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Ingwer Latte1m08s

Ingwer Latte

Die Temperaturen sinken... deshalb machen wir einfach mal Ingwer-Latte! :) Rezept:

Published: November 15, 2018
Senf Kaviar1m31s

Senf Kaviar

Senfkaviar verwende ich immer wieder gern als Topping auf veschiedenen Gerichten. Topping auf kalten Aufschnitten, Steaks, Eier, usw. Rundet vielel ab und ist nebenbei noch ein netter Eye Catcher

Published: November 15, 2018
Krafpen Variationen3m22s

Krafpen Variationen

Schon gesehen... So mach ich - behaupt' ich mal - die besten Krapfen der Welt... Und auf selbem Weg natürlich Donuts und Bauernkrapfen! Rezept:

Käsefondue ausm' Kürbis1m13s

Käsefondue ausm' Kürbis

An alle Käse-Freaks! Käsefondue ausm' Kürbis! ... Ich hab nichts hinzuzufügen... Rezept:

Buttermilch Chicken Sandwich2m05s

Buttermilch Chicken Sandwich

Buttermilch hebt knuspriges Hühnchen auf ein neues Level! Aber probierts doch mal selbst ;) Rezept:

Schoko Babka1m51s

Schoko Babka

Kennt ihr schon meine Schoko-Babka? Süßer Hefeteig mit vieeeel Schokolade dazwischen :) Rezept:

Pulled Bambi mit Weinbrand-Sauce1m10s

Pulled Bambi mit Weinbrand-Sauce

Heute pullen wir mal was anderes... einen Hirsch :) Ist es zu viel es "Pulled Bambi" zu nennen? :P Rezept:

Homemade Cola Syrup Is A Healthier Replacement For The Regular One2m06s

Homemade Cola Syrup Is A Healthier Replacement For The Regular One

Soda tastes so good to many people, but unfortunately it isn’t the healthiest of choices. It has lots of sugar that isn’t good for you even though some do have a great taste. There are many alternatives to soda out now like carbonated water if you need that carbonated feel. In fact, this video will show you how to make your own cola syrup that is much healthier choice. If you are someone who needs some soda in their life, this might be the video for you. It tastes good and isn’t as bad for you like all those popular soda drinks. Get ready to take some notes so you can be making your own syrup in no time! It all starts with the southern wood, which is a plant, also called cola herb in this video! Apparently this plant tastes like cola, you probably wouldn’t know that because people don’t often taste plants out of nowhere. The realization that this tastes like cola and it is a plant, too it already sounds healthier than the sugar processed drinks you can get at a store. What is good about this cola plant, is that it is easy to make into a syrup. Obviously, it won’t have the same color as a regular cola, but it has a similar taste with a clear look. The first step is to pull of the leaves of the plant because you will be making the syrup out of them! Take a pot and put some sugar and water in it. After pouring water in, you can begin stirring the two together. Make sure to mix it so you can have the sugar floating around in the water. Next step is to put the pot on a stove so you can start to boil the water. Once you have the water boiling, put it aside since the leaves comes next in the water you have boiled just a few seconds before. Since you have already taken the leaves off the southern wood plant, you need to put them in the boiled water with sugar. After the bowl has the cola plant in it, you need to a fresh lemon because of the lemon zest, then you should pour some actual lemon juice inside. After pouring in the juice, you can begin mixing all the ingredients. The cola herb and juice must blend well together and make sure to spin the lemon peels around. Once it sits for awhile, you can get all the liquid inside. You can use a strainer to get the liquid and separate all the leaves of the cola herb. The person in the video used a thin cloth to strain the liquid! Once you have the liquid separated, bring this to a boil. Now when it's ready, put it in a glass and cool it so you can have a nice, cold, and tasty beverage. This is a nice and simple way to make your own cola. This is a great video for all those who need a soda replacement!

Cola Sirup Selbstgemacht2m06s

Cola Sirup Selbstgemacht

Viele Limonaden haben einen schlechten Ruf... und zum Teil auch zu Recht. Doch wie wärs mit einem selbstgemachten Cola Sirup! Da weiß man auch ganz genau was drin ist :) Rezept:

How To Easily Make Delicious Apple Fritters1m19s

How To Easily Make Delicious Apple Fritters

Learn how to make this divine treat in this super simple recipe tutorial. This is one of the simplest recipes out there as the recipe can be made in less than 30 minutes. Check it out! Apple fritters are bread flavored and fried dessert. They can be made in large sizes and small bite-sizes. One thing is for sure though people love them but they are very difficult to make. They are moist in the center sometimes added apples inside too. The edges of the apple fritters are sometimes crunchy but with a soft center. Most people will sprinkle a little bit of powdered sugar on top of them which adds a level of sweetness to the apple fritters . The first thing you did to make this recipe is decide which apples you would like to use such as green apples or red apples. Most of the time people use green apples because of the tartness. You want to cut the apples in a smaller julienne size and place them in a medium to large bowl depending on how many apple fritters you intend on making. Then crack one full egg over the apples. At one teaspoon of vanilla extract to the bowl. At this time you want to add one cup of flour to the bowl. Then you want to add a third cup of sugar to the bowl and the rest of the ingredients. After all ingredients are in the bowl you want to mix the items. Some people use a spoon or fork to help with mixing the ingredients. You can have a pot of oil for cooking or frying the apple fritters. In order to get the fritters into a mold two spoons are utilized to create a oval or round apple fritter. Slide the apple fritter into the hot oil. Expect that some of the oil Splash out of the pot and make the necessary safety adjustments if so. Once the apple fritters are a golden brown scoop them out with a slotted spoon. The apple fritters need to drain or be placed in a container that will absorb some of the outer oil that is attached to the apple fritters. In this case the person is folding a newspaper cone to put the apple fritters into. Once you have your container place your apple fritters in there and sprinkle powdered sugar on them. They are best served hot as they will be the most flavorful at that time. However, they can most certainly be enjoyed anytime of the day and are not bad to eat when they are cold especially if you were going to put something on top of them or dip them into rather than simply powdered sugar. Some people decide to create a dipping sauce to go with the apple fritters. While there are a variety of different things that you can dip the apple fritters into a majority of people choose syrup or homemade jellies and jams. These apple fritters are low in calorie and fat unless you decide to create a sauce for them to go into then you want to be careful about the added sugar to such a snack.

Published: October 18, 201856 views
Omas Apfel-Tatscherl1m19s

Omas Apfel-Tatscherl

Letztens hab ich wieder mit meiner Oma übers Kochen getratscht... Da hat sie mich an ein Lieblingsgericht aus meiner Kindheit erinnert! Apfel-Tatscherl! Rezept:

Perfect Recipe For Leftover Pralines1m45s

Perfect Recipe For Leftover Pralines

Sounds crazy, but there are people out there who don't eat up all their cake, so here's a delicious solution for that! These chocolate bites will not only be great for gatherings but they are pleasing to the eye and we know that most people eat what is appealing to the eye. Here is the simple recipe to follow when creating these cake bites. Place a layer of chocolate cake into a mixer. Close the mixer of impulse ate the chocolate cake. Now this particular cake will not have any icing or flavor being on top or around it as it will be completely plain. Once it has been completely mixed then it will turn into chocolate powder but it will still have the color of the cake that you placed in there in the first place, so do not expect the color to change as we're not adding any water to this mixture. Transfer the chocolate powder into another medium-to-large sized bowl. Add roughly a tablespoon or less of orange liqueur. Mix the chocolate powder and the orange cord together being sure to keep the powder loose and not matted as we just want the liquid to be on most of chocolate cake. You do not want your chocolate cake powder to be lumpy at this point. Add a drizzle of whipping cream over the top of the entire chocolate powder and then mix it with your hands again being sure not to squeeze the chocolate cake and the liquids together. Once you are satisfied with the mixing of all of the ingredients, you will then proceed to create small balls of this mixture. This is where you will squeeze the mixture is really tight into small balls. Arrange those small balls on a pan. Take a bark of chocolate whichever one of the flavors that you prefer such as bittersweet or semisweet and chop it up into crumbly pieces. Place crumbly pieces into a pan on the stove then add a layer of whipping cream on top. Once the chocolate has melted to a creamy rich consistency you will then stick something into the chocolate balls to hold them while dipping them in chocolate. Make sure to cover the entire thing. Once the small chocolate balls have been dipped into the chocolate you can place chocolate sprinkles on top. You can even place pralines on top of the chocolate bites. You can even place the chocolate bites into cupcake tins for quicker and cleaner ways to pick up the bites. These little bites will be a crowd-pleaser and will not break the bank when providing a great dessert for people to grab while on the go mingling with other party-goers. While this dessert can be used with any cake mix and can be dipped into any flavoring as well as topped with your favorite cake topping for cupcake topping. These cake bites can also substitute for larger cupcakes when you have little ones over for a child's birthday party.

Published: October 16, 201844 views
 Mouthwatering 'Chicken Under A Brick' Recipe Method2m03s

Mouthwatering 'Chicken Under A Brick' Recipe Method

Is there any way to make grilled whole chicken better? Of course... Just crush it! Check it out! This beautiful ground chicken will leave your mouth watering just by looking at it. What is so amazing about this grilled chicken , besides the flavor, is it is extremely easy to make. The key to grilling the chicken entirely or all the way through is to crush it down the middle and fan out the parts from side to side. This allows for the chicken to be cooked evenly while on the grill. When you place the chicken on the grill you also place a whole lemon which you will cut up later to place over the cooked chicken. The meat is unbelievably moist and tender you can almost eat it with a fork and no knife. To make this delicious meal the first thing you start out with is some fresh thyme. You want to pull the leaves or buds off of the stem and place them in a small bowl. Next you will add some lemon zest and garlic to the same bowl. No recipe will be complete without your trusty salt and pepper. After all ingredients are in the bowl, you begin to crush them together and Infuse each of the piece or flavor of the ingredients during the crushing process. Then you add a little bit of olive oil and proceeded to crush together the ingredients again. At this time you will want to play some gloves on your hands. It will help to keep your hands clean while handling the chicken. Once this process is complete we will take a whole free range chicken and cut with shears down the center of the chicken, breast side up. Make sure to take out the sternum. At this time you will open the chicken fully and expose the inside of the chicken. All of your ingredients will then be placed inside and outside of the chicken. Be sure to rub the ingredients into the chicken as it will soak up all of the flavor that way. On a hot and grill you want to place the chicken skin side down or breast side down. This will allow the chicken to be seared or browned on top which will not only provide the skin with great texture, but for presentation purposes as well. Be sure to place a weighted piece of cooking utensil on top of the chicken as to weight it down this will also allow the skin to be seared evenly while on grill. Once the chicken has been seared on one side and you will flip the chicken place those weighted utensils back on top. Once the process has been completed and the chicken is cooked your desired tenderness, in most cases all the way through for food safety reasons then you split the lemon down the middle and squeeze it on the breast side. Place it on a dish, garnish it if you like but one thing is going to be true, you are going to want to make this dish over and over again.

Reste Pralinen1m45s

Reste Pralinen

Es klingt verrückt... Aber es gibt doch Leute, bei denen bleibt Kuchen übrig! Für die hab ich genau das richtige Rezept! Rezept:

Gequetschtes Grillhuhn2m03s

Gequetschtes Grillhuhn

Wie macht man ein Grillhuhn noch besser?! Genau... Man drückt ordentlich drauf :) Rezept:

Creative Recipe On How To Make A Fondue Volcano1m31s

Creative Recipe On How To Make A Fondue Volcano

It's getting colder and colder outside, so it's the perfect time for fondue! Better as a pizza fondue volcano! The presentation of food goes a long way when someone is trying to get another to try food. This delicious looking dish of fondue is the perfect example of that. There is a group of people that love to put cheese on everything and most are or certainly become fondue lovers. Fondue is a dish in which pieces of food is dipped into it. Typically fondue is liquids or broths; however, in this case, fondue is the dipping of roasted vegetables into melted cheese. Fondue can also be chocolate fondue. It seems as though the definition of fondue has simply transformed (or used incorrectly) to the dipping of pieces of food into different types of liquids or melted foods. Experts say that the best parts of cheese is the flavor and the nature in which is pulls along as you enjoy each distinct flavor. Melted cheese covers the roasted vegetables which is certain to make cheese lovers swoon at not only the sight but their first bite. Cheese also has a buttery flavor that pulls in the creamy food lovers. The cheese has been melted into a flaky buttery bread bowl that is the vehicle for deliciousness. As the cheese melts into the bread, it leaves a film of goodness that cheese toast lovers look forward to when eating this type of fondue. Oh the sight of the cheese covered vegetables makes the mouth water. This recipe calls for very simple ingredients. However, they are some expensive ingredients. A layer of pizza dough is rolled on the table; three round one-inch thick pieces of brie are added, one on top of the other. The pizza dough is wrapped around the brie. Into a shallow baking dish the pizza dough and brie go to be surrounded by boiled potatoes, olive oil, and a generous covering of fresh grinded salt and pepper. The dish is cooked at a two hundred and forty degrees for fifteen minutes. Please be sure to take safety measures when pulling the dish out of the over as it will be hot. The pizza dough will cooked into a crust and the cheese escapes to enclose around the potatoes. The crust is a golden brown. The entire dish is topped with parsley. Take care in eating such a delicious meal as cheese tends to hold in heat pockets which can burn your mouth unexpectedly. The potatoes are not the only thing you can dip into the brie as it is expected that you will enjoy this dish so much that you dip even raw vegetables into it. As the holidays are fast approaching, people are more health conscious but one thing is for sure this dish is one that you do not want to miss. This pizza dough cheese fondue is sure to please the crowd. It will become the new dish that is gone in a matter of minutes once the first person takes a bite.