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Pleading Squirrel Fearlessly Approaches  Human For Food21s

Pleading Squirrel Fearlessly Approaches Human For Food

Squirrels are cute and notorious. As the season’s changing and it’s getting really cold outside, squirrels don’t want to stay picky about what they are going to eat. They just want something, in fact anything, to eat. Usually their favorite pick is nuts and that’s cool, but when it is freezing outside, or when you’re going to start hibernating, you can’t really be a chooser. You eat what you can find! This video is a great example of a squirrel trying to find food with full ferocity. The black squirrel featured in this clip is not shy and a single bit awkward, it is moving in swift moves around the person shooting the video, with a hope that there might be food around here. Yes, it is looking for food! Finding it hard to believe me? Well why don’t to check it for yourself! The squirrel’s tail is so furry and so cute that we can’t help but stare at it the whole time, don’t you guys think so too? The way it moves around wagging it, from left to right, left to right! Why we are so obsessed with the tail, it’s just a tail! Anyway, let’s get back to the video content. The video begins with a black little squirrel trying to look for food, of any kind, literally! And she first goes around sniffing the bicycle bottom, around the wheel area to see if it reeks of food. The person sitting on the bike couldn’t resist the squirrel’s bewilderment and decides to shoot a video of him. Then the squirrel moves around the bike for a little bit, making sure that there is no hint for human food around the play and then moves on to next check spot. This is the point in the video where the squirrel seems to disappear from the video frame, making us wonder if he got what he was looking for, you know? As if he found a big chunk of a treat, too big for his size, of course. Something like a chicken leg, or a bagel you know! Oh, bagels are just too darn delicious! Oh my, we need to focus in the squirrel at the moment! Okay so, the squirrel seems to have found something to munch on at this point but when the camera moves around, trying to spot the baby, we get a surprise. The squirrel now is trying to consider a new spot for food, and no, it still doesn’t have anything to eat, making the whole situation just too hilarious. The new spot for the squirrel is a car. It is waiting for the car door to open up so it can look inside with a hope to obviously find something to eat! We really want to know what it has found in the car, because the curious little squirrel has left us so curious! What about you guys? Let us know in the comments below if you think this squirrel has found something in the car to eat! Because we really hope the poor thing actually found what it was looking for!

Curious Yard Bunnies 21s

Curious Yard Bunnies

Two bunnies often visit my back yard. They are curious about us and staring at me even though I got close to them (about one meter?).

Dog Digs Imaginary Hole In Couch Before Relaxing17s

Dog Digs Imaginary Hole In Couch Before Relaxing

We all know how important sleeping is. At the end of the day statistics show that humans sleep 1/3 of their lives. Sleeping is proven to be one of the body's restoration systems and regain energy in order to pull us through our everyday routine. The importance of sleeping plays a significant part on our happiness and our mood. There for sleeping plays one of the major roles to a healthier lifestyle and a higher quality of life. In this video we have a doggy that is obviously more then serious when it comes down to nap time. He gets up, sniffs out just right location and takes the most professional approach toward picking the right spot. After doing so, he starts digging into the sofa in order to fold up the fabric into a frame after which he can snuggle up just as a picture within a frame. Although his instinct tells him that this is the right move, he hasn't calculated the fact that this is not the wild nor is this dirt which will move according to his liking, and has found him self being filmed by his owners for the lack of understanding the situation and just looking adorable. Check it out as this funny pup decides to dig and dig (making no progress at all) into the sofa before finding the perfect spot to chill.