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How to make homemade butter32s

How to make homemade butter

All out of butter? No need to go to the grocery store because now you can make it right at home! Just follow this simple recipe tutorial and you'll have your very own fresh butter in no time.

Published: October 18, 201610,859 views
Fitness Zebra Kuchen 42s

Fitness Zebra Kuchen

Ein Kuchen der nicht nur verdammt lecker aussieht... Er gelingt auch ohne Mehl und ohne Zucker :) Rezept:

Published: March 28, 20176,408 views
Homemade low carb Oreo recipe38s

Homemade low carb Oreo recipe

No sugar, no eggs, no guilt! Check out this deliciously simple recipe on how to make your very own Oreo's at home. Yum!

Published: February 22, 20175,898 views
Overnight cookie cake recipe43s

Overnight cookie cake recipe

Perfect dessert for dinner or as an in-front-of-the-TV snack... Or simply eat it in front of the refrigerator on a Saturday morning!

Published: November 17, 20165,847 views
Fajita salad recipe41s

Fajita salad recipe

This delicious recipe comes with a chicken breast and roasted vegetables on a green salad... With a fruity dressing!

Published: July 28, 20164,381 views
Low carb chocolate & coconut cake recipe1m23s

Low carb chocolate & coconut cake recipe

Out of all the food in all the world, there is nothing as delicious or as decadent as chocolate! The smooth, creamy texture, jam-packed with antioxidants and makes you feel good, but we can’t seem to get it to stay away from our hips! If you work out and are scared to even look at cake, let alone eat it, then sit your fit butt down, because with this decadent combination of chocolate and coconut, you can have a cake and eat it too! With a crunchy nutty crust, creamy coconut filling and smooth chocolate topping, you are sure to get all the best sweet nutrients in your diet and still look fit and fab!

Published: June 1, 20173,626 views
Taco pizza recipe37s

Taco pizza recipe

Learn how to make a taco pizza in this simple and tasty recipe tutorial video. Enjoy!

Published: July 28, 20162,976 views