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Amateur Repairs - Reupholstering a chair - Part 1 of 25m09s

Amateur Repairs - Reupholstering a chair - Part 1 of 2

In this first Episode we look at the basics of reupholstering a dining chair from start to.... well... part 2 is the finish. Apologies for the short video this week, a lot of interesting stuff is happening in my life and Video Editing has taken a backseat. Part two should be ready for next week. Music clips used in the video have been sourced from and

Baby's First Lemon 🍋44s

Baby's First Lemon 🍋

My daughter has her first taste of a lemon, she seems to like the cold juice at first but then takes a turn once the sourness kicks in.

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Broken Sprinkler System Creates Massive Lawn Water Bubble9s

Broken Sprinkler System Creates Massive Lawn Water Bubble

Summer vacations are mostly through, and that means as you relish these last few weeks of summer, you’re spending tons of time in your yard. As you look around the property checking on your favorite plants or enjoying your outdoor rooms, you may notice some quirks with your irrigation system. An automatic sprinkler system saves you time and money in the landscape because you can set your system to water exactly when your plants need it. But if your sprinkler system isn’t working properly, you may be faced with some costs. An astonished homeowner discovers a giant bubble of water under her lawn after a home sprinkler system got broken. The bizarre bubbles are usually caused when water gets trapped between a lawn and a membrane laid to limit weed growth underneath. The water cannot drain and causes the ground to balloon. You know the feeling when you buy a new remote control that comes with a protective bubble wrap and you can’t help yourself bursting the tiny bubbles with the pressure of our fingers and enjoy the activity. You can only imagine the feeling of trotting on this huge bubble of water and the the when they star bursting under the pressure of your feet. What a delight that must be! The woman takes such a pleasure treading on the lawn , feeling the bouncy patch of grass ready to burst. It is so strange but interesting. The pressure has to be relieved by prodding at the large bubble with a sharp implement. Let’s hope it is not going to turn into Noah’s Ark.

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Mysterious Sea Creature Found27s

Mysterious Sea Creature Found

Found these guys washed up on the beach, saved as many as I could. They are called Feather Stars and are beautiful to look at.

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