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Visiting Vienna: Shopping at the Naschmarkt1m50s

Visiting Vienna: Shopping at the Naschmarkt

The Naschmarkt in Vienna, Austria, is a wonderful open-air market full of cafes, bars and vendors selling all kinds of exotic foods; it's also great for people watching. On Saturdays the locals also set up shop, turning part of it into a swap meet. Check it out!

Biking through Vienna's wine country2m22s

Biking through Vienna's wine country

Vienna produces some amazing wines, and a great escape from the regular tourist traps is to visit the Wachau Valley -- one hour out of the city. Check out the bike wine tour these visitors take, resulting in some stunning scenery!

Revealed: Top 15 names of crazy women1m08s

Revealed: Top 15 names of crazy women

Is your name on the list that went viral last year? See the countdown from 15 to the craziest of them all. But don't take this list too seriously, it's just a viral sensation that has created a lot of discussion since it was released.

10 actors you may not know are dead2m25s

10 actors you may not know are dead

Between TV repeats and movies on demand, there are a lot of celebrities who we don't realize are actually dead. From child stars to legendary character actors, here is a list of those who you may not realize have passed away.

15 celebrities who smoke pot59s

15 celebrities who smoke pot

When it comes to cannabis, attitudes appear to be shifting and more celebrities than ever are admitting to smoking the ganja. From Miley Cyrus to Johnny Depp, they all seem to be on board.

Meet the famous pets of Instagram!43s

Meet the famous pets of Instagram!

While some people follow celebrities and friends on Instagram, others choose to follow animals. Believe it or not there are actually famous animals out there. These pampered pets have over 500,000 followers and receive thousands of likes and comments on their photos.

Top 5 Creepy Experiments Performed on Children3m05s

Top 5 Creepy Experiments Performed on Children

Countless horrors have been conducted in the name of science, but these twisted experiments performed on children gave us chills. Learn about The Willowbrook Hepatitis Studies, Robbers Cave Experiment, The Monster Study, The Little Albert Experiment, and The First Transgender Experiment.