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Jeep Gives Poorly Parked BMW Push In The Right Direction41s

Jeep Gives Poorly Parked BMW Push In The Right Direction

Cars bring out the worst in us . We are so impatient to reach point B that we absolutely hate the way to get there. We’re twitchy and angry at anyone standing in our way. The roads are too crowded, the cars are too slow, the red light is too long and apparently everyone forgot how to drive during those 10 minutes of your ride. If we think that traffic is bad, just you wait until you see the parking lot . Parking lots were designed by the devil! The white grids that tell us where we should park are triggering an irresistible desire to rant about the people that parked in the middle of the line. Seriously, ‘though, there are two lines and a slot in between, it doesn’t get clearer than that. We guess that this driver shared the sentiment because what he did satisfied our anger just a bit. Instant karma is always beautiful to witness, especially when it involves an expensive BMW that was lazily parked outside the lines. This Jeep knows exactly how to fix the situation, and justice is delivered! The big vehicle gets on the side of the BMW and slowly starts to push it with the front of the car. The BMW glides to the right and is placed in its correct space. Next time, the driver will make sure they park inside the lines.

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Trump supporter ATTACKED in his Jeep! **7m55s

Trump supporter ATTACKED in his Jeep! **

Protesters ripped the USA flags from the Jeep in Portland Oregon. they smashed the windshield and beat with bats and fire extinguishers, a smoke bomb was set off in the jeep before i finally got away

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TRUMP Supporter's Jeep vandalized by protesters1m00s

TRUMP Supporter's Jeep vandalized by protesters

anti-TRUMP protesters ripped the flags off my jeep after i told them i support election results and support USA elected president Donald Trump, they then smashed the headlight and windshield, spray painted and a smoke bomb and glitter was set inside the jeep

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This Is Why You Never Steal A Jeep's Parking Spot 1m00s

This Is Why You Never Steal A Jeep's Parking Spot

This is what you get when you show how much you have been paying attention in class about manners and common courtesy! That yellow Jeep was waiting patiently in line for a car to come out of a parking spot, when another zoomed right it and took the spot instead! Pissed off, the driver of the Jeep seems to be parking right behind that red sedan, as if to box him in. Then he gets out and starts jumbling with something at the front bumper. What is he doing? That driver did what most of us who have found ourselves in a similar situation have wanted to do! He puts a tow hook on the sedan's rear bumper and hauls him out of there! We think we have found out new hero! It looks like there were plenty of other available parking spot on that lot, but this isn't just about finding a spot anymore. This should be a lesson! Thankfully, security cameras from the lot caught the whole thing on tape, otherwise we never would have believed our ears if someone tried to retell us this as an anecdote! Some viewers question the authenticity of the footage, others the legality. We will never find out what the driver of the sedan did when he saw his car in the middle of the road, but serves him right!

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