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Dangerous seashell 1m34s

Dangerous seashell

My husband works on a fishing boat. Yesterday he brought such strange and interesting seashells.

Published: April 12, 20173 views
Parrot loses it after seeing turtle's reflection in mirror40s

Parrot loses it after seeing turtle's reflection in mirror

Isn't this a sight to see? We definitely get to see two different types of personalities in this video! This turtle is calmly munching away on his delicious lettuce, and doesn't really care about its reflection in the mirror. It is much more focused on finishing its food. The parrot on the other hand goes nuts when looking at its reflection in the mirror! I think it knows it's a very attractive bird and wants every one to look at him so they know he's beautiful! Don't worry, we are looking, stop going nuts! The parrot continues to walk back and fourth going ballistic. Someone needs to get it in the model industry, it definitely knows how to strut back and fourth! Do I see the future face for the next big magazine? Probably! The parrot doesn't seem very interested in the food, it just wants to continue checking itself out in the mirror. Maybe it is trying to get the turtles attention, I think it wants to make a new friend! Either way, whatever it is trying to do, this is hilarious! Do you own a parrot? Check out these delicious bird seeds your parrot will love to eat! Even a mirror won't be able to distract the parrot from its food!

Published: December 28, 20153,552,984 views