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Pet Store Is Closed, Dog Is Upset And Refuses To Leave53s

Pet Store Is Closed, Dog Is Upset And Refuses To Leave

The pet store is like a toy store for most pets where they get groomed, they get snacks, and most importantly they get toys. That being said, pets behave like children inside and never want to leave. Footage clearly shows that the pet store is closed, but that won't stop Samo the 5-year-old pooch from leaving it. She doesn’t mind waiting outside the store until the next morning when it opens again! We all know that dogs will do whatever they can in order to get what they want. Dog owners know the struggle of sitting at the dinner table and having your dog come and beg for food. Well this is no different. This stubborn dog is clearly upset that she has to leave wonderland, so she patiently waits for doors to reopen. Mom and Samo were taking a late night walk when they happened to walk by the pet store . The place was very familiar to the five-year-old canine and she got excited. However, she couldn’t understand that the pet store is closed at night. Well, try telling that to a dog! Samo is upset that she can’t go inside, and she absolutely refuses to leave. She’s willing to wait it out all night long, but that’s not going to work for mom! Watch this silly girl’s reaction to the bad news! She refuses to leave and cannot understand why owner is telling her ‘No’! Apparently Sumo doesn’t know how to read signs, and they clearly read ‘closed’! Hilarious!

Cat plays with giant worm2m37s

Cat plays with giant worm

I was a tourist at the Acropolis in Athens Greece on June 10 and came across this stray cat playing with giant worm or snake as if it was a shoelace.

Puppy Reunites With Siblings Four Years After Adoption4m15s

Puppy Reunites With Siblings Four Years After Adoption

Reunions are always sweet, and this one is no exception. Four years ago, this lovely Beagle-Labrador mix was adopted from a litter dubbed “The Adams Family” and welcomed into her new home. Her brothers and sisters were also adopted and each one was raised in a loving environment with people who valued them and loved them as family. Samo was adopted from the Animal Haven Shelter in Soho by a loving couple four years ago. On March 6, 2016 they organized a reunion with her and her siblings. She hadn't seen them since she was adopted at 8 weeks old. The couple was able to contact half of the pack who made it to the reunion at Happy Paws in NYC, where they shared stories about similarities, likes and dislikes, their health history and their taste in food (they're all foodies). Some love sticks, some love swimming, others hate it. And they've all eaten something they shouldn't have at some point (paint, muffins, raw bacon, nuts, fortune cookies)! What a heartwarming surprise for Samo and her siblings! It looks like they all enjoyed being in each others company once again after all those years apart from one another. It looked like for everyone involved, even the owners and their family. Everyone there shared a special bond with one another, owner to owner bonded over their love for dogs, and dog to dog over their bloodline. After seeing their emotional interaction it's easy to believe the dogs knew they were family.