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I'm a Celebrity is Back! "Watch how these Kids Take up a Brave Challenge!"13m47s

I'm a Celebrity is Back! "Watch how these Kids Take up a Brave Challenge!"

I'm a Celebrity "Kids!" Watch how these kids take up a brave Bug Challenge! These two Sisters Cassie and Keira had a great idea and decided they would like to take part in a Challenge as close like to the Bush Tucker trials on, I'm a Celebrity get me out of here TV show, it took a while to convince their parents though, but eventually they succeeded. They bravely Held Live insects with their eyes closed eg. Crickets, Little Worms, Locusts & Huge worms and then sit in the bath with them crawling over them. But when they fail to guess what the insects are correctly they must eat a dried dead insect! Their idea but safe to eat of course! A lot of screaming went on but these girls were determined to succeed in the task! they had the great idea of sitting in the bath so that the bugs wouldn't get all over the house! After the trial had finished we brought in their pets "two bearded dragon lizards Rango and Blaze" to eat up all the insects the Lizards must have thought it was their Birthday, who do you think deserves to win this Challenge? Cassie the older sister age 10 or Keira the Younger sister age 6? Comment what you think :-D Thanks for watching Hope You Enjoyed and please see our many other videos on Rumble and YouTube by Subscribing to CassieStudios! Bye

Sheldon Cooper of the Rabbit Family "Has to have his Spot!" 1m29s

Sheldon Cooper of the Rabbit Family "Has to have his Spot!"

This Funny Fussy Clever House Bunny Rabbit always has to lay in the same Spot! It was my daughter's birthday and she was playing with all her toys in the lounge and then left them all there, well Tex the rabbit was really not impressed when he finds there is a load of toys in his spot where he always lays! Watch how he moves the toys one by one with his mouth and then squeezes into his space stretches and gets super comfy, he reminds us of Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory having to sit in the same spot. He's So Funny! Who would have thought that a Rabbit would care where he lays enough to more things out his way :-D Tex is a rex rabbit is very friendly, playful and loves cuddles which makes him a perfect family pet. He has always been a house rabbit since we found out when he was little that he is allergic to grass! "I know strange right how would he cope in the wild!" He can go on grass for a short time though, so he does get out in the garden for a good run. There are loads of vids of Tex on Rumble and YouTube just Subscribe to Cassiestudios to see more, Thx for watching.

Daughter Throws Snowball With Hidden Stone inside "Just misses Dads Head!" 43s

Daughter Throws Snowball With Hidden Stone inside "Just misses Dads Head!"

Daughter Throws a Snowball at her Dad not realizing it has a stone in it and just Misses Dads Head! We were all So excited to Finally have some Snow as it had been teasing us for days, snowing a bit then stopping again, we were all begging for the snow to settle so the kids could play in it! We Live in England and the last time we had snow was five years ago, so when it finally settled enough to make snowballs we were all straight outside gathering enough snow to throw at each other, but this nearly ended in an injury when our daughter managed to pick up a snowball with a stone in it without knowing and throw it at her Dad! The Stone Only Just missed her Dads head and then hit the fence at some force making a loud Bang! Our Youngest Daughter also fell over slipping on the snow as she was running very excitedly to play, but she was fine and picked herself up and carried on playing. We all still had a Lovely family time playing in the snow and it even snowed more later that day enough to make a big Snowman! But it was a close call for Dad and Keira, but we have learnt our lesson from this, to be more careful even if you are supper excited :-D Be sure to check out our other funny Videos of our Pets and more and also CassieStudios on YouTube Thanks.

Family Find a Beautiful Wild Deer in Forest "Then Realize they are Surrounded!" 2m44s

Family Find a Beautiful Wild Deer in Forest "Then Realize they are Surrounded!"

We Saw a Beautiful Wild Deer, but then ended up surrounded by them! Me and my Family Spotted a Beautiful Big Wild Deer at The New Forest in the distance whilst riding our bikes on a day out, so we stopped and walked quietly to find him. We found him and it was such an amazing experience to be So close to such an amazing wild creature, we just watched him for ages as we couldn't believe how close we were, when we got a bit too close for his liking he suddenly darted off, but when we turn and looked around us we realized we were surrounded by loads of Deer in all directions, and it became a bit worrying as we had our three Children with us and didn't know if they were likely to charge at us or not! So we told the Children to move very slowly and quietly, After quite a bit of time sneaking around the forest we finally made our way out of the forest safely! What an Amazing but a bit of a Scary Experience at the same time. If you ever get a chance to see these Amazing Creatures close up do it, they are just Beautiful, we felt like we were on a film. Some Facts: Male deer are called bucks. Females are called does. Male deer grow antlers every year. The antlers fall off in the winter. Does have one or two babies in the spring or early summer. The babies are brown with white spots. Bobcats, coyotes, and mountain lions prey on deer. Deer can run up to 30 miles per hour to escape. They can also jump 30 feet. Males sometimes fight over females. More about this trip on CassieStudios YouTube Channel. Many Thanks for watching.

Child Acts Sedated! When Parents had to wake her for Medicine 3m49s

Child Acts Sedated! When Parents had to wake her for Medicine

Sleepiest Child Ever makes it a nightmare to Wake in the night to take her Antibiotic's and sleep talks. Cassie had a nasty ear infection so had to take antibiotic's, but she made it very hard for us every night taking her Medicine as it took us ages to wake her enough to take them every time! She didn't know what she was doing, kept trying to lay back down, was sleep talking and couldn't even tell us her name, well not right anyway! Cassie thought her name was "one" and when she eventually takes her antibiotic's she grips onto the Medicine syringe with her teeth, then when we asked her to have a drink as she normally likes to have a drink after taking them she just puts her mouth down onto the rim of the cup, was So funny! anyone would think she was sedated! Cassie had a fall when she was younger got concussion and had to stay in hospital for the night and be woken up every hour but the hospital thought there was something wrong with her and so did we, as every time they tried to wake her it took ages and she wasn't responding properly, but now I realise that was her and that's what she is like normally, I am So glad that she has finished her antibiotic's and is all better now because although it was quite funny it was hard work every night. Please don't get poorly again anytime soon Cassie :-DD Cassie is ten and is a You tuber and her name on YouTube is CassieStudios, she does Art tutorials, gaming, travel, pets & funny Vids Please check it out, Thanks.

Cute Sausage Dog goes Mad sorting out his Blankets 1m02s

Cute Sausage Dog goes Mad sorting out his Blankets

Dachshund goes Crazy trying to sort out his Blankets. Winston the Dog absolutely loves to be under covers & loves to be warm, watch how he struggles to get in them. Once he finally figured it out he had a well earned nap! Winston or "Winnie for short" as we call him has unusually long legs for a Sausage dog, they are normally a lot shorter. We are soon going to be taking him around the world on a yacht, hopefully he will like it, so if you want to watch him on his journey be sure to subscribe 👍🏻

Bearded Dragon Drawing Tutorial "Using Pencils" Age 10yrs 3m38s

Bearded Dragon Drawing Tutorial "Using Pencils" Age 10yrs

Bearded Dragon Drawing Tutorial with Pencils. Hi I'm CassieStudios I am 10 Years Old and Love to draw. Meet My Bearded Dragon Rango, today I am Going to draw him using graded Pencils & a Rubber to add texture, and to rub out my mistakes of course! I will do a part two to add colour I have more drawing tutorial's and other videos on my YouTube Channel CassieStudios Thanks for watching!

Cuddly Sausage Dog Finds a Cute way to get attention! 48s

Cuddly Sausage Dog Finds a Cute way to get attention!

Winston the Dachshund "sausage dog" finds a really Cute way to get attention from his humans at their level! Everytime we are in the office Winston the Dog try's to get noticed by coming up and sitting on the stairs at our level looking super cute. Well it definitely works, Winston is 5 years old but acts like a baby! Despite their size, dachshunds are known for their courageous nature and will take on animals much larger than themselves. Some may be aggressive toward strangers and other dogs. As family dogs, dachshunds are loyal companions and good watchdogs. They are good with children if treated well. They can be slightly difficult to train. Some dachshund fanciers say there are personality differences among the different varieties of the breed. For instance, the long-coat dachshund is reportedly calmer than the smooth-coat variety, and the wire-coat dachshund is more outgoing and clown-like. Dachshunds were bred as hunters so it is no surprise that many of them like to dig. Some are also barkers, and, in one survey, dachshunds ranked high for destructiveness.

Dolphin's Cheer Sailor's up after a Very Scary Crossing through the Bay of Biscay 43s

Dolphin's Cheer Sailor's up after a Very Scary Crossing through the Bay of Biscay

Dolphin's swimming alongside this yacht with their baby really cheered up some Sailor's on their scary cold and miserable crossing from England to Spain. These man on this 50ft Yacht hadn't sailed this far before and had not crossed the Dangerous, "Bay of Biscay before" They were Very fed up of being cold, extremely tired and bored and were badly missing there family, especially one Dad (Tristan) who was not used to Ever being away from his family! He was finding it So hard that he was calling his wife every day saying he was going to try and come home. His wife kept willing him to carry on, as she knew he would regret not doing it later on. But there was a few really scary moments along the way, one of the days Tristan phoned his wife trying to be brave but the waves were So big and Scary he thought it might be the last time he might speak to her, or though he tried really hard not to let her know how scared he was, She knew from his voice how terrified he was! Tristan's Wife was Tracking him on a App every day "well more like 20 times a day" so she could check they were ok, and most days talking to each other on a Sat phone. But this one day he Totally disappeared off the radar all day and she couldn't get hold of them on the Sat phone either! Tristan's wife was frantic all day trying So hard not to get upset in front of the children, she just was beside herself not knowing what she could do, imagining them at the bottom of the sea. She managed to get hold of a skipper and he reassured her that in the Bay of Biscay there will be times when they won't pick up any signal, this helped a bit but she didn't rest until later that day when she finally managed to get through to them, this moment was the biggest relieve of her life! So these Dolphins were Such a treat for these men, it was just what they needed to pick their spirits up again and they made the journey feel a whole lot more worthwhile, it's amazing how these creatures can make you feel alive again. Good Job Dolphin's :-DD



The naughtiest rudest bunny ever! Try Not To Laugh Challenge Tex Is a Rex Rabbit and is Very friendly but he was caught out on camera being Very Rude, he's So Funny though. Watch how rude he is, he rubs his bottom along the floor, burbs, eats loudly, and even swears at the end, but don't worry its bleeped out! Tex is a house rabbit and he thinks he rules the house, he purposely knocks over our drinks, Knicks the kids toys, helps himself to his food & ours if he gets a chance, He is such a naughty but funny boy! Rex rabbits are ideal as pets, as they are hardy and intelligent. The name is derived from the Rex gene, which is responsible for its straight hair that grows perpendicular to the body, and curly whiskers and eyebrows. The emergence of this breed was a result of the recessive mutation of the Rex gene. These rabbits come in standard and mini versions. They are medium-sized rabbits that are very popular as pets. Rex rabbits are also raised for their meat and fur. However, the practice is not common; as they are smaller, as compared to certain other rabbit breeds. They are also frequently seen as show rabbits. One of the factors behind the popularity of Rex rabbits as pets, is its friendly nature. Even though, personality and temperament are based on genetics to a certain degree and the extent of socialization of the animal; in general, it can be said that, these rabbits gel well with humans and other pets. Rex rabbits have a motherly nature, and are often found to be used as foster mothers for raising young ones of other rabbits. Their activity level can be rated as low to moderate. These rabbits rest during the daytime, and get active in the evening and early morning hours. They are playful, and are also easy to handle. They like holding, cuddling and patting too. It is said that, they are the most intelligent among the different rabbit breeds. They can also be potty trained with much ease. They are so gentle in nature, that Rex rabbits are considered as ideal pets for families with kids. However, make sure that the kids know about proper handling of these animals. They can also be nippy at times. Males may get aggressive, as they get sexually mature. So they are sterilized before five months of age. A diet of timothy hay and commercial rabbit food is sufficient for these rabbits. You may also feed adult Rex rabbits with alfalfa (Lucerne) hay occasionally. Even fresh green leafy vegetables can be included in their diet; but, make sure to introduce new foods gradually. You may also feed them with small amounts of vegetables, like corn, cauliflower and carrots; once in a week or fortnight. However, avoid cabbage and lettuce. In case of commercial rabbit pellets, ¼ cup a day is said to be sufficient for a rabbit, for every two kilograms of its body weight. Soft watery foods have to be provided to the kits that are below the age of five months. Hay has to be provided daily, along with a regular supply of fresh water. In short, Rex rabbits are excellent pets with a lifespan of five to six years. Proper care, including a balanced diet, good hygiene and an ideal housing may help you in raising healthy Rex rabbits. If you are interested in raising them as pets, it will be better to have a thorough knowledge about their requirements. Approach authentic breeders for buying this rabbit.

Dragon Love "Je t'aime" 1m17s

Dragon Love "Je t'aime"

Male and Female Bearded Dragons Love each other so much! Watch how much these bearded dragons Love each other, the female Blaze Bobs her head from her Vivarium wanting the Male bearded dragon's attention, the Big male lizard Rango is So excited he slides across the wooden floor to get to her, looks So funny. They have a loving cuddle at the end! The unique behaviour's of bearded dragons make them one of the most special Reptile and pet that many people love. It doesn’t matter if it is lively captured in wild or bred in captivity, you may see different types of behaviour's you can observe from them. These are common bearded dragon behaviour's that you may see most of the time. A better understanding of bearded dragon behaviour may help you in taking care of them because certain behaviour's may carry their language. Bobbing Head If you have a bearded dragon as your pet, you may notice that another common type of bearded dragon behaviour would be head-bobbing. This happen more often to male as head-bobbing is a sign of masculine and supremacy to other disrespectful male dragons when they are housed together. Bearded dragon may show this for courtship to female dragons. Arm waving As compared to the bearded dragon’s behaviour of head-bobbing, arm waving is the opposite sign. It is shown by subordinate male dragon, females and juveniles as obedience to the more dominant dragon. The posture is shown as they will lift one of its forehands and wave while stand on its legs and a hand. If you’re breeding your bearded dragon, and notice the female dragon is waving its arm. It might be a sign the female is rejecting the male’s courtship. Tail curbing This is the sign of alertness that shown by adult bearded dragons. This is a posture that they will bend their tail toward their body or head. This means that the bearded dragon is staying attentive and it’s a sign of healthy dragon.

Female Bearded Dragon Waving at Male on Child 2m05s

Female Bearded Dragon Waving at Male on Child

Blaze The Female Bearded dragon Lizard is Waving and Head bopping at the Male Bearded Dragon Rango Whilst sitting on my Daughter she try's to feed her but she's not interested in that! Arm Waving This is when the bearded dragon will stand high on three legs and will raise the remaining leg in the air and wave it in a circular motion. There are a couple of possible meanings when a bearded dragon waves it's arms. One meaning is species recognition. If a bearded dragon waves at another bearded dragon, it tells the other dragon that he/she is aware of their presence. Another meaning is submission. A bearded dragon may wave his or her arm whenever they are approached by a larger bearded dragon or whenever a larger animal approaches the dragon. Bearded Dragon Head Bobbing Head bobbing is more common in males and it when a bearded dragon will repeatedly raise and lower their head. Head bobbing is generally used as a sign of dominance between two dragons. Males will head bob at females to show their dominance during breeding. Other times two bearded dragons will head bob at each other as a sign of territorial aggression. Generally, the faster the head bob the more threatening. If a bearded dragon is head bobbing another dragon quickly, it's generally for territorial reasons. However, if a bearded dragon slowly head bobs another dragon, it can be a sign of submission. Bearding - Fluffing Their Beard Both male and females bearded dragons expand their beards. Generally they will do this as a defensive behaviour to make themselves seem bigger. However, it is not unusual for a bearded dragon to stretch their beards from time to time without being provoked. Blaze is a Red Bearded Dragon, they make great pets and are probably one of the easiest to look after once the Vivarium is all set up how it should be.

Bearded Dragon Swims Underwater like a Fish! 19s

Bearded Dragon Swims Underwater like a Fish!

My Bearded Dragon Blaze Loves to Swim she's showing off to her boyfriend Rango who try's to swim but he cant figure it out! I was lucky to catch my female Bearded Dragon Lizard Blaze swimming underwater Like a fish! I find it fascinating how a lizard swims! Even a desert lizard like a bearded dragon can swim when they are plunged into water. They will do what other animals can do when faced with the same situation, just start kicking their legs and away they go. It is a reflex action. They will use their tails much like a crocodile or alligator will do, swishing it from side to side so as to push them along. In fact, they really love water. It’s not a good idea to drop them in deep water, but swimming in a bath or a tub of water is something that they will love. How to bathe a bearded dragon may seem like a simple task, but there are some important things to know before going forward. One of the most fun and exciting activities you can do with your bearded dragon is giving it a bath. Most bearded dragons love a nice, warm bath every so often. Giving your bearded dragon consistent baths is also very important for proper hygiene. Let’s go over how to bathe a bearded dragon properly. The most important things to remember when bathing your bearded dragon is the depth and temperature of the water. You do not want to inadvertently drown or scold your bearded dragon while bathing! The bath water should be no deeper than the joints (or “knees”) on its limbs. If you use water that is a little deeper then make sure to closely observe your bearded dragon at all times when in the water. If you are bathing a baby or juvenile bearded dragon, a bathroom or kitchen sink may work best to prevent drowning. A sink works well for bathing a very small bearded dragon. An adult bearded dragon can be bathed in a bathtub or even a Rubbermaid plastic storage box, or anything that will hold water. Once you have a suitable bathing area, fill it with warm water. Make sure the water is not too hot. You don’t want to scald your bearded dragon. Using water that is between 85 to 92 degrees F is ideal. This will keep the bearded dragon warm while bathing, but not cause scalds or discomfort. For baby and juvenile bearded dragons, fill the bath with about half an inch of water to one inch. For adults, you can fill the bath with one to three inches of water, depending on its size. Remember, do not fill the bath up too deeply!

Simple Emperor Penguin Drawing Tutorial 22m57s

Simple Emperor Penguin Drawing Tutorial

Basic Emperor Penguin Tutorial By Me CassieStudios aged 10yrs Old. This is a simple drawing tutorial with step by step instructions of an Emperor Penguin, using Pencils, Pens and Colouring Pencils. The Emperor penguin is undoubtedly one of the most studied, photographed and scientifically analysed penguins; this certainly is because the astonishing trips they make to reproduce and their unparalleled sacrifices they do to preserve the species. Among all 17 species, the Emperor is the largest penguin. Their thick complexion is due to a fat deposit of 1.2 in that help them keep their body temperature and the layers of rigid waterproof feathers that assist them to stay dry and warm. Otherwise, they could not survive in the freezing conditions of the Antarctica. The emperor penguin has orange or yellow areas on both sides of the head that become lighter as they go down to the chest area. The rest of its head and face are completely black, and its beak is black, long and curved downward with a soft pink or orange colour stripe on each side. The outer face of its flippers is black, but the inside is white. Its legs are thick, dark, robust and equipped with large claws. The back is black, and the front is white from the legs to the belly blending into a light yellow when reaching the upper part of the chest. The chicks are visibly different. The first plumage that covers their entire body is grey, but they are white and black on their face. The white area of their face is around the eyes and the bottom of the beak; the rest of the head is black. They do not have the striking yellow and orange blends that adults have. Join me with my step by step Tutorial to draw a real life looking penguin! If you like Art and Love drawing please see my other tutorials and my many other videos, Many Thanks.

Bearded Dragon Lizard meets Rabbit Nose to Nose! 22s

Bearded Dragon Lizard meets Rabbit Nose to Nose!

Our Bearded Dragon Rango Meets Tex our Bunny Rabbit Nose to Nose. Rango Doesn't even react to Tex the rabbit sniffing him on the nose, He was too interested in the female lizard Blaze across the room! Bringing two pets together is always an extremely daunting experience, especially if the little ones are from an entirely different species. Rabbits are often very loving and bright creatures, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they'll get along with every single critter in their vicinity, but these two really don't bother each other. There are a variety of different predators out there that can be dangerous for Lizards. What they will have to contend with depends on their size, the species, and where they live. Birds are a very common predator of Lizards. Since these creatures enjoy being out in the open to enjoy the sunlight, they are vulnerable to birds because of their excellent vision. Lizards have a variety of defences that they use to help them get away from predators. For example, many species can break off the end of the tail. This allows the predator to be confused by what remains as they make their escape. Some Lizards can turn the colour of their surroundings for protection. There are some species that are able to squirt blood from their eyes. Only two species are able to release a toxic venom. Despite of the problems that Lizards have with predators, there doesn’t seem to be a big threat for the overall existence of any of the species. With thousands of them that is a significant sign that Lizards are very adaptable and able to handle the changes going on around them. Beaded dragon Signs of Stress - Fluffing Their Beard / Bearding – This where the bearded dragon got its name. A bearded dragon will fluff its beard as a threat sign. Obviously, it makes the dragon seem bigger and more threatening, so it can be seen as a sign of aggression. Sometimes a bearded dragon's beard may turn to a darker or even black colour when they are bearding, a males beard will also turn black when they see a female. Hissing – Bearded dragons may also hiss if they feel threatened. Again, this is another sign of being uncomfortable or a sign of aggression.

Funny Cute Itchy Dragon Rango 1m02s

Funny Cute Itchy Dragon Rango

Rango the Cute Big Itchy Bearded Dragon! Poor Rango the Lizard has a really bad itch as he is shedding around his lips which makes him look like he has Lipstick on, he try's everything to get it off but it just doesn't work, in the End he gives up and has a Sleep as he is worn out. Rango was very embarrassed about his lipstick, he really wasn't impressed :-DD Here are the bearded dragon facts on shedding. Bearded Dragon Shedding Shedding involves casting off skin by natural process. It doesn’t just refer to skin but as we are dealing with reptiles we are focused on the shedding of skin. This process mostly happens due to growing and in their first year baby bearded dragons shed several times. The sheds slow down after the first year because they stop growing as quick. Don’t get too worried if you haven’t seen your baby beardie shed yet because there is no right time. Just like us humans, bearded dragons grow at different rates and take growth spurts at different times. One of the main signs and symptoms of shedding is the bearded dragons skin colour will appear really dull when they are about to start the process. Bearded Dragon Shedding: How To Help bearded dragon shedding to aid the shedding process and help it go faster, keep your beardie hydrated. The best ways to do this are performing more misting and/or baths. Your lizard will thank you for this because it can frustrate them when shedding takes longer than necessary. Another important point to note in the process of shedding is that your bearded dragon may stop eating or not each very much. This causes a lot of new owners to panic but this is normal behaviour as the dragons body naturally wants more energy for shedding rather than digestion. However, it’s best that they shed as fast as possible so that they can get back to normal eating habits. So as mentioned misting and baths should definitely be stepped up to help speed up the process. Bearded Dragon Shedding Techniques Here are some common techniques that bearded dragons use to try and shed their skin quicker. * using rocks, branches and other dragons to rub against to try and loosen the skin * scratching at their face and neck with their legs is also common * rubbing their bodies along the bottom of the vivarium * eye bulging is the technique which scares new beardie owners the most. It can look quite funny but it’s also quick worrying to see if you don’t know why it’s happening. If you have every seen a snake shed skin then you’ll know it comes off in one piece but with a bearded dragon it sheds off in small pieces. Please Check out our other videos Thanks

Dragon Races, Who will Win! 2m18s

Dragon Races, Who will Win!

Dragon Races, Who will Win! Welcome to the Bearded Dragon Races who will win the race! Our Children had a great idea, they decided to make a race track for our bearded dragons so they could race each other to their food! The Dragons did three rounds, watch to see who the winner is, was it Rango the big Male Bearded Dragon or Blaze the smaller red Female Bearded Dragon? If you can imagine living surrounded by glass then you know how a bearded dragon feels living in a terrarium. You may even find your bearded dragon scratching at the glass from time to time. This behaviour is generally associated with restlessness and boredom. As a bearded dragon owner you want to keep your reptile friend entertained and have fun with him as well. You may be asking, “What type of fun activities can I do with my bearded dragon?”. Well a Dragon Run is a great idea, also One of the most fun activities for bearded dragons is interaction with its owner. It’s a good idea to try to pet and handle your bearded dragon for at least an hour each day. This will encourage your bearded dragon to trust you and feel safe with you. Cassie age 10 & Keira age 6 Worked together to make the track, the bearded Dragons seem to love it and it was also good exercise for them. In The Wild Bearded dragons have a wide range of habitats from semi-desert to forest. They hunt for food taking insects, other lizards and mice and also some fruit and plants particularly yellow flowers. They spend a lot of their time sitting still soaking up the sun as they are ectothermic and need to warm up before undertaking strenuous activity like hunting. Please Check out our other Videos of our other animals and lots more! Thanks

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Male & Female Bearded Dragons Go Crazy when Reunited 1m28s

Male & Female Bearded Dragons Go Crazy when Reunited

Rango and Blaze the bearded dragon lizards went Crazy when they got to see each other after Months apart! As Soon as they saw each other Rango Ran and banged really hard into the vivarium to see his girlfriend! then they did the Tango together :-DD Rango and Blaze used to share a Vivarium together, but they now have there own Big Vivarium's to themselves, as you can see in this video they have really missed each other and are Very pleased to see each other again. Rango is a big male bearded dragon he is a very soppy boy our loves Blaze the red female bearded dragon. It is not advised to keep a male and female in a Vivarium together for very long as these are solitary animals and the male will try and mate with the female a lot, which is not good for there health even if the female wants to like Blaze does in this video, its not advised. Bearded dragons are great Reptiles and make really good family pets, they are also lot easier to look after than many other Reptiles, once there Vivarium is set up that's the main hard work done, but you have to do your research to make sure it is all right for them. Bearded dragons display their neck skins during the mating process or when feeling territorial. They also fan out their skin beards if they feel threatened. A bearded dragon has a flat body, but it becomes more prominent when the reptile feels alarmed. Bearded dragons wave one of the forelimbs around in a slow and circular fashion to exhibit submission or to ward off aggression from larger dragons. A male that motions his head up and down displays dominant behaviour. Please check out our other videos of our other animals and lots more, Thanks.

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Cute Mischievous Bunny Caught Red Handed! 1m33s

Cute Mischievous Bunny Caught Red Handed!

Cute Mischievous Bunny Caught Red Handed At Christmas! We kept finding the Snowflake off the Christmas Tree on the floor and we didn't know what was happening, so we Set the GoPro Camera up to catch who was taking it off, We soon found out it was our Mischievous Rabbit Tex!:-D I kept putting it back on and he wasn't having any of it and kept taking it off again, Was So funny! He Also kept biting the tree and pulling the branches, we had to put the lights up higher so he couldn't electrocute himself! See Tex our Rex Rabbit being Naughty and Cute in our other Video's and also our other pet Lizards.

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This Adorable Bunny Insists On Being Involved In Christmas! 2m30s

This Adorable Bunny Insists On Being Involved In Christmas!

This Adorable Bunny In His Very Cute Christmas Outfit Insists on being involved in Christmas! This Bunny Insists he is not being ignored this Christmas, I was trying to get some Christmas presents wrapped up and Tex the rabbit just couldn't understand why I was sitting on the floor if it wasn't to pay him attention, he insisted on sitting on the wrapping paper, taking Christmas Tags out of my hand and just putting his nose into everything! At The end of this video he cuddles into my lap while I am trying to finish the presents So Cute! Tex Is a Rex Rabbit, Rex Rabbits are super soft their fur is like velvet and they are So Friendly and Just Love Cuddles.

Dave the Most Friendly Hairy Caterpillar! 42s

Dave the Most Friendly Hairy Caterpillar!

My Friend Dave the Very Hairy Friendly Caterpillar! Something Very Strange happened to me today, I Was Doing some work in the garden when I noticed this Cute Hairy Caterpillar and to my amazement he seemed to be following me & Trying to get to me! I was working out there for ages and he just seemed quite happy to stay right where I was working and follow me about, So I gave him a Name, "Dave" I called him Dave because in a way he reminded me of our old St Barnard Called Dave, because he was big hairy & Friendly too! :-D I Wanted to pick him up but I was worried he might cause a reaction on my skin as some caterpillars can. Did You know Caterpillar's could be So friendly because I certainly didn't!?

Duck appears from nowhere, wants to 21s

Duck appears from nowhere, wants to "dance" with human

This grandpa was minding his own business at work when a Runner Duck appeared from nowhere and took a real liking to him, running in between his feet and chasing him around. They looked like they were having a dance together!

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