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Pot Roast in cast iron -video recipe1m53s

Pot Roast in cast iron -video recipe

Since we had our 1st cold snap! here in Texas! I decided to bring our cooking adventure INDOORS! =) I whipped up a " Pot Roast" Cooked in Cast iron.. Please Like our Facebook Page HERE!! https://www.facebook.com/elrabbitsbbq Thank YOU!! for this recipe you will need 3-5 pounds of beef chuck roast some potatoes carrots celery and onions You will wanna brown meat on all sides including edges.; then deglaze pan with onions and a can of Beer. once you have deglazed pan season meat and cover with aluminum foil or cover if you're using a dutch oven. then place in a 275 degree f oven and let it cook about 3 to 3 and a half hours. after 3.5 hours you can add the Veg. and give it a final seasoning we used salt pepper and Tango Spice Southwest Sunset you can visit his store HERE!! http://www.tangospice.com/ Thank you for watching Please Subscribe Comment and Like our Video! Thank You Once again!! Ciao!!

Grilled/BBQ Pork Chops -Video Recipe!2m08s

Grilled/BBQ Pork Chops -Video Recipe!

To Order: You Know You Want It BBQ Sauce ,please Visit our Facebook Like Page HERE. facebook.com/elrabbitsbbq please like our page while there . CHOP SANDWICHES Center cut Pork Chops or pork steaks. we just salt and peppered ours since we want the Pork to stand on its own. the #YouKnowYouWantItBBQSauce is just to compliment and give them a Kiss of flavor. not over power them. if you noticed we glazed em once on each side to accomplish this. COOK TIME Total cook time was around one hour thirty mins. we glazed once every five mins once i called em good to go.. Please Comment Rate and Subscribe!!

Fajitas on the Island Grillstone (Tex-Mex) Video Recipe2m00s

Fajitas on the Island Grillstone (Tex-Mex) Video Recipe

For your Tex-Mex fajitas you will need 2-3 lbs of skirt steak, 4 cups yellow onion, 4c cups green onion, and your choice of peppers all sliced up uniformly. You can marinate in you favorite marinade, or in beer like us here @ El Rabbits BBQ https://www.facebook.com/elrabbitsbbq . Then you can grill them on your gas or charcoal grill, or as we did using a charcoal grill and the Island Grillstone that the company sent us to try. I think it was very easy to use and the end results were excellent! Just as good as a comal or cast iron griddle in fact. If you're interested in your very own Island Grillstone click Here! http://www.islandgrillstone.com/index ...

Street Tacos-Video Recipe By elrabbitsbbq3m04s

Street Tacos-Video Recipe By elrabbitsbbq

We are the home of #YouKnowYouWantItBBQSauce Original or Spicy and coming soon Beckys Spicy Sweet South Carolina Sauce. Shredded Beef-Street Taco Recipe You will need 3-5 Pounds Beef Chuck roast 2 Thick slices of Onion 1 cup cilantro Salt pepper to taste. and a can of beer Preferably In a Skillet, heavy bottom pan or dutch oven you will need to brown all sides of the roast. Once you brown the meat, add onions and deglaze pan with beer then re-add meat to pan. Top off with cilantro and remainder of beer, cover with heavy duty foil tightly, and cook in a 250-300 degree oven or grill as we did till meat is falling apart tender. You can use corn or flour tortillas. We chopped a half bunch of cilantro and a half an onion in a bowl to use as a topping. We also made a green Tomatillo guacamole salsa (depending on the comments we get about that we may make a how to video recipe for that salsa). Note you may notice we used a minimal amount of seasonings, herbs and spices! I really wanted the Beef to shine and have all that beef flavor come thru which it did ... this was a successful cook. Now, if i was to use more herbs and spices, I would use some Mexican oregano and a couple of bay leaves. I'm sure those would be a great addition to the flavor profile. Thank You for watching, Please Comment, Like, and subscribe.

Jalapeno Bacon Wrapped Shrimp!-Video Recipe2m19s

Jalapeno Bacon Wrapped Shrimp!-Video Recipe

We Been making these morsels of goodness for many years now. its another easy 3 ingredient recipe! you will need some Jumbos shrimp and Pickled Jalapenos and bacon also you can trick these out with some of your favorite Seasonings and BBQ Sauce we use our very own #YouKnowYouWantItBBQSauce

Enchiada Dip-Video Recipe2m25s

Enchiada Dip-Video Recipe

How to make a simple and delicious game day or anytime appetizer out of really easy ingredients... 11/2 - 2 Pounds of ground beef one 15oz can of Enchilada Sauce 2 tbs spoons Garlic Powder 2 tsp onions powder. You Can Utilize fresh garlic and Onions Salt Pepper to taste