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Mesmerising Bird Tornado "Millions of birds suddenly fill the sky! 3m18s

Mesmerising Bird Tornado "Millions of birds suddenly fill the sky!

Mesmerising Bird Tornado "Millions of birds suddenly fill the sky! We were on holiday in Spain when we heard a strange sound outside the villa, we went out to see what was going on and Millions of birds were filling the sky! they seemed to be going around in circles like a tornado at times. At the end of this video all the birds decided to leave at the same time, which made a sound like a large gust of wind, after that they all disappeared. We could see them everywhere around us and miles away in the distance, it was a really Amazing experience, we just watching in amazement totally mesmerised by it. After all this is not something you see everyday, we were very glad we could get under cover though! :-D

Massive Ambulance blockade in Paris!31s

Massive Ambulance blockade in Paris!

Mile long Ambulance blockaid in Paris, I’m guessing they are protesting! Hundreds of ambulances blocking the roads with there flashing lights on! Police trying to control the situation!

Wild Frog Saved from Swimming pool! 2m02s

Wild Frog Saved from Swimming pool!

We saved a wild Frog from the swimming pool in Spain. We saw a frog swimming across the swimming pool whilst on holiday in Spain, so we got a net to carefully get him out as he would die in the pool because of all the chlorine in the pool! When we got him out we gently put him down and carefully poured fresh water over him to help get the chorine off him, he was very cute and wiped his eyes a few times, after a while he found a safe place in the bushes to rest. Fingers crossed he makes a full recovery.

Young Girl Screams for her Life, The Reason why is Hilarious! 49s

Young Girl Screams for her Life, The Reason why is Hilarious!

Young Girl Screams blue murder Scaring her Parents to death, over a Fish in the water! Our Daughter Suddenly started Screaming and Thrashing around in the sea, we had no idea why, all sorts of thinks flashed through our minds for example.. is she being attacked by a shark, is a jellyfish wrapped around her!! But No, it was just a Fish lol, Really! It took Keira a long time to calm down, I think she thought it was going to attack her! So We went for a day sailing on our yacht in Spain, then used the dingy to go to a deserted beach in the lagoon. We were having a nice relaxing time in the sun, finding shells, having a swim and just enjoying the view, our other daughter was waiting for the Hermit crab to come out of its shell when suddenly Keira our seven year old daughter starts Screaming like we had never heard her scream before, she sounded as though she was being murdered! And all it turned out to be was a fish! It scared us all a lot but now we find it really funny.

Puppy And A Bunny Rabbit Adorably Relax Together1m38s

Puppy And A Bunny Rabbit Adorably Relax Together

This video is truly adorable. Here viewers will see two friends of different species. Anytime two animals of different kinds make friends with each other, it produces moments that people very often try to capture in pictures and/or video because they find these unlikely moments both interesting and adorable. These two buddies are of the rabbit species and dog species of course. They seem to be of the “floppy eared rabbit” variety and some type of shepherd mix. The part that brings a smile to the face of their audience is the fact that these two seem to be completely comfortable with each other, as if they do not even realize they are so different. The dog is obviously a larger breed, which would make many people assume that the rabbit would not exactly be safe to be around this dog. However, this pup has an incredibly calm temperament as we can see. These two were probably raised together, and have been “family members” with each other for quite some time. The first half of the video shows how calm and comfortable the dog and rabbit are with each other. The rabbit wiggles his nose, which humans have always found adorable. The pup lies beside his friend without a care in the world it seems. They do not look like they are worried about a single thing in life at this moment. They sure do make awfully cute cuddle buddies! When you get half way through it, you will see the state of relaxation they get to. The rabbit and dog cozily sleep next to one another, heeding no mind to the thought that they could possibly be any different as they enjoy their seemingly typical afternoon nap. They both fall into a very restful sleep, not at all threatened by one another. If this dog is a part of some kind of shepherd mix species, many would assume that he may have a natural instinct to hunt small animals or at least chase them. However, this sweet pup seems to be completely unaware of any of these ingrained instincts if he has any. He seems to regard this rabbit as a friend, or at least not at all a threat! They are truly one hundred percent comfortable with one another; they are so comfortable that they are in a dead sleep with absolutely no qualms or concerns about the other. The bunny curls up on and naps on his warm, brown, fuzzy carpet; his puppy friend stretches out on his soft, blue pillow, leaned up against a large striped tiger stuffed animal that he may use as a type of a pillow. Toward the end when the rabbit friend gets up, the dog actually seems to quickly perk up and look off into the direction of his friend, and we can imagine that it is as if he is thinking, “Where are you going, little rabbit buddy?” This is just such a cute and sweet moment between these two very precious but very unlike and atypical friends!

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Bearded dragon shares special friendship with puppy2m03s

Bearded dragon shares special friendship with puppy

Buddy the adorable puppy met Blaze the red bearded dragon today and he was just so sweet and gentle with her. They exchanged kisses and just hung out with each other for ages! Blaze is a two year old Red Bearded Dragon Lizard. She is a female and is normally quite a shy reptile, but when she met Buddy the dog was very calm and even seemed to like him. She kept walking towards him and just hung out with him for a long time. She even gave him a few kisses! Buddy is a Welsh Collie and is now 7 months old. His owners can't believe how gentle he was around Blaze. He seemed to understand that she was fragile and kept carefully lying beside her, making sure not to hurt her. Their owners were very careful when they first introduced them since they didn't know how either would react, and they will off course always supervise them. What an unusual friendship, who would have thought it!

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Crab Scares Woman By Suddenly Appearing from Shell & Pinches her hand! 2m43s

Crab Scares Woman By Suddenly Appearing from Shell & Pinches her hand!

Crab Scared me on the Beach by suddenly appearing from my shell in my hand! I picked up a Shell, cupped it in my hand and all of a sudden, I felt something pinch my skin, I opened my hand and there was a Crab coming out of the shell, I jumped out of my skin, screamed and dropped it in shock! Last year on our holiday in Spain we went sailing on our yacht and found a deserted beach which was just covered in shells, they were everywhere, so much so we named the Beach Shell Beach. So, this year we were excited to visit Shell beach again, so we did but we were amazed as we couldn't hardly find any shells this time, they had gone! So that's the reason I was So excited to find a shell, I was going to take it home as a memory of this year's holiday and put with my other shell in my vase at home, but when I realized it was a crabs home I put it back where I found it. I think it was a hermit crab, I had never seen one before, so although it scared me at first, I found it really quite interesting. Facts I have found since finding the Hermit crab: The Hermit Crab is a type of crustacean. If you go to the beach to pick up seashells you may get a surprise. You any inadvertently pick up one of these crabs. If you leave it alone though it will come out of the shell and move around. They often have to abandon shells though and find a larger one as they grow. The Hermit Crab has a shell that is also their home. They crawl in it and live in it when they need to rest, or they fear what is around them. They have a long body and long legs that are very soft. Their bodies are quite vulnerable and that is why they have to rely on that shell to offer them plenty of protection. The Hermit Crab loves to climb and that is something that allows them to explore their environment. If you have one in captivity it should have a cage that it can use for climbing activities. They tend to be in their shells during the day but then come out at night and can be very active. The Hermit Crab isn’t able to bite because they don’t have any teeth. However, they do have the ability to pinch. They will do so if they feel that they are in danger and they aren’t able to coil up in their shell. They will also pinch if they are in their shell and someone is trying to coax them out of it. So Be careful if you pick up a shell you might just get a surprise you weren't expecting!

Adorable puppy can't believe his new ball squeaks1m02s

Adorable puppy can't believe his new ball squeaks

Buddy the Welsh Collie puppy got his first squeaky ball and loves it so much. He just can't stop squeaking it! Too cute! Buddy loves footballs and all his toys, but had not received one that made noise before!

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Wild Birds Fighting Over Food! 1m51s

Wild Birds Fighting Over Food!

Wild Birds go crazy over food, they keep pushing each other off and shouting at each other! My Children are learning about birds and wanted to see them up close, they came up with the idea to get a bird feeder and then to set up the GoPro Camera next to it. We went away and when we looked at the feeder again all the food was gone, we couldn't believe how quick it went they must have loved the food we choose! We were all really shocked when we watched the footage back and saw these birds pushing and shoving each other off the food Quite Amazing to see! We looked these birds up and we think they are young starlings!

Seagull having a little dance! 31s

Seagull having a little dance!

Seagull having a little dance! I started recording this seagull after it appeared to be dancing have you ever seen a seagull dance?

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Wild Lizard Caught on GoPro Leaping into the Air to Catch a Wasp! 34s

Wild Lizard Caught on GoPro Leaping into the Air to Catch a Wasp!

Wild Lizard caught on a GoPro Camera Leaping into the Air to try and catch a wasp! My Daughter Saw some movement on holiday in Spain in the bushes so she thought she would set up her GoPro camera in there, well we weren't expecting to catch this. The Lizard Jumps into the air and just misses the wasp, This Reptile must be Hungry! Its funny because me & My Husband were only just discussing whether a Lizard would eat a Wasp, my husband said the wasp would be too quick for them, I guess he was right! Surely the Lizard would get stung badly if he caught it! We are now determined to find out if they actually eat Wasp's next time we are on holiday hopefully we will catch them in action again :-D

Bunny Rabbit Begs like a Dog for Girls Food! 1m03s

Bunny Rabbit Begs like a Dog for Girls Food!

Tex the Bunny Rabbit Begs For Girls Dinner like a Dog! Tex The Rex Bunny Rabbit Jumps Up on the Sofa & Begs for Girls Dinner, when she doesn't give him any, he keeps Licking her to try and change her mind! It's like he's saying I'm giving you lots of kisses now you can give me something in return! Tex is a Rex rabbit, he is a house rabbit as he gets really sore feet if he is on grass for too long! The Vet said he is allergic to grass, I know sounds crazy right! Lol but his feet get so sore that they bleed sometimes so he just has quick runs in the garden, but he always has the run of the house unless we our not in! Tex is at least 9yrs old now he is a rescue bunny and has been with us for 7 and a half years! He is very playful and we othen say its like having a puppy having him as he picks up the kids toys and try's to join in with them playing, he jumps up for cuddles, jumps around like a nutter just like a puppy does & licks us. Please see our other videos of Tex & our other animals on Rumble and YouTube CassieStudios thx for watching 🙂

Puppy Desperately Wants To Play With Bunny Rabbit 2m00s

Puppy Desperately Wants To Play With Bunny Rabbit

Buddy the puppy dog was super scared at first of Tex the bunny since it was very unusual for him to find himself surrounded by a bunny. So, he didn’t know how to act and behave. But once Buddy got to know his friend, he isn’t the shy puppy any more. This time he just wants to play and he is showing that clearly to Tex the bunny. However, this time is different than the last time when Buddy was the new member of the family and had to get used to the new home. Now, he is at ease with himself and wants to show that the first impressions are sometimes false. He is such an adorable and playful dog that he will do anything just to catch the attention of the rabbit. Unfortunately, this time is the other way round, Buddy is in the mood for his playing games and Tex isn’t. Somehow, they can’t find a middle ground to put their friendship on the same wavelength. Tex is so confused with Buddy’s behavior, that he is not really sure how to react. Even his ears go in different direction pointing that he is torn apart between taking the plunge and join the dog’s antics or stay on the outskirts of the home playground. Buddy is so desperate. He lies on the floor just to show Tex how eager is he for his company. Oh my, nothing helps, Tex doesn’t share the same passion for crazy activities around the living room as his friend Buddy does. Moreover, what is with the barking ? It makes Tex jump to his feet. We hope that in the next video we will see Tax and Buddy chasing each other in the friendliest way possible!

Puppy Shies Away Around Bunny Unsure How To Behave1m56s

Puppy Shies Away Around Bunny Unsure How To Behave

Buddy the black puppy is a new member of the family. However, he is not the only pet in this household. There is Tax, too. Tax is a bunny rabbit and a very cute one. Since Buddy has to get used to the new home, it is very unusual for him to find himself surrounded by a bunny. So, he doesn’t know how to act and behave. This is actually the first time he meets Tax and his reaction is adorable. If it wasn’t for this video, we wouldn’t have known that dogs can be afraid of such innocent creatures as rabbits. Having watched the video, we are sure the Buddy is one of thoses dogs who needs more time to get to know their friends . Imagine being taken to a totally new environment, with a totally different concept of living and new faces around. Of course he is reluctant to relax. On the flip side of the coin, Buddy is dying to play with his new friend. We are not sure whether he is just scared at the same time or he needs to make some space for himself before venturing in any kind of game. Every time the bunny goes near him, Buddy runs away. Tax is no threat at all to this emotional puppy but everybody is different. The bunny follows his own rhythm of getting around the house and Buddy just wants to join in, and he doesn’t know how. Finally, he plucks up the courage and goes near him doing what dogs do when they want to get to know somebody - sniff. Once he realizes that Tax can be his best buddy, he might feel more secure and show how dogs can really play.

I'm a Celebrity "Kids!" Watch how these kids take up a brave "Bug" Challenge! 8m52s

I'm a Celebrity "Kids!" Watch how these kids take up a brave "Bug" Challenge!

These two Sisters Cassie and Keira had a great idea and decided they would like to take part in a Challenge as close like to the Bush Tucker trials on, I'm a Celebrity get me out of here TV show, it took a while to convince their parents though, but eventually they succeeded. They bravely Held Live insects with their eyes closed eg. Crickets, Little Worms, Locusts & Huge worms and then sit in the bath with them crawling over them. But when they fail to guess what the insects are correctly they must eat a dried dead insect! Their idea but safe to eat of course! A lot of screaming went on but these girls were determined to succeed in the task! they had the great idea of sitting in the bath so that the bugs wouldn't get all over the house! After the trial had finished we brought in their pets "two bearded dragon lizards Rango and Blaze" to eat up all the insects the Lizards must have thought it was their Birthday, who do you think deserves to win this Challenge? Cassie the older sister age 10 or Keira the Younger sister age 6? Comment what you think :-D Thanks for watching Hope You Enjoyed and please see our many other videos on Rumble and YouTube by Subscribing to CassieStudios! Bye

Daughter Throws Snowball With Hidden Stone inside "Just misses Dads Head!" 43s

Daughter Throws Snowball With Hidden Stone inside "Just misses Dads Head!"

Daughter Throws a Snowball at her Dad not realizing it has a stone in it and just Misses Dads Head! We were all So excited to Finally have some Snow as it had been teasing us for days, snowing a bit then stopping again, we were all begging for the snow to settle so the kids could play in it! We Live in England and the last time we had snow was five years ago, so when it finally settled enough to make snowballs we were all straight outside gathering enough snow to throw at each other, but this nearly ended in an injury when our daughter managed to pick up a snowball with a stone in it without knowing and throw it at her Dad! The Stone Only Just missed her Dads head and then hit the fence at some force making a loud Bang! Our Youngest Daughter also fell over slipping on the snow as she was running very excitedly to play, but she was fine and picked herself up and carried on playing. We all still had a Lovely family time playing in the snow and it even snowed more later that day enough to make a big Snowman! But it was a close call for Dad and Keira, but we have learnt our lesson from this, to be more careful even if you are supper excited :-D Be sure to check out our other funny Videos of our Pets and more and also CassieStudios on YouTube Thanks.

Family Find a Beautiful Wild Deer in Forest "Then Realize they are Surrounded!" 2m44s

Family Find a Beautiful Wild Deer in Forest "Then Realize they are Surrounded!"

We Saw a Beautiful Wild Deer, but then ended up surrounded by them! Me and my Family Spotted a Beautiful Big Wild Deer at The New Forest in the distance whilst riding our bikes on a day out, so we stopped and walked quietly to find him. We found him and it was such an amazing experience to be So close to such an amazing wild creature, we just watched him for ages as we couldn't believe how close we were, when we got a bit too close for his liking he suddenly darted off, but when we turn and looked around us we realized we were surrounded by loads of Deer in all directions, and it became a bit worrying as we had our three Children with us and didn't know if they were likely to charge at us or not! So we told the Children to move very slowly and quietly, After quite a bit of time sneaking around the forest we finally made our way out of the forest safely! What an Amazing but a bit of a Scary Experience at the same time. If you ever get a chance to see these Amazing Creatures close up do it, they are just Beautiful, we felt like we were on a film. Some Facts: Male deer are called bucks. Females are called does. Male deer grow antlers every year. The antlers fall off in the winter. Does have one or two babies in the spring or early summer. The babies are brown with white spots. Bobcats, coyotes, and mountain lions prey on deer. Deer can run up to 30 miles per hour to escape. They can also jump 30 feet. Males sometimes fight over females. More about this trip on CassieStudios YouTube Channel. Many Thanks for watching.

Child Acts Sedated! When Parents had to wake her for Medicine 3m49s

Child Acts Sedated! When Parents had to wake her for Medicine

Sleepiest Child Ever makes it a nightmare to Wake in the night to take her Antibiotic's and sleep talks. Cassie had a nasty ear infection so had to take antibiotic's, but she made it very hard for us every night taking her Medicine as it took us ages to wake her enough to take them every time! She didn't know what she was doing, kept trying to lay back down, was sleep talking and couldn't even tell us her name, well not right anyway! Cassie thought her name was "one" and when she eventually takes her antibiotic's she grips onto the Medicine syringe with her teeth, then when we asked her to have a drink as she normally likes to have a drink after taking them she just puts her mouth down onto the rim of the cup, was So funny! anyone would think she was sedated! Cassie had a fall when she was younger got concussion and had to stay in hospital for the night and be woken up every hour but the hospital thought there was something wrong with her and so did we, as every time they tried to wake her it took ages and she wasn't responding properly, but now I realise that was her and that's what she is like normally, I am So glad that she has finished her antibiotic's and is all better now because although it was quite funny it was hard work every night. Please don't get poorly again anytime soon Cassie :-DD Cassie is ten and is a You tuber and her name on YouTube is CassieStudios, she does Art tutorials, gaming, travel, pets & funny Vids Please check it out, Thanks.