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Here Are Seven Sure Signs That You Have Lived A Past Life 1m40s

Here Are Seven Sure Signs That You Have Lived A Past Life

Many people follow the life philosophy that we should always live each day to the fullest, since we only have “one life to live.” However, there are quite a few people who would disagree about having only one life. In fact, many people from all walks of life believe in the concept of “past lives” — or reincarnation. While some associate this concept with religion, many others simply believe that it is possible they also existed at another point in history. Do you feel like you have lived a thousand lifetimes? This video describes seven signs that you have lived past lives. 1. Dejavou. The feeling of “I have been here before” is actually one of the most common signs that you have lived a past life. 2. Do you have foreign or unexplained memories? Don’t be afraid. This is just an imprint of you carried over from another existence. 3. Vivid recurring dreams. This can be especially frightening when they take the form of nightmares, the echoes of past trauma. 4. People who have lived a past life or past lives can be physically haunted by phantom aches, pains or other marks or birth marks on their body that should not be there but are. 5. Those who experience reincarnation can also become particularly intuitive when meeting strangers. It’s easy to read people when you have seen them all. 6. Do you have an irrational fear of being poisoned? Are you scared of being in cars and on bridges for no reason at all? These things could be the way you died in the previous lives. 7. Finally, those who have experienced previous lives say they feel a deep need to spend time alone with themselves. This probably stems from self-awareness that develops across multiple lifetimes and spiritual evolutions.

Hand Riddled With Tiny Holes Reveals A Mysterious Phobia 1m31s

Hand Riddled With Tiny Holes Reveals A Mysterious Phobia

This picture of a deformed hand has been flying all over the internet. Some sites even claim it's caused by a parasite. What is it really? The truth may surprise you! A disgusting image of an injured hand has been flooding around the Internet recently. And the headlines that go with it are even more disturbing. What parasite caused this? Do you have this parasite? Are you dying and you don’t even know? So naturally, we had to figure out the truth! A search on the image reveals that it’s from a YouTube video called Trypophobia hand tutorial from Queenkindsfs in which they show customers how to make bubbly skin for themselves, but because this sort of hole in the skin thing freaks people out, some people have photoshopped holes into other stuff! Like fluffy kitties, or hairy shoulders, but is this a parasite? No, it is not! However, Trypophobia is real! It is a fear of small holes! The fear usually stands for objects in nature like in a honeycomb or a beautiful lotus flower. But it is not the holes themselves that are the problem! Researchers Geoff Cole and Arnold Wilkins of the Center for Brain Science at the University of Essex concluded that our brains associate the holes with danger. It is still being studied what kind of danger this fear may apply to! Clearly this photoshopped images are adding to the hysteria! Do you think you might have this phobia , or you are fine staring at tiny holes ? Watch this video and find out for yourselves!

This Swimming Hole In Texas Is A Real Challenge For Thrill-Seekers54s

This Swimming Hole In Texas Is A Real Challenge For Thrill-Seekers

For those not interested in risking their safety or their lives, there is a place that provides an amazing natural spring-fed pool to swim around and marvel at. But for those who crave mysteries and adventures this is a real hot spot for adventurers, thrill seekers and people looking to escape the heat, where one can go and swim in the blue waters. It is called Jacob’s well and it is situated in Wimberley, Texas. The well is considered as one of the most dangerous places to dive on earth. The mouth of this breathtaking well is four meters wide in diameter with a depth of approximately ten meters. Down there, one may find a network of underwater caves within a depth of 40 meters. While some survived their miscalculated jumps and bad injuries, there were some who could not make their way to the surface since this deep and dark black hole is not all fun and games. At least nine people have lost their lives from either attempting some kind of daredevil stunt into the seemingly endless abyss or diving below the surface and exploring the well’s intricate cave system. Over the years, human skulls, bones and diving equipment have been recovered. Jacob’s Well will remain a mysterious wonder that continues to baffle scientists all over the world, and is still believed to be sacred ground. If you’re ever in Texas and are interested in visiting Jacob’s Well, there’s a great resource to assist you on your journey.