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Australian Shepherd Looks After Her Owner Watchfully 40s

Australian Shepherd Looks After Her Owner Watchfully

Pets are love and pets are life. Whether you like them or not, you can’t deny the fact that they put some rainbow sprinkles on your day, figuratively speaking. All pets are wonderful, but if there is one species that is able to turn up the party, then it’s definitely our canine friends. When we are talking about pets, dogs are may take the lead in the world of pets. They are absolutely amazing and they remind us of smaller and hairier versions of humans that love nothing more than to have fun. It seems like we can never get enough of the puppy awesomeness. They keep us at our toes with their antics and melt us into puddles of mush when they turn on their charm. They are like our furry offspring that likes to wake us up early in the morning to go potty but we don’t mind because they are adorable. There are tons of dog breeds around the world, and each one is as unique as a snowflake. Hazel the Australian Shepherd is a type of a dog who is highly responsible and likes to look after her humans. She is now in the process of learning how to be a real lifeguard, making sure her owner gets to the end of the pool safely! It is one noble job she decides to undertake and she is successful in that. Great job, indeed. Not a minute goes by without the watchful eye of Hazel. While her owner is swimming carelessly in the pool, Hazel’s attention is aimed just at him and nobody else. Her heart surely is skipping bits due to her deep concentration. She is restless in her job and keeps an eye on her human very carefully. Always on the alert for him, she follows her owner around the pool wherever his direction of swimming takes her. Wherever her owner goes, she goes. When he stops, she stops. This faithful canine is one of her kind. It’s in her nature - Australian Shepherds have a temperament to help in search and rescue missions and if they are deprived of a job, they will invent it themselves. That’s why Hazel glues herself to her owner as much as possible, twisting and winding her way around him. She will certainly make one of the best actors in the “Baywatch” types of movies. She will be happy to pick up new tricks and commands! Hazel’s friend from a different nationality, the German Shepherd Lola, has learned how to sing...or howl, judge by yourself. In this video Lola is riding with her owner and Queen’s “We Are The Champions” can be heard on the radio. Lola’s owner, Annie, doesn’t actually sing the song, she just does lip-synching while her dog Lola adds howling back-up vocals. She doesn’t just howl, you see, she is actually, somehow, following the tune! That is beyond awesome, that is outstanding! At first, Lola seems uninterested at what is going on in the car, but as soon as the lyrics start, Lola can’t help herself and starts following Annie in her lip-syncing and very loudly!