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Stinky Feet 46s

Stinky Feet

Henry (2 years old) decides to take a whiff of his stinky feet and he sure has some commentary on them!

Teaching Them Young! 6s

Teaching Them Young!

Toddler learns how to roll dice during a game of backgammon and makes everyone laugh! Look at how he shakes his little hand and watch that roll!

Pregnant Couple Fools Entire Family During Gender Reveal Party1m37s

Pregnant Couple Fools Entire Family During Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveals have become really popular these days. The bigger, the better. Parents are getting more creative about the big announcement of the gender of the baby. It’s a complete shock for somebody and complete joy for others. Well, these parents wanted to do something unusual and a little bit foolish as they were revealing the gender of their third baby! Expecting parents stage a witty fake out, fooling all of their guests. They are already the parents of two beautiful little girls, and they must have thought about how funny it would be if they made them believe that they were going to have yet another girl! When the cake is cut, the grandma in blue, hopeful for a boy, slowly claps and backs away almost un-surprised by the result. But watch when the dad suddenly states that it's hot in the room... When he and his pregnant wife suddenly take off their sweaters, everyone realizes that they have been fooled. They are really expecting their first baby boy ! This is a really funny reveal! We think the dad was the happiest of all because finally, he will have a boy! Gender reveal videos are so awesome to watch, not only did you get the chance to be part of such joy and happiness of the parents, you also have to guess the gender of the baby too! We find this gender reveal so amazing and creative! Congratulations!

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