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My Emotional Relationship with my Birth Mother Tatiana in Russia1m42s

My Emotional Relationship with my Birth Mother Tatiana in Russia

I wanted to share this video, to give you a reality of the relationship with my birth mother. I thank her all the time for bringing me into this world and even the decision she made to place me in an orphanage. She recently lost her previous husband after being married for so long and is now going through a lot of personal problems herself. I thank her for giving me the chance to meet her when I did in 2013 and in 2015. She is an important person not only in my life but in our family. We are always thinking of you Tatiana. Always

Watch This Amazing Short Documentary About Adopted Children Seeking Their Birth Parents 21m14s

Watch This Amazing Short Documentary About Adopted Children Seeking Their Birth Parents

On December 19, the Documentary Film Center in the Moscow Museum saw the premiere of the new documentary series "Change One Life", by Katerina Gordeeva. It discusses the subject of family structure of orphans and various aspects of adoptive parenthood. The first of these series "Love", "Change One Life" and "A Man Out of Nowhere" can be viewed on the Russian social network "Odnoklassniki", with the support of the charity fund "Change One Life". Katerina Gordeeva is a well-known journalist, public figure, and an adoptive mother, who raises issues such as the return of children to the family, the secrets of adoption and tries to answer them together with the best Russian experts on family structure and foster parenting. She enters the institutions, the homes and the hearts for the public to see what people do not normally show to outsiders. "A Man Out of Nowhere", the third documentary from the series, was released in January 2018 and is available on social networks world wide. It focuses on tabooed problems related to adoptive parenthood and social orphanhood in Russia, in a manner never previously seen on the screens. In a very simple and natural but at the same time profound manner, it portrays the journey of a young New Zealand who briefly leaves his foster family and visits Russia, in search of his birth parents, information and closure. “We are trying to understand the parents’ state of mind, reasons and circumstances, we are trying to find out and discuss the reasons for the return of the children, and in the end, we are trying to understand what is love,” said Katerina Gordeeva, the director of the documentary series.

Man Tracks Down Birth Parents, Can't Hide Tears When He Meets His Dad2m30s

Man Tracks Down Birth Parents, Can't Hide Tears When He Meets His Dad

This is the touching story of a New Zealand man who met his birth father for the first time. Alex Gilbert, 25, grew up in Whangarei on New Zealand's North Island after being adopted from Arkhangelsk in Russia at a very young age, was first informed about his birth father by his birth mother in 2013. Alex decided he wanted to meet his father and tracked him down all the way to Russia. Amazingly, his father had no idea that Alex even existed! Mr Gilbert was born on April 1, 1992 to Tatiana Gusovskaia and Mihail Kovkov. Mr Gilbert and his brother Andrei were adopted by New Zealanders Mark and Janice Gilbert in 1994. His father Mr Kovov wasn't aware he had a son until Mr Gilbert contacted him through social media in 2013. This brave man managed to track down his birth parents through social media with just his birth mother 's name and the address of his Russian orphanage. Eventually, he found out the identity of his father and flew to Russia to meet him. When Alex first contacted Mihail, who didn’t even know he existed, he thanked his adoptive parents for raising him and he still does to this day. This video shows their special bond and also shows how their family has grown since they met for the first time in 2013. Alex is very thankful for his birth father letting him into his life. These two share a special bond and their lives have changed for the better since they met! Note: I own all copyright for my videos. Please contact the team at for any license details. This link can be shared or from Facebook at ... as long as I am credited from YouTube or Tagged with my Facebook Page.

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