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Prank Takes Unexpected Turn After Car Drives Into Lake1m16s

Prank Takes Unexpected Turn After Car Drives Into Lake

Best friends love to play pranks on each other, and by love we mean that they would do it at any opportunity they are given. It’s like a rite of passage for the club of best friends, something that comes naturally to you and solidifies your bond with your friends. Okay, it might sound a bit bad, but pranks aren’t always that bad, and more often than not, they end up making everybody laugh. But every once in a while there is that one prank that goes sour. Maybe the person being pranked isn’t in the mood for joking or maybe the prank isn’t turning out the way it’s been envisioned. That is exactly the case with this video. Looks like this prank didn't go exactly as planned. It all started with a group of friends explaining to the camera what they were planning to do. They wait patiently for their friend to arrive and then head outside of the house to greet his car with some egg wash. They start throwing the eggs at him when he suddenly opens the car door and starts running towards them. Now, if there is one thing that this video is teaching us it’s to always put our car into "Park" before stepping out of our vehicle! The driver forgot to do this and his car ended up sliding towards the lake. He went running to stop it, but to no avail. For those wondering, they managed to safely drive it back onto land. The silver lining in this story had to be the fact that the weather was cold so the lake was covered with a solid sheet of ice.