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What ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ Looks Like Today1m17s

What ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ Looks Like Today

She began modeling at the age of four and by the age of 10, back in 2011, she was featured in a Vogue Paris shoot and named “the most beautiful girl in the world”. That was a lot of hype and pressure for a 10-year-old, and her early modeling career was followed by controversy, as many thought that she was over sexualized in the photo shoot and looked like an adult. When fashion model Thylane Blondeau was given the title “the most beautiful girl in the world” she was still just a little girl. Child models have always been controversial in the fashion world, but when Blondeau participated in a Vogue photoshoot six years ago it raised more than your average amount of public concern about the use of child models and the effects of modeling on a young persons’ development, but she remained popular as she got older getting a steady list of followers on Instagram, 1.5 million to be exact. At 14-years-old she was already repped by the highly sought after international modeling IMG agency. Eventually, Blondeau began to branch out from modeling and in 2015 she went on to star in the French film ‘Belle & Sebastien: The Adventure Continues’. This year Blondeau will be 16-years-old and she seems to have a good head on her shoulders along with that pretty face. Before long, the childhood controversy that once surrounded her may be totally overshadowed by other accomplishments. There are speculations that she is the daughter of footballer Patrick Blondeau and Véronika Loubry, actress and TV presenter.

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Tiny Puppy Cannot Get Enough Of His Giant Owner35s

Tiny Puppy Cannot Get Enough Of His Giant Owner

When choosing a dog it is important to find the right breed. Some are large, some are small, and you need to know the difference. One dog owner recently posted a video of his tiny Shih Tzu and you can see how happy these little dogs can be. Small dogs can bark a little more than larger dogs, but with proper training they are all good boys and girls. This owner decided to lower himself down to his Shih Tzu puppy’s level in order to play and their interaction is truly amazing. The man decided to play dead and see how the puppy would react to the situation. Shih Tzu’s reaction is definitely heartwarming. These dogs are known for their kindness and compassion. They would never let anything happen to their owners and want to help in every possible way. This little puppy simply cares way too much about his owner to let him down. The puppy puts all of its energy and strength to make sure its human is all right and showers him with love and affection. Dogs are told to be man’s best friend, but this puppy takes friendships to a whole different level. This tiny bundle of energy knows exactly how to cheer its human up and puts its playmode on. Whether you are someone who owns a Shih Tzu of your own or you are simply someone who appreciates a good puppy video, this clip will sure give you plenty of reasons to smile.

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Every Time He Gets To A Hotel, He Places A Bag Over The Drain And Weighs It Down With Coins53s

Every Time He Gets To A Hotel, He Places A Bag Over The Drain And Weighs It Down With Coins

Who wouldn’t want an all inclusive stay at a five star hotel, where everything is covered and you don’t have to think about anything but relaxing and having the time of your life? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all afford such a vacation, but that is sadly not the case. Every once in awhile, though, we do get to stay at a hotel or a bed and breakfast, but not everything is covered on such a trip. What do you do if you have to some laundry, iron your shirts or need some warm liquid to prep a quick instant meal in the morning and don’t have the funds to call for room service? If you absolutely have to wash some clothes, you can put a plastic bag over the drain in the sink and weigh it down with a coin for a waterproof seal. Then just fill the sink with water and wash that stained blouse. The seal will keep long enough for you to refresh your garment. In case you didn’t pack your shirts well and they end up creased in your suitcase, you can hang them in the shower. The steam from the shower will straighten those creases and refresh the shirt, all without paying a dime for the service! Like where this is going? Watch the entire video for more awesome and simple tricks to make your stay at a hotel as pleasant as possible and save some money is the process! Don’t forget to share!

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Veterinarians Are Warning As A New Dog Killer Is On The Rise, And It’s Hiding In Your Backyard39s

Veterinarians Are Warning As A New Dog Killer Is On The Rise, And It’s Hiding In Your Backyard

There is a deadly killer hiding in your yards, so be careful where you let your dog run. Dogs love spending time outside, but beware of a new warning from veterinariansabout a new dog killer that is on the rise and could be hiding in your backyard. It regards the foxtail grass which is a grass-like weed that can cause major damage to the skin, eyes, nose, feet, and stomach of your dog. Foxtail plants can be risky for your dog because the barbed seed heads of the foxtail plant can work their way into any part of your dog or cat, from the nose to between the toes and inside the ears, eyes, and mouth. Once these little seeds embed in your dog it can develop a very serious infection. In fact, the seeds can go deeper and deeper into a dog’s body and the situation can become so serious that, if not treated, can lead to death. The seeds are hard to find, especially if your dog has long or thick hair. So the best way to prevent this from happening to your dog is to clear your yard of foxtail grass and watch where your dog is walking.

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