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Múa lân12s

Múa lân

Đứa cháu của tôi múa lân thật điêu luyện :3

Ode To Joy - harmonica1m18s

Ode To Joy - harmonica

Ode to Joy - Triumphal cases - was written in the summer of 1785 by the poet, playwright and German historians, Friedrich Schiller, it is best known for the popular music of Beethoven in the fourth chapter and also the last chapter of the his Symphony No. 9. This article is the Council of Europe selected as the official song of the European Union in 1972, Herbert von Karajan and staged orchestral official

I trumpeters Golden Miniharp!3m05s

I trumpeters Golden Miniharp!

With Guitar, there were mini zither with Harmonica Ukulele is also a mini trumpet ... And that's only Golden Miniharp! Do not think it's just a key chain only, eat melon right there! =)))))))

dog eat fruit54s

dog eat fruit

Kids love to eat dog home too to guava or e eating durian that the PAP as meat Pam sago her dainty!

Bong Bong Bang Bang3m49s

Bong Bong Bang Bang

High school teachers Phan Boi Chau, Nghe An jumping "Bong Bong Bang Bang" celebration 20/10, so the quality is always

Blood club launch7m39s

Blood club launch

Repertoire Blood club debut at Hanoi Medical University is very special and very elaborately prepared received the first prize of this contest