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Boy Joins His Dad For A Bonding Moment Over Grooming1m01s

Boy Joins His Dad For A Bonding Moment Over Grooming

All sons are influenced by their fathers. If a father and son duo do not share common interests, bonding can be tough. Yet, with so many ways a father can bond with his son , those common interests will be developed eventually. Some kids like wrestling in the yard and playing rough, others like to play ball. Some like tools, others like to cook. By letting one’s son in on your own activities, fathers can influence their boys in ways that will leave a mark on their lives and even guide them towards how they, too, will one day bond with their children. This kid, for example, wanted to be with his dad while he is grooming himself in the morning. The boy’s really tiny, yet he feels that dad should let him shave his face , just like he does. So the dad lathered up the boy’s face and gave him the sharpest, yet safest item he could find in the bathroom - a comb! That’s right, kids! Letting the tiny man in front of the mirror and dad in the back, with his safety razor, he instructs his little guy how to pull on the skin and strike with his ‘razor’. Seeing the kid with the comb, we understand he still has a lot to learn, but, hey, everything is possible if you just have the willpower. “You’re looking clean now. You’re a big man,” the dad says encouragingly to his boy and we are melting! In the end, both boys and nice and clean shaven, ready to seize the day!

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Woman delivers walkthrough compilation of motherhood1m19s

Woman delivers walkthrough compilation of motherhood

All parents have been here at one point or another. A child's love for their parent and the reciprocating feeling is something that can go unmatched. There's just nothing like it. Here we have a little boy and his mother. Check out this lovely compilation of a mother and son spending the day together. Watch how many times the little boy calls out to his mom throughout the day. Too cute! Of all the time that you spend with your kid, you can bet that you'll get called by them almost a million times a day. For all you older mothers out there, isn't this just a trip down memory road? And for all you soon to be mothers, this is a quick little glimpse into what's to come. How adorable is this little boy? Have you ever seen anything like this before? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to visit for more adorable videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos as well. Check out this adorable compilation that describes motherhood in a nutshell.

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Sweet little boy expresses love for his mom54s

Sweet little boy expresses love for his mom

How adorable is this little guy? During what seems to be meal time, this beautiful moment was shared between mother and son. A precious moment is captured on camera when Maximus tells his mother all of the ways he loves her. These are the moments in life that brighten our day! Remember to take the time out of your day to tell your mother how much you love her! Our mothers have a special place in our hearts. They have been through so much with their kids. Whether it was making sure you ate your greens, taking care of you when you were sick, or just being there for you through thick and thin. They have made sacrifices just to ensure that you have everything you need to succeed. This little guy has it all right. Sometimes showing a little love can go a long way in a mothers eyes, they don't ask for much. Just say thank you for everything they do and remind them how much you love them. Check out this adorable child tell his mom how much he loves her.

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Adorable Little Color Guard Performs Routine From Sidelines2m18s

Adorable Little Color Guard Performs Routine From Sidelines

When we were kids, there was always something that fascinated us and we wanted to do that something for the rest of our lives. For most kids it was to be a firefighter or a police officer, but for this little boy here that does not seem to be the case! 3-year-old Maximus fell in love with the local high school color guard. He attended all of their practices, learned the routine and got to perform with them at the last football game! Great job Maximus! This is one unforgettable moment that you are not going to want to miss! Isn't this kid just adorable? It is amazing that he knows that whole routine and is only just 3 years-old! When most kids were 3 years-old they were playing with dolls, action figures or cars, but not Maximus! He just wanted to be a part of the high school color guard! Good for him! You cannot help but smile as Maximus does this whole routine because as funny as he might look doing it, he is very good at it! He knows just when to move and when to wave that flag. He is very brave for doing his routine in front of all those people! Maximus sets a great example for all of us to follow You are never too young or too old to do what you love !

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Baby's reaction to 'Jack in the Box' is absolutely priceless59s

Baby's reaction to 'Jack in the Box' is absolutely priceless

You can literally see all the emotions displayed on one-year-old Liliana's face when she is confronted by a classic Jack in the Box. From shocked and scared to thrilled and entertained, she just can't get enough of the suspense!

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