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Windshield wipers send cat into playful frenzy53s

Windshield wipers send cat into playful frenzy

This is hilarious! While it is raining outside, a cat inside the car tries to catch the moving windshield wipers. So adorable! The cat is sitting right up against the front window and every time the windshield wipers move, it quickly jumps back trying to catch them! This cat has so much energy! It never gives up! Every time the windshield wipers come near the cat, it is going to try and jump backwards and catch. The cat looks hilarious as it tires to jump backwards, it's very flexible! At first, the windshield wipers move back and fourth slowly, the cat only has an opportunity to try and catch it every few seconds. A few moments later, they start to move faster and so does the cat, so funny! It is right on beat with the wipers! The cat looks like it is putting on a dance performance! The cat looks very confused, why can't it achieve its goal, sorry little guy, but it doesn't seem like you're going to catch the windshield wipers anytime soon. Do you need some new windshield wipers for your next rainy day? Check out some of these best selling windshield wipers, but don't let a cat get near them! Have you experienced any funny moments with your pets? Let us know in the comment section below!

Published: March 14, 20173,684,067 views