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A World Without Thieves - Andy Lau - Social Action Film Black HK 18+1h55m44s

A World Without Thieves - Andy Lau - Social Action Film Black HK 18+

Social Action Film Black Hong Kong - A World Without Thieves Cast: Andy Lau, Rene Liu, Li ... Pair actor Andy Lau and Rene Liu played lovers Loi United Kingdom Ministry and living as pickpockets. Both kept alive almost regal with other people's money like that for a lifetime, if not pregnant and United Loi desire charity. She wanted her son to grow up not ashamed of its parent occupation, but did not accept the United Ministry. Too depressed, United Loi away, unfortunately the mother and child at risk on the road, and she was a goofy guy help. Great benefits would still have the opportunity to repay the benefactor and his opportunity came when we accompany long distance trains with the couple. The boy brought his naive belief seeking 600,000 yuan in life no one is a bad person. Of course there's no way United Ministry ignored such lucrative prey, whether the wife sought protection "object". Not only that, on board there is a desperate thieves, and a team of police are nefarious. Friendly confrontation - so bad place right on the train are spiraling labor ....

Published: June 18, 201638 views