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Learn How To Make Hot Chocolate With A Twist This Christmas56s

Learn How To Make Hot Chocolate With A Twist This Christmas

The classic Christmas punch is getting boring. It is the same old red fruit juice with simple syrup and some kind of booze to keep things interesting. Not everyone is a fan of that classic beverage, but everyone does love a good cup of hot chocolate. So how about we make a <a href="">hot chocolate</a> punch, with a twist? To make this classic favorite of the masses for yourself and someone special, you will need: 1 ¾ cups milk; ⅓ cup whipped cream; 1 tbsp icing sugar; 1 tsp Motion Cooking sweet pinch (or a mix of your favorite Allspice blend); 30oz dark chocolate; peel of one orange, thoroughly washed; a shot whiskey or rum. Recipe: Put the milk, whipped cream, icing sugar, Allspice blend and orange peel into a pot. Heat the mixture over medium heat until it starts to simmer. When the milk mixture is hot, stir in the chocolate. Let the orange peel soak in hot chocolate for 5-10 minutes, then pour over a sieve to get rid of the chunky bits. Now comes the really fun part - adding a bit of your favorite brown spirit into what is already a gorgeous hot beverage. Add rum to keep it festive, or whiskey to build up the strength; both fit gorgeously into the picture. Serve into a festive mug with a dollop of whipping cream on the top. Don’t forget to omit the booze if you serve this to your kids.

Published: November 29, 2017
Overnight cookie cake recipe43s

Overnight cookie cake recipe

Perfect dessert for dinner or as an in-front-of-the-TV snack... Or simply eat it in front of the refrigerator on a Saturday morning!

Published: November 17, 20165,845 views
Learn How To Prepare A Sweet Chocolate Cup For Valentine's Day51s

Learn How To Prepare A Sweet Chocolate Cup For Valentine's Day

If you still have no idea what to prepare for your Valentine, then we got you covered! With just a few simple ingredients, you too will be able to dazzle your loved one with a romantic display that is 100% edible! You will need: 7 ounces white chocolate, 7 ounces whipped cream, 2 egg whites, 1 dark chocolate bar, 1 small balloon, some bubble wrap and a few strawberries. That is it! Blow up the balloon until it is the size you want. Tie it up securely and set it aside. Cut out a heart shape from the bubble wrap. This part is totally optional, but makes for a interesting decoration. In a double boiler, melt the dark chocolate over low heat. Make sure the bowl on top does not touch the water in the bottom pan or it will seize the chocolate. Brush some of the melted chocolate over the bubble wrap, bubble side up and dip the balloon until it is covered halfway with the delicious stuff. Place a tablespoon of the melted chocolate on some parchment and put the chocolate covered balloon on top, to act as a foot for your bowl. Let them cool and set. Put half of the whipping cream and the white chocolate over the double boiler and melt them thoroughly. Whip the rest of the cream until stiff peaks, as well as the two egg whites. Fold the cream in the white ganache first, then the meringue. Keep in fridge to chill for at least two hours. When the time comes to serve the treat to your beloved, carefully remove the bubble wrap from the chocolate (not the other way around, to make sure you get it out whole) and remove the balloon by popping it close to the knot and carefully peel it off the cup. Fill it with the decadent mousse and decorate it with a few strawberries and your chocolate heart! Happy Valentine's day!

Published: February 3, 20171,216 views
Pumpkin Fries Is The Recipe You Have To Try This Autumn Season53s

Pumpkin Fries Is The Recipe You Have To Try This Autumn Season

Yay, the season of pumpkin everything is back! Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin soup, pumpkin fries...what’s that now? That’s right, there is a yummier, fall-tasting version of the same-old French fries that must find its place in your menu this colorful season! This recipe is super easy to make, yet head-over-heels delicious, not to mention healthy! Check it out. Ingredients: 1 butternut pumpkin, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 heaped tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan, 3 tbsp cornstarch, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon garlic, 1/2 teaspoon paprika, 1/2 teaspoon chilli powder To start, preheat your oven at 435 Fahrenheit, or 220 Celsius. Peel and chop the butternut squash into sticks and place them in a bowl, then pour the oil on top, tossing them to coat well. In a smaller container, mix the spices and toss them in the fries to coat them evenly. Place the gorgeously dressed pumpkin sticks in a single layer onto a cookie sheet or shallow baking pan and into the oven they go to bake for 30 minutes. Be sure to flip them half way, so that you get that mouthwatering crunchy exterior, while the interior remains smooth and soft. All you have to do is pick out your favorite dip, grab a bowl and enjoy. You deserve this!

How to make yummy mozzarella penguins27s

How to make yummy mozzarella penguins

If you're planning an awesome party, then it's always a great idea to start off with some easy but memorable appetizers. You don't even need to be an A-class cook to pull this one off, just follow the recipe – it really is that easy. With mozzarella cheese being all the rage in the past few years, this recipe is going to be a hit with the friends, but what's even better is that you can shape it into the form of a penguin. You read that right – an adorable penguin. The cheese will be the penguin's body, and you can use carrots for the beak and feet, and olives for the wings and head. Just chop and assemble this little fellas and wait for the compliments to roll in – it's an impossible miss. Enjoy this yummy recipe and don't hesitate to try it out – this can be a great party appetizer for children parties, but we guarantee that the grown ups will love it too. And of course, those little cute penguins will surely make an awesome Instragram post you can share with your friends and foodies all around the world. Bon apetit!

Published: June 14, 20172,609 views
Limoncello raspberry tiramisu recipe1m35s

Limoncello raspberry tiramisu recipe

Did you know that the true meaning of the word “tiramisu” is “pick me up” or “cheer me up” and it originates from Italy? This popular coffee-flavored dessert will do just that, and that's why it's one of the most favorite desserts in the world (sorry, cheesecake). The recipe has been adapted into many varieties, and basically you only need to know how to combine flavors and let your imagination roam free, and the result will be a yummy, creamy dessert! In this video, we are making a delicious limoncello raspberry tiramisu, and the preparation and execution are super easy. The limoncello preserves that authentic Italian flavor, because as the dessert itself, it also originates from this beautiful country, more specifically the southern region. Although there is some debate over the origin of this liqueur, it's over one hundred years old. Add the raspberries for that amazing summer freshness, and share this yummy treat with your friends and family. Even better, you can surprise them!

Published: June 12, 20171,547 views
Low carb chocolate & coconut cake recipe1m23s

Low carb chocolate & coconut cake recipe

Out of all the food in all the world, there is nothing as delicious or as decadent as chocolate! The smooth, creamy texture, jam-packed with antioxidants and makes you feel good, but we can’t seem to get it to stay away from our hips! If you work out and are scared to even look at cake, let alone eat it, then sit your fit butt down, because with this decadent combination of chocolate and coconut, you can have a cake and eat it too! With a crunchy nutty crust, creamy coconut filling and smooth chocolate topping, you are sure to get all the best sweet nutrients in your diet and still look fit and fab!

Published: June 1, 20173,623 views
You Don't Have To Worry About Cleaning The Dishes Again With This Amazing Bread Recipe54s

You Don't Have To Worry About Cleaning The Dishes Again With This Amazing Bread Recipe

You can make this delicious bread fast and easy at home. It’s literally the best. The greatest thing about it - You don’t have to clean any dishes afterwards! This basic recipe can of course be a bit altered with herbs, dried tomatoes, basically any flavor you would like. Ingredients: 450 g flour, 2 pkg dry yeast, 50 g sugar, 250 ml warm water, 2 tsp salt, 3 tbsp olive oil and a little more to spread on top before baking, some butter or oil to grease the baking tin, 1 sealable plastic bag Recipe: First, you need to add half of the flour, dry yeast and sugar into the plastic bag. Pour the hot water inside, close the bag and mix the ingredients. Don’t stress about it too much, but try to mix the flour well so that you don’t have any lumps left. The mixture must now rest for approximately 10 minutes. Now add the remaining flour, salt and olive oil. Mix everything together again and knead the dough. Put it in a greased loaf pan, adjust the shape if you have to and leave covered for 30 minutes. Brush it with olive oil and bake for 30 minutes at 180 ° C.

Published: October 4, 201719 views
How To Make Quattro Formaggi Tater Tots1m01s

How To Make Quattro Formaggi Tater Tots

You can buy them in the frozen aisle at the supermarket, but nothing beats the flavor of homemade, especially if it has been doused in cheese! So, without further ado, let us show you how you can make the perfect Quattro Formaggi Tater Tots! For this <a href=" “ target="_blank">recipe</a>, you will need: For the tots: 2 large boiled potatoes, 1 egg, 50g mozzarella, 50g parmesan cheese, 50g provolone, 50g cheddar, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tbsp chilli flakes, 1 tbsp fresh parsley. For the breading: 2 eggs, lightly beaten, flour, bread crumbs, frying oil Recipe: Peel the potatoes after you have let them cool until they are just warm to the touch, then pass them through a potato ricer. You can skip this gadget by mashing them, but the ricer makes for an even texture. Add all the cheeses and spices, then mix by hand. If you do add chilly flakes, make sure to wear a glove, because it will sting your skin. Form small patties with about a tablespoon and a half of the dough, that you will then bread the usual way: first in flour, then egg, then bread crumbs. Fry them in the hot oil for one minute on each side, or until they are golden brown. How you consume them is entirely up to you! Serve them as a side dish or with some delicious <a href=" “ target="_blank">dip</a>! Bon appetite!

Published: November 3, 201719 views
How to make spare ribs from scratch1m36s

How to make spare ribs from scratch

Got any big dinner plans coming up? Scratch them and stay in. Here we have the perfect meal for you to host a barbecue. For all you meat lovers, you can bet that this recipe will be in your cook book the next time that you want to put some spare ribs into the mix! You definitely need to check out how to make these juicy and tender spare ribs right from home. Take your BBQ game to the next level! To make this delicious spare rib recipe all you'll need is love and care. Oh yeah, and these ingredients: paprika, salt, brown sugar, chili powder, pepper, garlic, cayenne pepper, ketchup, honey, jam, apple vinegar, whiskey, and the most important ingredient, a rack of ribs. Once you have these ingredients, you are well on your way to having a successful dinner! How did you enjoy this recipe? Leave a comment below. If you are looking for more recipes, be sure to visit to get other awesome cooking ideas for your next big feast. Check out this amazing spare rib recipe.

Published: June 1, 20171,481 views
Delicious gin & tonic cheesecake recipe1m42s

Delicious gin & tonic cheesecake recipe

Do you like to host dinner parties at your home? Dessert can be pretty easy to come up with, but there are tons of basic options. You have your cakes, your cookies, your pastries. With this recipe, you may look no further! Here we have a delicious take on the cheesecake. Instead of following the traditional route, this recipe will help you spice things up, providing a nice change to your dessert lineup. Do you love gin and tonic? Do you love cheesecake? Well here you get the best of both worlds, combined in what could become your favorite dish. The things you need are biscuits, tonic, butter, cream cheese, lime juice, gin, more tonic, sugar, gelatin, whipped cream and lime zest. With these ingredients, you are well on your way to making the perfect dessert. Are you going to take a crack at this delicious dessert? Let us know in the comments how you enjoyed it! Be sure to visit for all of your recipe needs. Cheesecake is awesome, but this is just simply mind blowing. Must try!

Published: June 1, 20172,533 views
How To Make 'Scary' Dracula Cookies For Your Halloween Party22s

How To Make 'Scary' Dracula Cookies For Your Halloween Party

Trick or treat! Are you prepared for Halloween? The scariest night of the year is just around the corner, calling for sweet treat to be given, or else! Muahahahaha! Kids love themed snacks and when <a href=" " target="_blank">Halloween</a> comes a-knocking, you can bet they will wants something sweet and gory and these Dracula’s dentures cookies! They look so elaborate, but are actually some of the simplest scary snacks to make! For this <a href=" " target="_blank">recipe</a> you will need: 8 chocolate chip cookies, 150g light cream cheese, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1/2 teaspoon red food coloring, 1 small handful white mini marshmallows and almond sticks Start by preparing the gums of the dentures, by mixing the cream cheese with the vanilla and the red food color. Mix until the frosting gets a nice, blood red shade. Then, cut each of the cookies down the middle to get two perfect halves. Spread some of the blood red mixture on both halves of the cookies, then arrange a few mini marshmallows along the rounded edge of the cookies and sandwich them together. Add a couple of almond sticks on each side to look like canine teeth and your dentures are done! These cookies sandwiches will be the center of attention for your Halloween party, because they really look like they came off the ancient vampire’s mouth!

Published: October 17, 201723 views
French toast banana rolls47s

French toast banana rolls

Breakfast or dessert? Why not both! Check out how you can make French toast banana rolls in this simple tutorial video.

Published: July 28, 2016284 views
Bananenschalen Chips 46s

Bananenschalen Chips

Im Internet boomt gerade der "Zero Waste Trend" ... Da bin ich auf das gestoßen und musste es ausprobieren! Für lecker befunden! :) Schmeiß die Schalen deiner Bananen nicht weg!!! Sie sind voll mit den Vitaminen A, B (vor allem B6), C und K. Dazu kommt Kalium und Magnesium... Folsäure, Phosphor und zahlreiche essenzielle Aminosäuren. Mit ihren Ballaststoffen unterstützen sie ebenfalls eine gesunde Verdauung. Also ein richtiges Superfood :)

Published: April 27, 2017186 views
Creamy And Crunchy Tiramisu Recipe For Food Lovers1m52s

Creamy And Crunchy Tiramisu Recipe For Food Lovers

Where would we all be without tutorial videos online? You can pretty much find a tutorial about anything nowadays. Maybe you need to learn how to tie a tie, how to have your hair cut, and some of the most popular tutorial videos are those based on cooking recipes. Everyone loves good food, but not all people have the ability to whip up amazing recipes like chefs. It is very easy following the tips and tricks of experienced cooks and whipping up something amazing. These recipe tutorial videos can range from simple eggs and bacon breakfasts to something more elegant like a tiramisu. In this video tutorial, we will learn how to make a creamy and crunchy tiramisu. This is a beautiful dessert and it will sure taste good after following these instructions! Tiramisu is a beautiful looking dessert, it is brown and white and layered like a cake. It is an Italian coffee flavored dessert and it tastes delicious! Looking at pictures of this amazing dessert might seem intimidating if you were thinking about making it yourself. Thanks to these tutorial videos, we can easily gather our ingredients and follow the steps provided. The tutorial video begins when the cook takes a big bowl to get ready for mixing all the ingredients. This bowl is one of the most important parts, how else are you supposed to mix everything! After having your bowl handy, it is time to get started! The first step is to take regular and vanilla sugar and mix it into the bowl.You might not have heard of vanilla sugar, but it is just sugar that has been infused with vanilla and is commonly used in lots of desserts. Sounds quite tasty and probably gives the desert a nice little vanilla taste! After adding the sugar in the bowl, it is time for one of the most important ingredients in any dessert, milk! Then comes the amaretto. Amaretto is an Italian liqueur commonly used in culinary arts. It has an almond flavored taste and can be used for drinking or added to coffee. Once your liquids and sugar are in your bowl, it's time to add the mascarpone. Mascarpone is something like an Italian cream cheese commonly used for desserts and it has some acidic substances. After adding your cheese, now the fun starts, the mixing! After mixing until it’s creamy, you will move some of this mixture to another bowl so you can add crunchy cream and get the brown coloring of the tiramisu. After mixing it, it is time to add some whipped cream and continue mixing. In the original bowl with the original mixture in it, you will add whipped cream as well, and stir well. After all the mixing, you need to soak ladyfingers in coffee so you can get the coffee taste then lay your mixtures over the lady fingers. After you have done this, you need to refrigerate your dessert and let it set. Your dessert will soon be ready to eat and it is sure to be very tasty!

Published: September 14, 201818 views
French Toast Stack With Pumpkin Cheesecake Filling1m58s

French Toast Stack With Pumpkin Cheesecake Filling

Learn how to make this divine french toast recipe filled with pumpkin cheesecake. You can stop drooling now! The time has come for you to stop drooling and try making this simple and delicious recipe. You can make it with just a few ingredients, which are simple to obtain. We assure you will be given much praise for your culinary skills when you surprise your guests with a delicious dessert or pamper the junior in the house with a healthy snack. In a few simple steps and in just a few minutes you can get a sweet pleasure guilty worthy that otherwise belongs to haute cuisine and that surely, your palate will appreciate, as well as economic and easy preparation is also nutritious because it includes the healthy touch of pumpkin and provides the benefits of its nutrients. You do not need to be an expert in the kitchen to prepare this succulent recipe, just follow the small steps that the clip shows and you're ready to taste! First, you must place the chopped pumpkin in a heat-resistant dish and take it to bake for about 15 minutes, so you can lose the liquids contained inside and can process more easily and get the desired texture. Once it cools, make a purée or compote and reserve it. On the other hand, in a bowl add cream cheese, the juice of a lemon, a pinch of salt, a little cinnamon and the sweet touch of maple syrup, mix with the mashed pumpkins you had reserved and you will get a delicious stuffing, place it in a pastry bag and refrigerate. Then, you prepare the basic mixture for the traditional French toast , which takes milk, eggs, sugar and a pinch of salt. Submerge your toast in the preparation until it is well soaked and finally you place the pieces of toast on a hot pan until they turn a nice golden color. Well, having finished all these steps, you must begin to assemble your plate and remember that this is a very important step since it is at this moment when you are going to demonstrate your creativity and your culinary skills. Be prepared! Well, put your toast on a plate and alternate it with the filling you prepared. One by one, with the pastry bag you can give free rein to your imagination and give it the shape you want; Once you assemble a not very high pile of toast pieces and bare in mind that its height should not be the same as the size of the bite you will eat, finish your preparation giving it a sweet and bright touch with a dip in maple syrup. Ready, take out your cameras, click and to the tasting! Bon Appetit! Remember that you no longer have to drool over the delicious dishes you see, dare to prepare them and you will realize how easy it is and you can delight your palate from your kitchen as if you were a professional chef and share with your friends and loved ones these exquisite, healthy and simple French toast and we assure you that you will deserve a Michelin star. If you liked the preparation of this recipe, do not hesitate to "like" it while sharing on social networks, and with all your friends so you do not miss the preparation of this rich recipe

Published: September 18, 2018
Fajita salad recipe41s

Fajita salad recipe

This delicious recipe comes with a chicken breast and roasted vegetables on a green salad... With a fruity dressing!

Published: July 28, 20164,375 views