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Monkey becomes frustrated with water fountain30s

Monkey becomes frustrated with water fountain

This monkey in the forests of Bali seems to be a little confused by the water fountain. He's either trying to take a drink or stop it from squirting. Either way it makes for good entertainment! Credit to 'gentlevip2014'.

Ice Cream Vendor Pranks Kid24s

Ice Cream Vendor Pranks Kid

A precious little boy was delighted to get an ice cream from a street vendor in Singapore, but he was in for a surprise. No worries though, the little guy eventually got his ice cream Turns out, the ice cream vendor had some tricks up his sleeve and decided to pull a harmless prank on the boy. The trick is the following: as the boy reaches out to get his cone of ice cream, the vendor quickly twists the cone upside down so the boy misses and is left empty-handed. The vendor repeats this move several times, and then he lets the kid have his cone, but guess what, the cone is now empty without the ice cream in it. He pulls the same trick, over and over again, filling the ice cream scoop spoon with extra ice cream every time he fools the kid. The kid is amused and enjoys the show. Finally, the kid gets his three scoops of ice cream with an extra smile on his face. The trick is so cool and entertaining that the little boy didn't mind it at all. Moreover, the boy even got a cool story to share with his friends and the vendor got a satisfied customer.

Dog shows off impressive acting skills16s

Dog shows off impressive acting skills

By the looks of it, that dog might want to audition for a movie role with acting skills like this! Watch as he lays down after his owner lets off a fake "hand shot". Filmed in Algarve, Portugal.