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English Bulldog Has Priceless Reaction To Being Tickled!24s

English Bulldog Has Priceless Reaction To Being Tickled!

All dog lovers love their dogs for different reasons, but one thing that can be mutually agreed upon is how adorable they are. That's why all dog lovers want to cuddle with every dog that they see. With each dog having their own adorableness, owners find cute things that the dogs do eventually.You can't help but laugh at this English Bulldog's reaction when his paw is tickled. Looks pretty similar to a human reaction, doesn't it? Who would have thought that this dog would react this way?! What we do know is that his is one video that no one should ever miss! How adorable is this ticklish doggo? Don't you just want to cuddle with him and take him home? Pets are amazing creatures that bring joy into our lives and make the world much better! They should be treated with the utmost respect and care because they are a valuable member of your family! They may be hard to raise, but the memories that they bring heavily out way the challenges! Please share this amazing and funny clip with your friends and family as it will surely make them smile! Check out this ticklish dog! Credit to 'forTheLoveOfAnimals'.

Puppy enjoys first snowfall52s

Puppy enjoys first snowfall

Little Chunk the English Bulldog puppy is enjoying his first snowfall. Watch as he runs around and even tries tasting the snow. How adorable! Credit to 'forTheLoveOfAnimals'.

English Bulldog Puppy snores while sleeping32s

English Bulldog Puppy snores while sleeping

This precious English Bulldog pup is obviously really tired of playing all day, so he takes his well-deserved nap. And he does it in the most adorable way! Here we see this precious pooch as he peacefully naps and most surely dreams about the day he had. Judging by his calm face, he's having a peaceful dream. Don't you just wish to take a quick nap when you see this little guy? Sweet dreams, little boy! Enjoy every second of this!

Adorable Bulldog Puppy Cannot Get Enough Of His New Comfy Bed1m00s

Adorable Bulldog Puppy Cannot Get Enough Of His New Comfy Bed

Puppies are adorable creatures that enjoy in simple pleasures. They love their owners, they love the food that they provide, the toys that they bring and last but not least, their beds. Have you ever tried taking the bed from a dog, because you will certainly be in for a feisty fight! Meet Chunk the four-month-old English Bulldog puppy has just got himself a brand new Memory Foam bed and there can be no happier puppy in the entire world! Watch as he jumps up and down and all around that big, fresh bed, like there’s no tomorrow. How sweet! This clumsy cutie pie can be seen throwing his face into the fluffy bed, digging his paws and rolling over in the soft, cozy nest of his. This precious pooch acts childish and expresses his joy with the most heartwarming reaction. How adorable! Moments later, after the canine apparently wore off and wanted to take a break, he just stood there in his comfy sanctuary, catching his breath. After a moment, he regained his strength and went flying off the bed and into the carpet, and then again he jumped into the new doggie bed , hopping like sheep. Cuteness overload! Suddenly, he stops for a breather, sees his old bed and goes to say one last goodbye before jumping right back in the new one. We wish we had this much worries in our lives. Watching this adorable pooch snuggle and cuddle in his new bed, makes us want to try the comfy thing! This may be the happiest dog alive, given his overexcited reaction! It is the little things in life that give life a meaning!

English Bulldog Puppy Adorably Conquers The Stairs49s

English Bulldog Puppy Adorably Conquers The Stairs

Bulldogs slobber, snort, snore, and get gassy at times. It’s part of the adorable factor . They are one of the most popular breeds of pooches in the US and many celebrities have them. It's easy to understand why – who can resist that level of cuteness? These goofballs can make anyone’s gloomy day turn bright without even trying. This precious English Bulldog puppy gives his best to go down the stairs and finally conquer them. He huffs and puffs and checks for the best route, much to the amusement of his human family, but in the end he decides to take a leap of faith, literally. That's one small step for man... But one giant leap for Chunk! We're sure that from now on he will easily run up and down those stairs, waking up his owners in the middle of the night. Cute, right? Just wait for it! But we’re not worried, he can always pull his smile, a Get Out of Jail Free card, and all would be forgiven. Although they may look incredibly goofy and have a problem with gravity, after all the secrets between those folds weigh a lot, these puppers are extremely smart. You won’t even see it coming, and they would find a way to conquer your hearts. So way to go buddy, you have a lot of conquering ahead of you. First the stairs , then our hearts, then the mailman.