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Golden retriever scared of stairs36s

Golden retriever scared of stairs

Hazel, full grown one year old golden retriever, got spooked by something on the stairs. This was the only way we could get her upstairs to go to bed!

Published: September 21, 201859 plays$0.08 earned
Baby loves duck noises!52s

Baby loves duck noises!

4 month old Baby Christopher loves when his mom imitates the sound of a duck. Other animals don’t interest him like ducks do!

Published: January 16, 201861 views
Baby loves to sing Bob Marley songs45s

Baby loves to sing Bob Marley songs

11-week-old baby Christopher really wants to sing and talk. Even though he may not be able to just yet (he's only a little over 2 months old), that doesn't mean he can't try!

Published: September 25, 2017292 plays$0.55 earned