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Huge Saint Bernard dog being needy 1m16s

Huge Saint Bernard dog being needy

We all love our pet dogs. After a long and hard day at work, we get home to be greeted by their wagging tails and doggy smile, ready to turn ever the crustiest of frowns into a smile. They hug us, jump all around us, give us slobbery kisses and make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. That, friends, is the power of puppy love! Sully the Saint Bernard dog really loves his dad! Watch as he pins him down and gives him a big hug after returning home from a long day of work. Now that's adorable! Look how comfortable he is, although he probably weighs the same as his owner, maybe even a bit more. Sully probably forgot that he is way too big to be a lap dog anymore, but he doesn't care. He just knows that he is the cutest, hugest dog in the whole wide world and that he loves his owner very much. Saints aren't suited to living outdoors with little human companionship. They need to live in the home with their family. They're not aggressive, but they'll bark when there is cause, and any threat to their people will bring out their protective instincts. Their size is usually a deterrent to any would-be attacker or burglar. (source:

Published: September 18, 2014Updated: July 12, 201720,507,007 views
Dogs absolutely ecstatic to be playing in mud 1m32s

Dogs absolutely ecstatic to be playing in mud

At 4 years old Sully the Saint Bernard still hasn't outgrown his love for mud. Here we find him playing with another dog as they run, jump and lay in a big pool of muddy water. If you're wondering what pure happiness looks like, this is it!

Published: May 18, 2016Updated: May 19, 201621,981 views
Giant Saint Bernard demands hugs from owner1m32s

Giant Saint Bernard demands hugs from owner

It's hard to get away from Sully the Saint Bernard when he pins you down for hugs. He always waits for his dad to return home after a long day of work and then he becomes really need! So funny!

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