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Umbrella Cockatoo barking like a dog 20s

Umbrella Cockatoo barking like a dog

Umbrella Cockatoo barking like a dog. Kiku likes to sing, dance, holler, scream on top of his lungs when owner is not around, and a whole lot more. This time he barks like a dog, he imitates the dog neighbour. Parrot barking like a dog is hilarious

Umbrella Cockatoo Dancing to the Beat 42s

Umbrella Cockatoo Dancing to the Beat

Umbrella Cockatoo dancing to the beat with 3 year old Tyler singing free style Tyler's lyrics - Kiku....he's a funny bird... Kiku...There's some birds there everyone, they bite you and pick it..and Kiku....Its Kiku hes big, its Kiku..

Singing with Cockatoo parrot3m58s

Singing with Cockatoo parrot

Cockatoo singing his heart out along with Jen's guide vocal - theyre both singing Halo by Beyonce. He needs some more practice on the words, but the melody is there

Singing Cockatoo Bird Jams With Baby Drummer1m44s

Singing Cockatoo Bird Jams With Baby Drummer

Cockatoos are truly majestic. If you didn’t know, there are actually 21 species of cockatoos . These parrots are all of Australasian origin ranging from the Philippines, New Guinea and Australia. The bird in this footage is a white cockatoo, also known as an umbrella cockatoo. When it is surprised, the feathers on its head rise up to form a crown, which makes it very distinctive among other birds. If their striking appearance doesn’t do the job, then their goofy appearance most certainly will. Kiku, a 21-year-old Umbrella Cockatoo, is a very friendly bird who loves to sing and dance. Here he's seen teaming up with 2-year-old Tyler who rocks out on the drums. Both of them look like they belong in a ‘70s punk rock band, with Kiku’s crown of feathers looking like a mohawk and the chaotic sounds they are making resembling some of the greatest punk pieces of that time. These two definitely have music in their blood. What an awesome jam session! Out of all of the animals on the planet, the human is the only one that can properly use their voice box for the production of coherent speech. All animals have the apparatus required to do so, but the problem lies in the connection between those muscles and the brain that sends out the signals that control it. The only animals that gets even remotely close to the human when it comes to speaking is the parrot, with the only difference that it can reproduce sounds , but it cannot create new sounds that have an actual meaning. Credit to 'kikuthebird'.