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Very Tolerant Husky Puts Up With New Puppy Addition15s

Very Tolerant Husky Puts Up With New Puppy Addition

A funny video has emerged of a Husky dog patiently allowing the new puppy addition to the family to literally chew on its face. Hilarious! When owners brought home an overly active pup they hoped for their adult dog to accept the little pup for what it is! Fortunately for them, the patient Husky was very tolerant with the little guy, so much to the extent of spoiling him ! Incredible! In this video, we can see a Husky pooch casually lying on floor trying to rest, while the little ball of fur nibbles on its face. Apparently, the new addition to the family came with high doses of energy that need to be released somewhere. Given the fact that pup’s new ‘friend’ is an older dog who is not that into playing little games, it is surprising how tolerant he is with the young pooch. The pup keeps messing with the resting Husky, occupying his personal space by standing on its face and nibbling on its nose. Nonetheless, Husky’s reaction is priceless. Being so calm and doing nothing while the pup jumps and bites her, she sure deserves a medal honor! This patient dog sure knows how to give a passive treatment, which is not that fun for the energetic pooch ! This highly tolerant Husky shows us the true meaning of patience. Watch how chilled she is as she deals with the playful pup, who may be just a little bit too excited to make a new friend out of her! Cuteness overload!

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