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Cats Send Judging Stares To Owner Coming Home16s

Cats Send Judging Stares To Owner Coming Home

Regardless how good you believe to be in caring for all your loved ones, family members and the pets which allow to share their home with you, you will never be able to be up to standards with all the criteria if those pets happen to be – cats! Also, regardless of how diligently you work or how much you earn in order to be able to love and care for your cats, every person that was ever owned by a cat knows that there is one absolute truth. Whatever you might do, your cat is judging you, and is doing it harsher than American Idol’s Simon Cowell! Cats are benign, yet bloodthirsty, conniving and yet indolent creatures that are known to sometimes give you the look of eternal damnation. Pray what happens if you fail to jump out of bed at 4 am and sprint to the fridge to serve them their favorite plate of Whiskers. You cannot be tired, you lazy human! And DARE you mention the dead mouse the cute kitty cat just dragged onto the hallway mat and you need to jump over in the last second before stepping on the poor thing! Didn’t you know how hard it was to catch it? All that work for nothing, you ingrate. I see you find this hard to believe. Haven’t you ever been met with those cold stares scanning you from head to toe? Never felt intimidated by cute fluffy bundles of fur? Watch this video and see for yourself! Video credit to

Fat cat gets hand fed by owner9s

Fat cat gets hand fed by owner

Being extra fluffy sure has its benefits! Franklin the mainecoon prefers to keep his plus size figure in tip top curvy shape by exerting as little effort as possible. Luckily his dad can't get enough and feeds him by hand! Check us out on Instagram for more fluff

Cat really wants some bread23s

Cat really wants some bread

Lilly, the baguette bandit, is determine to get her paws on a tasty piece of baguette. Check us out on Instagram for more fluff