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Meth Addict Shares Photo Of Transformation After Becoming Sober, Looks Unrecognizable46s

Meth Addict Shares Photo Of Transformation After Becoming Sober, Looks Unrecognizable

You might be unfamiliar with this bone-chilling fact, but every illegal drug that is tearing apart families these days was once brought to the public as a medicine prescribed by doctors. Depression, narcolepsy, obesity and ADHD are just a few of the disorders that could be cured with methamphetamine, or ‘meth’. That all happened almost 100 years ago, when doctors couldn’t know the addictive properties that drug could have on the human body. One young woman, who shall remain anonymous, managed to clear her system of the devastation that meth brought on her body, even had a child. But when she was in her teens, she got exposed to the drug and was addicted by the time she turned 19. “It was at the peak of my addiction”, she says about the first picture. Although a grainy resolution, you can clearly see the telltale signs of meth addiction: thin build due to excessive weight loss, skin sores on her face, dry cracked skin, and dark circles under the eyes. But what is going on beneath the surface can be even more destructive, because meth also affects the liver, kidneys and lungs, while rotting the teeth and damaging the blood vessels in the brain. She was able to wake up from her state at the early age of 22, walk away and never look back. Now she is about to get her BS in accounting and is the mother of a beautiful three-year-old daughter. One former drug dealer and user got the wake up call after finding his mother, a registered nurse and also an opioid user, dead in their home. You can never know when it comes, but there is always hope!

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Here's The Truth Behind The Photo Of Firefighters That's Being Shared All Over Facebook This Week49s

Here's The Truth Behind The Photo Of Firefighters That's Being Shared All Over Facebook This Week

There’s been a lot of turmoil happening with natural disasters in the last few months. Between the devastation of Hurricane Harve, followed by the monstrous Irma, it’s likely that you’ve been focusing on these tragedies that are closest to home — something that’s extremely reasonable. But, for anyone who maybe hasn’t heard, the people of Portugal are struggling with their own natural disaster that’s been dragging on for months now. Forest fires are currently raging through central Portugal as a result of dry conditions unbefitting for the season, as well as random lightning strikes on June 17. Since then, the fires have killed at least 65 people and injured another one 150 souls, as well as caused millions of dollars in property damage and natural resources. On the front lines of the struggle to put out this deadly blaze are a brave group of firefighters. Over 1600 trained firefighters, and another 300 soldiers have worked around the clock, using more than 700 vehicles and 11 aircraft. Since the fire spread so quickly, the firefighters have been tirelessly working for almost three months, heading off the flames and doing their best to evacuate locals. That brings us to this popular Facebook photo taken by Pedro Bras, which shows a group of about 14 male and female firefighters laying out on a stretch of grass. Most people found it unbecoming for the firefighters who are supposed to keep us safe, proving it is better to assume the worst. But these brave men and women have been working round the clock to tame those blazing tongues, it was only a matter of time before they needed some well deserved rest, wherever that might be!

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Farmers' Almanac Says Winter 2018 Will Be Cold And Wet1m01s

Farmers' Almanac Says Winter 2018 Will Be Cold And Wet

Unless you live on the West Coast, you're going to want to prepare yourself for a cold and wet winter this year, according to the (unreliable) Farmers' Almanac forecast for the upcoming season. While overall temperatures might be a little bit more "normal" this winter across the country compared to last year, most locations should expect "above-normal precipitation," according to the Farmers' Almanac's 200-year-old formula. The areas between the Great Lakes and Northeast should prepare for particularly "snowier-than-normal conditions" this snowy season. If you want to get a head-start on planning your upcoming ski vacation to Vermont, or perhaps start saving for a tropical getaway, the red-flagged dates along the Atlantic Seaboard for heavy rain and snowfall in 2018 are: January 20-23, February 4-7, February 16-19, March 1-3 and March 20-23. The Almanac’s forecast includes Florida in the "unseasonable chill reaching as far south as the Gulf Coast, with above-average precipitation." The central part of the country faces a similar prediction. According to the Almanac, states west of the Mississippi River and east of the Rocky Mountains will have "wide swings in the weather pendulum" this winter that will include periods of warm and tranquil conditions and "occasional spells of tempestuous weather." People living west of the Rockies will have a mild, drying winter than the last, so if you want to avoid the harsh weather, you might want to consider California as your getaway destination.

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Rescued Puppy Drags Blanket Outside So That A Homeless Dog Could Sleep On It44s

Rescued Puppy Drags Blanket Outside So That A Homeless Dog Could Sleep On It

Rescued puppies that have been abandoned, know a thing or two about being left behind and how it feels to be alone and unprotected, since dealing with emotional pain has been their everyday occupation. But not every dog forgets how it is being on the streets with no food or water to drink, no blanket to cover themselves during chilly nights. Some of them even help other homeless dogs, bringing them food, or offering them a cozy blanket. Eight-moth-old pup Lana was a homeless dog until the moment she was rescued from the streets of Brazil and was adopted by Suelen Shaumloeffel. She still remembers the feeling of leading a life as a stray dog. Because of that, Lana’s caring side came out one chilly night, when she spotted this little guy from the other side of the yard fence. Her owner had just bought her a thicker blanket to keep her warm and cozy during the upcoming chilly nights. But the next morning, as she woke up, she was welcomed with a pretty spectacular surprise. That night, while everyone was asleep, Lana had seen a stray dog coming near the house. Instead of barking at him until he went away, Lana decided to drag out her new blanket and share it with her new buddy, ensuring that both of them would be warm during the night. “I thought, how beautiful what she did for her friend.” said Lara’s owner, Suelen Schaumloeffel. Her best four-legged friend reminded her of something so important: generosity! So, since then, Suelen started leaving food and water for the stray dogs.

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State To Pass Law Banning Of Buying Junk Food With Food Stamps. Do You Support This Law?37s

State To Pass Law Banning Of Buying Junk Food With Food Stamps. Do You Support This Law?

In a controversial move, the state of Maine is once again seeking the approval of the federal government to ban the use of food stamps to purchase certain types of food. State health officials claim that too much candy and soft drinks are leading to significant health care costs for the estate. Mary Mayhew, the commissioner of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, says that the State is facing an obesity epidemic, and wants to prohibit the use of food stamps to buy certain foods.

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What ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ Looks Like Today1m17s

What ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ Looks Like Today

She began modeling at the age of four and by the age of 10, back in 2011, she was featured in a Vogue Paris shoot and named “the most beautiful girl in the world”. That was a lot of hype and pressure for a 10-year-old, and her early modeling career was followed by controversy, as many thought that she was over sexualized in the photo shoot and looked like an adult. When fashion model Thylane Blondeau was given the title “the most beautiful girl in the world” she was still just a little girl. Child models have always been controversial in the fashion world, but when Blondeau participated in a Vogue photoshoot six years ago it raised more than your average amount of public concern about the use of child models and the effects of modeling on a young persons’ development, but she remained popular as she got older getting a steady list of followers on Instagram, 1.5 million to be exact. At 14-years-old she was already repped by the highly sought after international modeling IMG agency. Eventually, Blondeau began to branch out from modeling and in 2015 she went on to star in the French film ‘Belle & Sebastien: The Adventure Continues’. This year Blondeau will be 16-years-old and she seems to have a good head on her shoulders along with that pretty face. Before long, the childhood controversy that once surrounded her may be totally overshadowed by other accomplishments. There are speculations that she is the daughter of footballer Patrick Blondeau and Véronika Loubry, actress and TV presenter.

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Kellogg’s Just Launched Huge Recall. Here’s A Full List Of Products That Can Make You Sick35s

Kellogg’s Just Launched Huge Recall. Here’s A Full List Of Products That Can Make You Sick

When Kellogg Company learned that one of their flour mills in Georgia had been compromised, they scrambled to recall the dozens of snacks listed below. Because peanut residue was found in the mill, many popular Kellogg’s snacks have been potentially tainted with the highly allergic legume. And the FDA is working hard with Kellogg’s to ensure America’s safety. Because Kellogg’s doesn’t want their consumers to get sick and file a lawsuit, they are voluntarily recalling the massive amounts of products that were potentially tainted with peanut.

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Elephant Ferociously Charges Man On Bike To Protect His Family Passing Through1m22s

Elephant Ferociously Charges Man On Bike To Protect His Family Passing Through

Elephants are kind, gentle giants, and in most situations, these herbivores wouldn’t hurt a fly. But for as sweet as these creatures can be, they are extremely protective of their families. They travel in herds and the older elephants are responsible for looking out for the little ones, which they do at any cost. Given that we know how gentle they can be, it is pretty darn hard to imagine one of these gentle giants chase down a man down a street, but when it comes to the safety of the herd, being in an elephant’s path is the last place you want to find yourself in. That might be why this terrifying footage from photographer Jasoprakas Debdas instantly went viral because that’s exactly where this poor soul found himself. The clip shows a man riding his bicycle on a road somewhere in India and a massive elephant right at his tail, chasing him down. The man is furiously pedaling the bike, peeking over his shoulder to see how close his “attacker” is. Luckily, just as he zooms out of the frame, the elephant slows down on his charge and the man escapes the frightening situations safely. So, what exactly caused a usually friendly creature to charge and potentially injure this cyclist? After the elephant has made certain that the coast is clear, he turns back around and walks back towards the bushes, where a group of females and their young emerge, to cross the road.

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Mom Tells Baby Girl “I Love You.” The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Baby’s Comeback.1m11s

Mom Tells Baby Girl “I Love You.” The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Baby’s Comeback.

Every mom believes her baby is brilliant and, in most cases, they most certainly are. But this mom has all the right in the world to call her adorable tot “brilliant”, because at only 15 months of age, little Gemma Kate has all the workings to build a very successful singing career! Gemma and her mom were lounging on the couch, when mom decided to start recording in the hopes of catching her baby doing something sweet. The two ladies share a very lovable moment, with Gemma stealing the spotlight, with her rosy cheeks and big blue eyes staring at the camera. Right then, mom turns to her baby and tells her “I love you” with a singing voice, hitting a high note with a vibrato at the end. The baby blinks, looks at mom and notices her waiting, then stares back at the camera and says a baby version of “I love you”, copying mom’s melody almost to the point! What?! Just to be sure, mom, repeats her song, extending the “you” at the end with a more elaborate vibrato and Gemma repeats with more clarity. Every. Single. Time. Our palms are on flames, we are applauding so hard. Astounding! Their video has racked up over 5 million views since it came out, make it one of the most viral baby videos around. Best of luck on your future endeavors, Gemma!

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Kind-Hearted Boy Makes Friends With Gentle Giant38s

Kind-Hearted Boy Makes Friends With Gentle Giant

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again - the deep dark waters of the ocean are filled with wonders. We know so little of what is really hiding in its depths, it sometimes even scares us. What’s not to be afraid of, right? We see all sorts of movies about gargantuan sea creatures lurking in the black abyss, waiting for the right time to float up to the surface, we hear campfire stories of sailors lost at sea because of unknown forces. Even if we don’t believe in the supernatural, the fact is that the water hides some of the greatest predators that ever lived. From sharks the size of a five story building, to the tiniest poisonous jellyfish, it really takes courage to feel completely safe inside the water, and apparently, this little guy is a real trooper! However, no one believed him, thinking that he just has an over the top imagination. But, boy, were they wrong! This little fella managed to catch the attention of an unlikely friend. He somehow befriended a giant stingray, almost twice his size, greeting it everyday. He carried no protective suit on him, he wasn’t even wearing shows. But do not fear, the stingray saw that the boy didn’t mean to hurt it, so the only thing it did was flutter around his feet, playing with him and getting a few snacks in return. No one believed him, but once other people found out, he became a sensation. Some might still be afraid of the giant scary predator, but it will soon win their hearts over.

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Puppies Thrown From Car Window Find A New Mamma50s

Puppies Thrown From Car Window Find A New Mamma

The ways nature connects living beings can be strange sometimes. As people say, when one door closes, another one opens. Such is the case of the half border collie named Blossom, a shelter dog that lost her newborn puppies. It left her heart completely broken, but fortunately her sorrow did not last for a long time. A miracle happened; six puppies were in need of a motherly love and care. Blossom’s foster mom heard that a litter of newborn puppies were thrown out of a truck window. The tiny orphans were so cute and unprotected, that the rescuers needed to do something so they can grow up into happy doggies. People were not sure whether Blossom will accept the little ones, but the motherly instinct is always stronger than anything else. It was worth a shot. She just sniffed them and that was the crucial moment. Blossom just accepted them and from that moment on, they were “her” puppies. She climbed on the bed and started cleaning and feeding them. The connection was set immediately, nothing could have separated them. After uniting these puppies with the now extremely happy mom, their whole world has changed. It truly was the best thing for both parties and it melted everyone’s hearts.

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French Firefighter Discloses Princess Diana’s Last Words1m19s

French Firefighter Discloses Princess Diana’s Last Words

Princess Diana was one of the most cherished members of the British royal family, and she will be remembered as a great humanitarian too. Diana, also known as the ‘People’s Princess’ was adored for her charity work as well as for her style. Unfortunately, she didn’t live long to continue her charitable mission. She and Prince Charles got estranged, engaging in affairs which led to their divorce in 1996. Not long after that, the world was shocked with the news of her death. When visiting Paris, Diana together with Dodi Fayed, the driver and her bodyguard suffered a car crash trying to escape the paparazzi. The accident ended fatally for all the people in the car except for her bodyguard. French firefighter Xavier Gourmelon was on the scene and he remembers every piece of the dreadful accident. At first, he didn’t recognize the princess, but when she was being transferred into the ambulance car, he realized it was indeed her. She was well conscious but not aware of what was going on. Recalling her final words, she said to him 'My God, what’s happened?'. He firmly believed that she would survive the crash but was truly devastated to hear that she succumbed to the injuries in the hospital and left this world forever. As he said, the terrible event of that horrific night will always stay etched in his memory. Since then, many controversies circle around her death. What are your thoughts on this?

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A Casual Day Of Wakeboarding Turns Out To Be The Best Day Of Her Life33s

A Casual Day Of Wakeboarding Turns Out To Be The Best Day Of Her Life

Hobbies are the activities that spice up our lives. We might do them out of necessity, we might even do them out of routine, but the fact remains that they fill up our days with positive energy and happy thoughts. It doesn’t matter what we do, from seemingly boring activities such as knitting, to adrenaline pumping sports, we all have at least one favorite past time. This video show us just what this woman loves doing as her hobby. We can see her riding through the waves in the ocean on a paddleboard. She is being filmed with an enormous smile on her face by the guy steering the boat. We can see that it’s a sunny day of the coast of California, but what seems to be just an ordinary day, turns extraordinary in the blink of an eye. Totally unaware of it, this woman attracted the attention of a dozen extremely friendly dolphins. Appearing slowly on her left side, these marine creatures are eager to play with the girl. At first she is very confused as to what is going on, then she stiffens a bit in fear, but soon afterward realizes she’s in no danger because the dolphins only want to hang out with her. The dozen or so playful animals gradually jump up in the water all around her, making this day one to remember for the rest of her life. You hardly get to see, let alone swim with the dolphins and this is definitely one lucky girl. So adorable!

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