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Orphaned Pony Cuddles With Teddy Bear!51s

Orphaned Pony Cuddles With Teddy Bear!

Breeze was found abandoned just a few hours after his birth. He was found stumbling around the hillside, trying to suckle mares. By the time rescuers from a local equinesanctuary had arrived to help, Breeze had collapsed in a state of severe shock and dehydration. Breeze needed a surrogate mother, and the sanctuary had a brilliant idea. They placed in his stall a giant 4-foot-tall teddy bear, and Breeze immediately cuddled up to it and found comfort in the bear. If you like this video, Share it with your friends!

Man Films A Horse Rolling In The Sand, But Watch What Follow When He Approaches…4m30s

Man Films A Horse Rolling In The Sand, But Watch What Follow When He Approaches…

The miles of open beach at Pt. Reyes, California serve as a playground for David Lichman and his magnificent horses. It’s a wonderful mix of play and actual training as David is working with the horses on their gait, as well as teaching them how to roll in the sand and perform other exercises. David is actually a 5-star Parelli Natural Horsemanship instructor, and you can see how he earned that title in this video. His focus is on both horsemanship skills and horse behavior. He has cultivated a wonderful relationship with the horses, and it’s great to witness the freedom which he gives them to run free along the beach, truly enjoying it, and even allowing David to ride bareback! Share this wonderful video with friends and family.

Mom Takes Her Giant Horse Out For A Walk, But Wait Till The Camera Moves To The Front!1m15s

Mom Takes Her Giant Horse Out For A Walk, But Wait Till The Camera Moves To The Front!

Carol Whitaker is taking an evening walk around a cul de sac with her magnificent Friesian stallion, Apollo by her side. When he neighs at 0:37, I think he’s telling Carol he’s enjoying the stroll. Carol agrees and writes, “Apollo loved every minute of our little outing!” She adds, “Not a day goes by that I don’t thank the good Lord above for my magnificent stallion, Apollo. He has a heart of gold! He’s the most charismatic, fun, loving, respectful horse I’ve ever known. People that meet him are in awe that he’s a stallion because he’s such a gentle giant who absolutely loves to show off! He’s extremely powerful, yet he is always a perfect gentleman on the ground and under saddle.” It’s no wonder he has been awarded Grand Champion in-hand and show driving in the Netherlands, US & Canada. How cool would it be to meet Apollo when out for a walk?

This Magnificent Horse Is Every Girls Fantasy Come To Life!4m41s

This Magnificent Horse Is Every Girls Fantasy Come To Life!

We all dream of riding a Unicorn or a Pegasus, it’s the horse crazy child in us! But, what if you could, would you?This video appears to be during a horse show. Often times there are “costume classes” where riders and their horses can dress up and compete. The Friesian horse in this video is owned by Danielle Didonato Barrasso. She has dressed as a Trojan warrior, riding her winged horse. It is beautiful to watch and her horse doesn’t even seemed bothered by the wings! Share this on Facebook if you’d love to ride a horse like this!

Miniature Horse Receives Prosthetic Hoof From Colorado State University1m54s

Miniature Horse Receives Prosthetic Hoof From Colorado State University

A miniature horse named Shine has a new spring in his step after receiving a rare prosthetic hoof at Colorado State University’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital in April 2016. Shine is believed to have suffered a terrible dog attack.  He had puncture wounds on his face, a torn lip, a gashed knee, and he was bleeding from his left rear fetlock.   He was left with a mangled hoof that ultimately led to infection.  Surgical amputation of his lower-left hind leg was necessary in order to survive. The little horse underwent amputation surgery to remove a mangled rear hoof; after he recovered, a CSU veterinary team worked with an animal orthopedist to outfit Shine with a special device that allows him to walk – and even trot. Now he can shine on! [mashvideo]

He Was Just Filming Horses In The Water And What He Captures Will Change The Way You Look At Horses2m23s

He Was Just Filming Horses In The Water And What He Captures Will Change The Way You Look At Horses

The relationship between horses and humans dates back for millennia and now when our industrial progress doesn’t depend on them any more, they get to enjoy themselves a bit. For some reason I’ve always seen horses as noble, well groomed and almost regal creatures and that’s the reason the video this guy recorded felt so precious. Even royalty has to have fun sometimes and for these two horses just cooling off in the pond wasn’t fun enough. There’s something about the moment they realized how entertaining it is blowing bubbles below the surface of the water that made me love them even more.

Injured baby donkey rescued; watch her mama's reaction5m14s

Injured baby donkey rescued; watch her mama's reaction

This incredibly sweet, tiny baby donkey was attacked by a wild animal, and she suffered more than a dozen bite wounds. The shock alone might have been enough to kill her. But little Genevieve survived and thrived because of daily wound dressings and the incredible love her emotional mama gave her every step of the way. Watch her mama's reaction during Genevieve's first medical treatment at Animal Aid and meet the little lady today, all healed and so happy. If the unknown kind citizen had not called the rescue team on time, this adorable beast-of-burden might have not survived. And if the rescue team had taken it a bit casually and had avoided showing up on the scene, it would have never been transformed into a heart-warming survival story! Indeed, these rescuers have proved that unconditional love and care can indeed do magic!!



A lot of men love cars and everything about them. They dare to race whenever they can, especially when someone gives them a sign while regular drive on the road. This owner tried something extreme and let’s say that he succeeded. Not knowing, which speed the car on the road is going or his intentions, owner made his horse AJ to speed with full power gallop. He claims that AJ loves doing that and that he has seen him faster than in this video but he didn’t want to force him to much because the green surface was full of holes. AJ is almost 8 years old but still managing to speed up just like younger ones. Owner also said that we should not be worried about him being hurt at all, because AJ enjoys doing this.

Mini Pony Packs a Punch Live!52s

Mini Pony Packs a Punch Live!

We cannot ever predict what will happen and how an animal will react at some certain time. Well, sometimes things don’t go well at all.The news reporter of CBS3 channel witnessed such tragedy one afternoon while reporting live at the Salem county fair in Woodstown, NJ. Vittoria Woodill was reporting at the time things went wrong. She tried to make a conversation with three girls and their ponies to represent the downtown county fair and how the organization of the event was pretty amazing. At the Salem county fair, they were celebrating 30 years of the organization of this event. At the point when the reporter started talking to the little girls and showing cute ponies, one of them got really disturbed and things went wrong. Of course, nothing happened on purpose but sadly, one of the ponies got really disturbed by another and kicked the little girl with his feet. Besides the kick, everything went well at the end and no harm happened. What could have gone wrong? Why did the horse react like such?

Let your horse have a ball and you will see what happens!9m48s

Let your horse have a ball and you will see what happens!

Just like the Kruzah, a horse from Australia was playing with his rubber chicken, every single horse loves to play with something. Playing with a plastic toy or a ball makes horses really happy which also can lead to the improvement of their skills. In this video, you can see horses, Elvis and Riley playing with an equine sports ball. From this, you can see how both of them are enjoying the time spent playing with the ball. They tried everything, from kicking, rolling and even climbing it on it, which didn’t go well. Check this video out, and let us know how your horse reacted on a ball and how did it go!



It is really hard when the weather is nothing following what we are doing, especially when it comes to driving. Mother Nature sometimes is not on your side. But that’s why it is good to have someone to help you. Same thing happened to the truck driver that got stuck in the snow storm and couldn’t get out of it for a while. 18 years old teen, Eileen Eagle Bears, and her horse decided to help this man. She said she was keeping an eye on traffic due to the storm while driving with her mom Monday night. She spotted a trucker stopped on Highway 10 about five kilometers away from her home. She said she just wanted to help him to survive a day stuck there, so she rode her horse on 10-kilometre round trip through a snowstorm — twice that day. Eileen and her horse Smudge made the hour-long round-trip journey to bring coffee and food from her home. Driver said he was really thankful and really glad that someone knew that he was there and that someone cared and decided to help him out

Watch What Horses Are Teaching Doctors About Bedside Manner2m15s

Watch What Horses Are Teaching Doctors About Bedside Manner

Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey has found a unique way to improve medical student’s bedside manner. The program is called “Horses For Healers” and the results are incredible. Horses for Healers uses horses to teach medical students how to be better doctors. Through non-verbal communication, horses read body language and respond to students, giving them immediate feedback on whether they feel safe and approachable – two things that research shows are very important to medical outcomes. Visit Spring Reins Of Hope to find out more about the Horses For Healers workshops. Share this on Facebook if you think horses are incredible teachers!

Horses Can Read Human Emotions!1m17s

Horses Can Read Human Emotions!

We expect that animals aren’t like humans and that what they feel is just short term memory. We also wouldn’t know if they can feel the same if they can respond to our emotions. Well, research showed differently. ODN (On Demand) news reported something different this time. They went through research with the unknown company and found out something surprising. The research by itself was about if horses can actually feel same as humans and if they can recognize how they feel and what they are going through. With different tests, it is shown that horses can feel same what others feel. Scientists said that horses can distinguish between angry and happy faces and act accordingly. They can feel you and make you aware of your feelings. Also, when they see that your face expression has change they will try to make you feel better.Scientists also tested heartbeat of the horse with heart monitors when they see the different face expressions and it reviled that their heart beats rise accordingly

Horse Gets Sad Over Its Dead Owner!55s

Horse Gets Sad Over Its Dead Owner!

Wagner de Lima Figueiredo, 34, sadly lost his life in a car crash. His sibling, Wando de Lima went to the memorial service with Wagner’s stallion, Sereno. Sereno was seen laying his head on the box and whinnying as the parade occurred. It conveyed many individuals to tears. For those of you who have ever questioned the association amongst stallions and their proprietors, the video of him whinnying conveyed me to tears. These recordings stunned the world, yet as stallion individuals, we know how solid the association truly is. Our hearts break for Wagner’s family and his steed Sereno. Sereno is presently living with Wando where he is adored.

This Horse is Worth More Than a Ferrari!3m48s

This Horse is Worth More Than a Ferrari!

Akhal-Teke, “Wonderful Horse” is a standout amongst the most delightful and most seasoned equine breeds on the planet that streams straightforwardly from the Turkmen stallion. This breed was made by the Teke tribe that lived in the desert spring where Turkmenistan is a national image. The Silk Road Economic Belt, started by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, has had the impact of expanding the exchange of an uncommon steed between China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Central Asia. The Akhal-Teke stallions are considered as the world’s most wonderful and strange steeds, with just 3,000 of them around the globe, for the most part in Central Asia. Xinjiang, man that has China’s largest herd of Akhal-Teke horses, possess exactly 70 of them. He describes them as stage models of the Paris Fashion show, perfection of the emeralds on the Silk Road. If you want to buy them, you will have to give up on about million dollars just to purchase them, and to take care of them almost exact amount too.

Wild Mustangs – A Legacy in 4K!8m48s

Wild Mustangs – A Legacy in 4K!

In a place that is known for gigantic skies and great valleys, Mustang Monument Wild Horse Eco-Resort and Sanctuary is home to more than 600 Wild American Mustangs. Cowpoke and family man, Clay Nannini, offers knowledge into the benefit of saving the American Mustang while acquainting his kids with this symbol of American history, and a legacy worth securing. This family opened the resort just to take care of them. They find wild Mustangs really interesting and they want to make them feel safe and as free as they are in nature. The family is also trying to give them the best care, food, and shelter, but that is not the only thing they are doing, they are also trying to train them and make them part of the environment. In this amazing quality video, you can see the prospecting from the first person and how Clay Nannini is showing his kids how to make Mustangs give their best and show what they got. Clay said that is not easy to adopt them into, and he doesn’t want to force them into anything but it is so nice to see when people visit their resort that they actually have the opportunity to get to see them and even pet them.



What to expect from a horse? Well, trained horses can do way better than dogs or any other animal. You will be surprised by what we will show you in this video.Tommie Turvey and his stallion, Pokerjoe play out the drama demonstration “the Riding Instructor” before thousands at the MCI Center in Washington DC amid the Washington International Horse Show in 2002. Tommie and Pokerjoe, alongside Ace and Joker, performed on this occasion in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. Pretty amazing right? This is not just regular training. This is a lot of time and effort given into training to even reach such performance. It is also really great to see the bond between man and a horse, and how they fulfill each other.

Budweiser – Clydesdales Donkey1m00s

Budweiser – Clydesdales Donkey

Everybody adores the Budweiser Clydesdales Horses advertisements and we are unquestionably trusting that the larger organization will air one of them amid the 2017 Super Bowl! Once in a while, the organization has even blended the dearest puppy advertisements with the stallion ones and they are a portion of the best promotions that Budweiser has ever constructed. In the same way as other of Budweiser’s Clydesdale plugs, this one disclosed first amid a Super Bowl – for this situation, the 2004 release. It was eclipsed, be that as it may, by Janet Jackson’s mysterious closet breakdown.This time there’s a charming little donkey that wants to be a Clydesdale as well, however, he can’t on account of he’s a donkey! He was training hard, preparing himself for being one of them. He tried to put extensions just to look like them. When the time of the interview came along, he said something to them and charmingly surprised them which got him into the team.

Stolen Horse Comes Back Home After 10 Years5m58s

Stolen Horse Comes Back Home After 10 Years

10 Years after he was stolen, Opie was at long last rejoined with his proprietor Michelle. Michelle was shattered when her cherished stallion was stolen from his horse shelter when he was only a couple of years old. Notwithstanding looking interminably for him she never surrendered trust. Stolen Horse International, otherwise known as were an astonishing organization that at last sorted out his arrival. On account of another stallion individual perusing on Craigslist and her insight into the steeds on – they could rejoin him with Michelle. What a brilliant story with a flawless completion, yet tragically horse burglary is on the ascent in the USA with many families never observing their steed or horse again.

A Missouri Fox Trotter For Sale20m58s

A Missouri Fox Trotter For Sale

This business video for a Missouri Fox Trotter named Walter is so straightforward and clear that it’s difficult to say whether the owner and dealer Zackery Stevens is a quite straight shooter or that we’ve discovered the primary genuine horse broker person. After we have watched this video, we can’t find the way not to giggle, wonder or consider this man serious. How about we simply establish, before you watch this 20-minute video that Walter gives off an impression of being maybe the best steed that has strolled this planet. We can’t choose if the best part is the place Zack tosses a ball at Walter while he sits on a bunch, drags a kayak around on a rope or shoots a weapon over Walter’s side as the steed lays down. We are amused, what about you?

People Straddling A Toy Horse4m45s

People Straddling A Toy Horse

Hobby horsing is the strange new pattern clearing Scandinavia in which high school young ladies ride toy steeds in national show hopping rivalries. Hobbyhorse fans straddle a stuffed stallion head on a wooden stick and parade around a field, planning to inspire judges with their favor footwork, hopping aptitudes, and stance. More than 10,000 members in Finland alone contend with each other in dressage, demonstrate hopping and other customary equestrian occasions. Not only are riders competitive during their shows, but the level of detail outside of the arena is just as important, with riders decorating their hobby horses, naming them and placing horse covers over their wooden bodies at night while they “sleep”.

Owner Heartbroken After Show Horse Stolen2m23s

Owner Heartbroken After Show Horse Stolen

An owner is approaching the community taking after the overnight burglary of his Andalusian show horse from a farm in Miami. It happened at some point between the night of January 18th and the next morning, at the “La Moraleja” farm in Las Palmas. Neighbors revealed hearing an unsettling influence in the range, police said. The proprietor, Maurcio Guillen, was reached not long after the 11-year-old white steed named Deseada was found missing. “I’m sorrowful that Deseada was taken. I have had her for a long time and we have an extremely solid bond,” said Guillen. “I’m extremely frustrated with individuals that they don’t have affections for creatures that they don’t have hands to guard.” The steed is small scale chipped for recognizable proof and under two months back, she conceived an offspring. Luckily, the foal, named Condessa, was not taken. In any case, the filly needs her mom. “She’s been doing OK yet she’s as yet missing her mama,” said Guillen. “We’ve been bolstering her drain and giving her nourishment and roughage so she’s been doing okay. “Guillen runs the non-benefit association “Hípico Nicaragüense Miami USA,” which comprises of two dozen stallions. They partake in parades and other uncommon occasions all through Miami-Dade.

After Taking A Tragic Fall This Farmer Begged His Horse Not To Die, But Then This Happened!3m24s

After Taking A Tragic Fall This Farmer Begged His Horse Not To Die, But Then This Happened!

Marek Slodkowski came in his horse barn one day and found the unbelievable. His stallion named Freedom had fallen into a support pit. Slodkowski had been raising stallions in his field for a long time, yet never had he encountered anything like this. He started to stuff the pit with feed. He sufficiently trusted of it would give her the stature to inspire herself out. That didn’t work. At that point, he called the fire division. The laborers turned out in large numbers. They took a stab at utilizing rope to lift Freedom out, yet they weren’t sufficiently solid. Slodkowski was crushed. Monotonously, Freedom turned out to be increasingly depleted. “Don’t die. Don’t die,” he whispered to her, as he stroked her mane. The opportunity appeared as though she was floating off, tired of battling. The firefighters attempted and attempted again to spare the stallion. They were out of ideas, and all Slodkowski could do was solace his infant. It resembled Freedom had been hit with a thought all alone. Flexibility got down on her feet and she was not able to stand. She started to utilize her front legs to force herself and her rear legs to push up. At that point, firefighters saw what she was doing and worked with her. Utilizing rope they hurried her behind, giving her the push she expected to bounce up. Slodkowski was dazed, telling the veterinarian that he truly thought “This is it, she will kick the bucket.

Chaos At The Washington International Horse Show!2m03s

Chaos At The Washington International Horse Show!

The Washington International Horse Show is a yearly week-long equestrian rivalry, occurring in October at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. The Verizon Center is a field with a 20,000 man seating limit, situated in Chinatown and home to the Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals among different groups. The Washington International Horse Show 2016 elements 600 steeds and riders contending in different occasions, for example, demonstrate hopping and dressage for prizes of up to $400,000 alongside prestigious title titles. Past Washington International Horse Show victors incorporate Alaska ridden by Todd Minikus and Worlds Fair rode by Shawn Casady. In this video, Navona Gallegos is riding Vatricia in the Adult Open Jumpers at the Washington International Horse Show. Vatricia free-bounced a water deterrent in reverse in the wake of losing Navona! Did it resemble the steed rejected the bounce or essentially lost its balance and faltered?

Experienced Budweiser Clydesdale Horses Accident10m27s

Experienced Budweiser Clydesdale Horses Accident

It shows up from the recording taken from the grandstands that at around the 4-minute stamp, one of the steeds just stumbled, which brought on a lamentable and extremely startling looking accident of a few of the 2,000-pound creatures.To the credit of the handlers, mentors, and hitch group that makes these stallions what they are, and to the credit of the steeds themselves, not one of the group froze, whipped, or darted all through the unfastening and detangling process. Rather, the geldings smoothly held up as the wagon group liberated each steed each one in turn from their 130-pound bridles. The broadcaster kept the group of onlookers quiet, and rescued the display’s decision by telling the group, “You have quite recently seen a marvel.” It is inconceivable and lucky that each steed left his own four feet, however, horsemen might be more disposed to credit it to years of high-security gauges, great preparing, and incalculable hours of readiness for simply such a cataclysm by the Budweiser Clydesdale Team.An advertising agent for Budweiser gave a refresh that none of the steeds was genuinely harmed, and all are relied upon to come back to the hitch.