve (first and foremost) as living beings, you will see that a Pit Bull dog can be as gentle as a teddy bear, capable of so much love and understanding. The only bad side about keeping a Pit Bull as pet might be their tendency to constantly ask for attention! Check out this family Pit, for example. Gemma the Pit Bull tries her best to win over her human brother Elliott while he plays learning games on the family's iPad. She definitely wants all the attention! It is videos like these that bring hope in the hearts of people that Pit Bulls are actually amazing with kids. They can be so good with children, that you can probably leave them alone in a busy park and no one will be able to approach your child, because the dog will take excellent care of them. Pit Bulls are very protective of their owners, so having one as a family guard dog is probably the best idea you just had!