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Adorable Baby Bulldog Goes In State Of Trance By A Massage1m02s

Adorable Baby Bulldog Goes In State Of Trance By A Massage

Canine massage?! That’s the response most people have when they hear you talk about massaging your dog. However, just like with people, massaging your dog can relieve pain and stress, calm nerves, and strengthen the bond you have with your dog. Check it out as this adorable little pup gets a relaxing massage from its owner. He gets the all inclusive package as his owner massages him from head to toe. This makes his body go in a state of trance. He feels like he is transported into a totally different planet and he doesn’t want to wake up. If he wasn’t a baby and sleeping most of the time, he would probably have that hypnotic look in the eyes like “hey, don’t stop, that’s really good, I want more”. At this state, his whole body suggests that he feels totally relaxed and he enjoys the session beyond any words. Massaging the ears and ear flaps unwind and invigorate his entire body. This pup simply loves when his owner pats him, rubs his belly and scratches behind his ears. Dogs, like humans, also love it when you give them massages. You’re probably thinking, “You want me to massage my dog? Really?” While it might seem silly, it’s actually extremely beneficial for your pup. It feels good when you get a massage, right? Well, that feeling is the same for dogs . A massage can relax him and give you another opportunity to connect and bond with your best friend. So when you get home tonight and you’re sitting on the couch with your pup, give him a massage and see how much he likes it!

Published: May 10, 20181,690 views
French Bulldog puppy not a fan of new winter socks1m18s

French Bulldog puppy not a fan of new winter socks

Carlos has received some brand new socks for the cold winter season and they do look adorable on his paws. Unfortunately he doesn't feel the same way. Not only must he find a way to get them off, he then proceeds to chews them up in protest! Filmed in Denmark.

Published: December 12, 201544,835 views
French Bulldog puppy fascinated with fish1m17s

French Bulldog puppy fascinated with fish

Carlos the French Bulldog does everything in his power to investigate the new fish he has met. Watch as he tries to touch it, even smelling it underwater! Hilarious! Credit to 'kandrei'.

Published: June 20, 201520,541 views
Talented puppy displays newly-learned tricks1m16s

Talented puppy displays newly-learned tricks

Carlos the French Bulldog is only a couple of months old but he already has learned some pretty impressive tricks. Check out his work in progress, which is amazing given how young he is. How cool is that? Credit to 'kandrei'.

Published: March 31, 201546,283 views
Puppy battles vacuum for bed ownership41s

Puppy battles vacuum for bed ownership

Carlos the French Bulldog puppy clearly does not want his bed to be cleaned! Watch him bark vigorously at the vacuum cleaner as he tries to reclaim his bed. So funny! Credit to 'kandrei'.

Published: March 30, 201567,451 views
Snoring puppy will melt your heart34s

Snoring puppy will melt your heart

This is Carlos, an adorable French Bulldog puppy. After a long day of play he is seen here taking a much needed nap. Listen along as his owner captures him snoring in his sleep. How cute is that? Credit to 'kandrei'.

Published: March 16, 2015212,543 views