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10 Ways North Korea Could Win WW311m22s

10 Ways North Korea Could Win WW3

Lets face it, if North Korea ever tried to go to war with the USA, things would not go well for them. But at Alltime10s, we're all about what ifs, so we've broken down 10 ways that the worst could happen.

10 Ways To Escape North Korea11m06s

10 Ways To Escape North Korea

Whether or not Trump decides to start bombing it into the ground, North Korea is probably somewhere you don’t want to be. From swimming across the ocean to sneaking out of labor camps, here are 10 Ways To Escape North Korea...

10 Weirdest Addictions of All Time9m52s

10 Weirdest Addictions of All Time

Forget booze and coffee: some addictions are just plain weird. From eating rocks to making love to balloons, these are the 10 Strangest Addictions that people actually have...

How is American Horror Story Connected?9m52s

How is American Horror Story Connected?

We love a bit of American Horror Story here at ATM, and season 7 looks to be one of the best seasons yet - but just how will it connect to all the other series? Time to find out as we examine just how this anthology series all fits together!

Is Wall-E A Killer?5m58s

Is Wall-E A Killer?

Today our very own Alex and Isaac from Wotso Videos take a look into one of the more captivating theories from within the Disney/Pixar universe... Is Wall-E a murderer?! Make sure to check out Wotso Videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/WotsoVideos And take a look at our collaboration over on Wotso's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhuG8d900LU Is Wall-E not as innocent as we first thought? This seemingly innocent little guy might actually be a cannibal criminal mastermind. Alltime Movies explains this rather convincing theory all about Wall-E.

25 Facts About Blade Runner 20497m34s

25 Facts About Blade Runner 2049

It's almost time, movie fans... To celebrate its upcoming release, we're here to tell you all about the long-awaited sequel to Blade Runner. That's right, it's 25 Facts About Blade Runner 2049, and make sure to go and check out the movie in UK cinemas on October 5th! Check out the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH8kAO8GkCk&t=1s&list=PLmWXNWtY6347owV-mb4XtdVeKa1o7NVBu&index=3 Book Tickets: http://www.bladerunner2049.co.uk/ © 2017 Alcon, CPII and WBEI. All Rights Reserved.

25 Facts About Riverdale6m50s

25 Facts About Riverdale

Season 2 of Riverdale is fast approaching, and to celebrate, we’re here to tell you 25 awesome facts, all about exactly that. Here's 25 Facts about Riverdale.

Voter Fraud Is Plaguing Today's Democracy, And It's More Widespread Than You Think7m21s

Voter Fraud Is Plaguing Today's Democracy, And It's More Widespread Than You Think

Voter fraud is a serious criminal offence, and it’s considered as the bane of all politicians around the world. It is a criminal interference aiming to change the outcome of the elections by using various methods to veer the results in favor of one candidate or another. Those methods can vary from voter impersonations to casting multiple votes to even buying votes. There have been cases of one person masking themselves like another person in order to use their vote to cases of corrupt politicians illegally buying votes. The other means of committing voter fraud can be by altering the vote count, intimidating voters and even suppressing them. Usually the latter is done by discriminating minorities into not having the rights to vote. Intimidating voters is probably the oldest story in the voting book because it used to be a standard means to an end up until the rule of democracy was established. Professor Richard Hasen has said that after and even before the 2016 Presidential Elections, candidate Trump, now U.S. President Trump had claimed that voter fraud is real and that approximately 3 to 5 million illegal voters had cast ballots. Mr. Trump still claims that the results of the elections weren’t the real ones, despite winning the presidential spot. The fact that candidate Hillary Clinton obtained more votes than him is, what he says to be, the result of voter fraud. What is your opinion on this matter? Make sure you tell us in the comments down below.

Top 10 Rick and Morty Theories10m45s

Top 10 Rick and Morty Theories

As one of the most popular animated shows in the last decade, Rick and Morty was always bound to have endless fan theories and speculation. So we rounded up 10 of the best and most rickdiculous. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

10 Shocking Cases Of Identity Theft12m06s

10 Shocking Cases Of Identity Theft

You've probably know a bit about stolen identities, but it goes way beyond stolen credit cards. Just imagine what it's like to find out your child is an imposter! This is 10 Sickening Cases of Identity Theft!

10 Sneaky Advertising Tricks That Have You Fooled!11m41s

10 Sneaky Advertising Tricks That Have You Fooled!

Ever seen something while you're out shopping that absolutely must have, but you don't know why? Well it all comes down to clever advertising. From psychological priming to staring mascots, here's 10 Advertising Tricks That Actually Make You Buy Stuff.

10 Things Found Growing Inside People6m36s

10 Things Found Growing Inside People

From general ignorance to just plain bad luck, these are the 10 weird cases of things growing inside people, brought to you by AllTime10s. These cases range from absolutely horrific to just nature playing tricks, like the case of 36-year-old Sanju Bhagat, who had been living with a protruding belly his entire life. When the belly prevented him from breathing normally, he was rushed to the hospital. Doctors, who were expecting to find a tumor inside his stomach, actually found the mutilated body of Bhagat’s unborn twin, that has been living parasitically inside his brother. It even had limbs and genitalia! Then there is the case of Ron Sveden, who also experienced shortness of breath and was rushed to the hospital with a collapsed lung. His doctors were also preparing themselves for a tumor extraction, but were relieved to find a foreign body in the shape of a pea sprout! It was assumed that Sveden accidentally inhaled the pea bean, which then sprouted to a half inch plant. And, of course, the most unbelievable reason why something would be growing inside a human is ignorance, or in the particular case, the lack of ‘sex talk’ between young people and their parents creating a ‘void of information’. A 22-year-old Colombian woman that got hospitalized with abdominal pain was discovered that she had a potato plant growing in her vagina. She has been told by her mother to use a potato as a contraceptive! Who knew that the human body was so fertile?

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