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50 Cent Cries After 6ix9ine Clown Him?5m05s

50 Cent Cries After 6ix9ine Clown Him?

Is 50 Cent really crying in video because 6ix9ine clown him? A video appeared where 6ix9ine is clowning rapper 50 Cent and looks like he have to cry. Find out the true story in this video. ๐Ÿ”— SOURCES & REFERENCES 50 Cent video Daniel Hernandez (6ix9ine) Complaint: The fabricated video: Club Starlets: Leezah & 6ix9ine story: Situation about Starlets: Leezah Instagram: โš  | SHARE YOUR STORY Have you read a good story? Seen a fantastic video? Share it with us. ๐Ÿ”— โš  | SUPPORT MY WORK Help to keep the lion standing ground by registering at one of the sites below. ๐Ÿ”— ๐Ÿ”— Credits to my current supporters with the pledge 'Mentioning Your Name' or higher: Steve Swink Sara Pittman Jack Dale JF Sabastian Heather Stupelli Anna cajaho Down to Earth Nutrition KeRobi #50Cent #6ix9ine #LionsGround

Man Beheaded His Brother(6) To Join The Illuminati 4m00s

Man Beheaded His Brother(6) To Join The Illuminati

Illuminati rituals are apparently real. 21-year-old man from Uganda decapitated his little brother so he can become a member of the Illuminati. A so-called businessman of this secret society ordered him to do this ritual. Source: #Illuminati #TheIlluminati

Woman flees police because she thinks they're Illuminati4m05s

Woman flees police because she thinks they're Illuminati

A woman flees cops because she thought they worked for the Illuminati. Police share their video showing that the woman is trying to flee the police with all its consequences. Eventually she gets cuffed. The woman made very strange remarks about the Illuminati and began to speak in an unknown language. In this clip we see the video material and go through the whole situation step by step.

Government wants to create X-Men soldiers7m15s

Government wants to create X-Men soldiers

Governments used psychic spies for remote viewing. Who knows what they are still doing? A psychic is a person with extrasensory perception with paranormal gifts such as telepathy or clairvoyance. Remote viewing is performed by psychics who can observe and even manipulate things remotely. In this video with a paranormal edge, you will find out the truth that the government has concealed for years. Documents shows the high level of interest in people with psychic abilities. The army still shows a lot of interest.

Red Alert: Flesh-Eating STD Found in UK For First Time3m42s

Red Alert: Flesh-Eating STD Found in UK For First Time

Flesh-Eating STD is for the first time reported in the UK, according to National Institutes of Health. The sexually transmitted disease is caused by the bacteria klebsiella granulomatis. If you do not seek medical attention, flesh tissues around your gender are affected, but it is easy to cure with antibiotics. Flesh-eating STD is rare. On average there are 100 reports of the flesh-eating STD Granuloma Inguinale on an annual basis in the United States. The disease is commonly found in tropical and subtropical areas such as southeast India, Guyana, and New Guinea.

Pranking an Illuminati Scammer?12m55s

Pranking an Illuminati Scammer?

Who is the leader of the Illuminati? Am I the leader of the Illuminati with the new world order agenda? According to Illuminati wannabes I am the leader of this secret society. Since 2015 I regularly receive private messages with the request to make them a member of the Illuminati. After many times disappointing them I am pretending to be the leader of the Illuminati. #illuminati #comedy #theilluminati

ILLUMINATI EXPOSED: Nicki Minaj - Ganja Burn 7m14s

ILLUMINATI EXPOSED: Nicki Minaj - Ganja Burn

Nicki Minaj - Ganja Burn Illuminati Exposed. Nicki Minaj clearly distinguishes herself as the goddess Hathor with the solar disk on her head also known as Aten or Aton. The name Hathor means the mansion of Horus. The eye of Horus is often used by Illuminati wannabees. Horus is in the sky, the sun and the moon. The sun is his right eye and the moon his left. #ganjaburn #nickiminaj #illuminati

US pilots saw cigar-shaped UFO but government destroyed the files4m52s

US pilots saw cigar-shaped UFO but government destroyed the files

Two American pilots saw on July 24, 1948, a cigar-shaped UFO over southwest Alabama. Why has the air force destroyed the report is a big mystery. On a summer morning at around 2.45 AM, pilots Clarence S. Chiles and co-pilot John B. Whitted flew in their twin-engine propeller plane the Eastern Air Lines DC-3. 5,000 feet high, with 20 passengers on board, the pilots flew from Houston to Atlanta. But the routine flight becomes an unforgettable experience, according to the official story.

Innocent dog put in washing machine by disturbed blogger1m36s

Innocent dog put in washing machine by disturbed blogger

On an Instagram account a disturbing video appeared of a dog in a washing machine. The dog was filmed while desperately trying to escape from the washing machine. Rotman claims that her stunt is โ€œmisunderstoodโ€. The video has received a lot of criticism and thatโ€™s why Rotman decided to remove the inappropriate video.

Top Secet UFOs Stored In Las Vegas Hangar 12m19s

Top Secet UFOs Stored In Las Vegas Hangar

The hangar is owned by Bigelow Aerospace and they suspect that there are UFOs or parts stored in the hangar for US Government. Bigelow would be paid by the US Department of Defense to store parts of crashed UFOs. The area is extremely heavily guarded. The hangar is surrounded by barbed wire and concrete walls with massively armed guards according to the residents.

Fleet of UFOs over Amsterdam during blood moon5m57s

Fleet of UFOs over Amsterdam during blood moon

Blue lights over Amsterdam spotted by residents, Dutch experts can't explain this phenomena. The beautiful sighting occurred during the Blood Moon sighting in the evening of 27 July 2018. Dutch UFO reporting center "UFO Meldpunt Nederland" received more reports. What the mysterious UFOs that flew over Amsterdam? In a similar UFO observation, another incident involves dancing lights that can't be explained with drones.

Heroic Children Save Washed Up Dolphin In Spain4m04s

Heroic Children Save Washed Up Dolphin In Spain

It is not uncommon to hear or read a story where dolphins save human from trouble โ€“ some stories traces back to being centuries old. What is not common is when children rescue a dolphin and help it back to its comfort zone just like what these children had done in this video when a confused dolphin was washed on the coast of Marbella, Spain. As shown in the video, it is a challenge to let the dolphin move into the deeper part of the sea because it is trying to resist. Certainly, it does not understand that it is being offered help . Scared of getting hurt, it wiggles its way off the hands of its rescuers. The strength of the waves poses another challenge โ€“ although the waves are not very ferocious, they are strong enough to create an obstacle for the rescuers to lead the dolphin back to the sea, and they are strong enough to keep nudging the dolphin towards the shore. More to the hardship โ€“ this shore is stony. It could have been simpler if it was a shore with fine sand, so that the rescuers would keep their foot on the sand for better mobility much more easily. But despite all these hurdles in effecting a rescue, these kids are persistent and relentless: they want to do whatever it takes to help the dolphin find its way home. Certainly, these kids are heroic โ€“ they use their vigor to help another living organism. The question is โ€“ could they have done it another way? How about calling and waiting for help from proper authorities because perhaps, there is a better way of leading this dolphin back to the deeper portion of the sea? On the flip side, the situation might escalate and causes a a bigger concern if action was not done as quickly as these children have done. It cannot be disregarded too, that their heroic act may have put their safety at risk. This dolphin is big enough to sway its tail so swiftly that it can knock these kids down. Added to this, some animals carry diseases that can be transferred to human beings. This poses a higher risk because it is more difficult to assess if an animal carries a particular disease or not while it is easier to weigh whether or not one can handle the resistance a particular animal can do based on its size and its agility. Despite the question posed above and the reservations on whether or not to act quickly when confronted with a similar situation โ€“ a stranded dolphin or dolphin washed ashore, it cannot be denied that these kids have done an exemplary and outstanding move. Folding ones hand and stand aside, watch and simply witness what happens next is an easier choice to make but they have not chosen the easy way out. Thanks to their soft hearts and strong conviction to help, this dolphin was able to track his way back to where it can resume its life and at last, it is again wild and free!

Flying Elephant in New York 38s

Flying Elephant in New York

Not the Flying Black Horse in Jeddah, but the Flying Elephant in New York with a Christmas head(parody). Parody means an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.

Mysterious UFO crashes near FIFA World Cup site3m49s

Mysterious UFO crashes near FIFA World Cup site

The latest UFO sighting has been captured on camera near the 2018 World Cup match site. The UFO sighting event occurred after the victorious match of England vs. Sweden on July 7, 2018 in which can be seen a fierce ball of light followed by a loud bang. The UFO crashed near the village of Bostandyk, 128 kilometers (80 miles) from the Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia, where the match was hosted. In this video we go through the UFO footage and claims, and factually go into it to find answers.

#QAnon Map Explained - Part 1 (Series) 3m19s

#QAnon Map Explained - Part 1 (Series)

QAnon map explained. The map leads us right to who is linked with what. The information about the QAnon map is provided by the website "throughthelookingglassnews" which has done extremely hard work. Link is provided below. The research was done in a hardcore old-fashioned way. The information on the website in question provides detailed information about the QAnon map. This video helps you how to read the QAnon map.

#QAnon Billboards Pop Up Across America To Prepare You For #TheGreatAwakening 1m41s

#QAnon Billboards Pop Up Across America To Prepare You For #TheGreatAwakening

Qanon billboards appear throughout America. People tweet massively photos of Q's advertising campaigns. QAnon is one of the 25 most influential people on the Internet says Time. On the sign, the letter "Q", with the hashtag #TheGreatAwakening and link On June 29, Will Sommer of the Daily Beast tweeted a photograph of a similar sign in Georgia. #QAnon with the words Truth is Freedom.

British spies tried to catch UFOs to steal ETI technology4m49s

British spies tried to catch UFOs to steal ETI technology

The UK used spies to obtain UFO technology according to the X-Files. The United Kingdom was worried that China and Soviet Union had taken down a UFO and adopted alien technology to make faster planes that are invisible to radar or other military purposes and for that reason, the Ministry of Defense ran two secret UFO desks. One for the public where UFO reports were received and one where the action took place, behind the scenes, and nobody were aware of that. This is evident from newly released UFO documents between 1947 and 1997.