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Was it oral sex with a bottle?!48s

Was it oral sex with a bottle?!

During live coverage of matches camera often wanders among the audience and there knows record pretty interesting scenes. This is definitely one of those. On a baseball game camera is, as usual, was shot and audience. But one man were caught in a rather awkward moment. What exactly is a radio with a bottle of beer is not clear to us. Maybe he tried to scratch his tonsils? All in all, we've never seen anyone so drunk.

Published: July 15, 2013203 views
This must have been in some violent drug59s

This must have been in some violent drug

People under the influence of alcohol and other drugs are all sorts of things and they later regret it, especially if their 'show' a hit on the Internet. The man in the video had the misfortune of his frenzy recorded and placed on the internet. Five minutes of fame ", was his performance in the street. It is not clear whether he was trying to work out or is it a choreographed boy band, but it is certain that this is not done sober, but under the influence of something much stronger than alcohol. The video was filmed in San Francisco, which has a reputation as a rather oddball town, but this is still out there and weird.

Published: July 15, 2013161 views
It was very close!18s

It was very close!

During a storm on Staten Island, someone has managed to capture lightning bolt that hit near the ship. The scene was more than spectacular ...

Published: July 12, 2012530 views
Impressed and larger master!

Impressed and larger master!

Young filmmaker Rich Forni is responsible for some great BMX videos in recent years. Now he stood in front of the camera and impressed with his skill and many famous names from the world of BMX professionals.

Published: July 7, 2012230 views
Catch the judge ... with bike?17s

Catch the judge ... with bike?

An unusual scene took place on Thursday in a match of Ukrainian football less linas Hristinovke and Zaryje. As is customary, but in small picturesque towns, host any failure to comply can have serious consequences, which also assured the main character in this story. Specifically, the local fans wild as a guest judge at a bare-handed play is not selected, then have a fulltime attacked and caused the scene that has few equals. Chase the judge joined in a passionate cyclist ... sitelikes Finally it should be noted that the main arbiter in truly enviable physical shape, which, besides fear, and not ultimately suffer serious consequences.

Published: November 12, 2011547 views
American baseball player saved 'Life' reporter!!!23s

American baseball player saved 'Life' reporter!!!

American baseball player Evan Longoria is a brilliant reflex save lives reporter during their interviews. Their conversation took place during training Evan teams Tampa Bay Rays. At a time when a young reporter interviewed the star of MLB team Tampa Bay Rays, the ball it flew directly in the head. But Evan Longoria joined the sixth sense and felt the ball. It was brilliant reflex catch, and so saved 'Life' reporter.

Published: May 20, 20112,841 views