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Dogs share precious friendship together1m06s

Dogs share precious friendship together

Ollie the Dalmatian and Lola the German Shorthaired Pointer take a break from their normal antics to enjoy some cuddle time together. These two are definitely the best of friends. Credit to 'lobos82'.

Published: April 29, 201518 views
Time lapse: Blood Moon Eclipse48s

Time lapse: Blood Moon Eclipse

A stunning time lapse of the "Blood Moon" eclipse was captured by user 'lobos82' on a GoPro Hero 4 Black. What a beautiful sight!

Published: April 28, 2015225,304 views
Ostrich Race Crashes in Slow Motion2m54s

Ostrich Race Crashes in Slow Motion

Did you even know ostrich racing was a thing? Watch this crazy and goofy sport in HD slow motion. And we all know people only go to ostrich races for the crashes, so yes we have those included as well!

Published: April 7, 201510 views
Ollie the Pretzel Pup51s

Ollie the Pretzel Pup

Our Dalmatian Ollie never fails at finding strange positions to contort himself into, this is one of the weirder ones for sure!

Published: January 2, 20154 views
Guy Randomly Wipes Out on Skis in Slow Motion34s

Guy Randomly Wipes Out on Skis in Slow Motion

Everything was going fine and then suddenly this guy wipes out for no apparent reason at all! Thankfully it was captured at a high frame rate with the GoPro Hero 4 Black so everyone could enjoy the crash in slow motion!

Published: December 30, 20147 views
Curious Dalmatian puppy slips adorably into water33s

Curious Dalmatian puppy slips adorably into water

This 3-month-old Dalmatian named Ollie checks out what his sister Lola is doing in the canal and ends up adorably slipping into the water. The little guy ended up being okay though, daddy to the rescue!

Published: June 8, 2014214,568 views
Ice Melting Timelapse2m25s

Ice Melting Timelapse

A timelapse which shows you what you normally can't see with the naked eye, just in a matter of minutes.

Published: February 28, 201440,670 views