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‘Husky Choir’ Humorously Welcomes Owner Home39s

‘Husky Choir’ Humorously Welcomes Owner Home

Having one Husky as a pet can be fun. They are vocal little beasts that love to cuddle, but they love to have their mind known even more. Two Huskies make for an interesting conversation, especially when they start <a href=" “ target="_blank">blaming each other</a> for their mess. But user ‘navas_huskies’ has four of these talkers! Can you imagine what it must be like? These huskies were left home alone for 90 minutes, but that doesn't mean they weren't sad their owner was gone! Their neighbors must LOVE them... What a welcome home song! Usually, dogs roll over backwards when they see you come back home. They will wag their tails and whine with joy that they get to be with you again. If these dogs <a href=" “ target="_blank">sing</a> their song after just an hour and a half away from their owner, then what must it be like after an 8 hour workday? Huskies are normally independent dogs; they love their “pack leader", but they also love the pack leader’s kids, the guests that come on occasions, even the mailman that comes every Tuesday! And they all go home with slobber all over them, because it is the Husky kiss! We wouldn’t mind some slobber on us, as long as we get to cuddle with these talented Huskies!

Husky with attitude 11s

Husky with attitude

Indiana decides to answer back rather than dp tricks for treats, demostrating that the only command he knows is "answer back"

Who ate the spider guys? 1m28s

Who ate the spider guys?

The aftermath of a spider v husky fight. One (or more) of the dogs pou ced on and ate a hairy spider, but as usual no one will own up to it, and Boo seems intent on blaming the others again