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He Was Abandoned At Birth For His Weird Looks, Now He's Got A Loving Home53s

He Was Abandoned At Birth For His Weird Looks, Now He's Got A Loving Home

There are a lot of things we can’t explain to ourselves. Nature really does work in mysterious ways, combining atoms into molecules to create the most perfect specimen it wants to create. Sometimes its work is altered because of an outside influence, whether it may be radiation or something we have yet to discover, but the results are always one of a kind and sometimes even truly remarkable. One such example are blue eyes. You might be wondering what they could possibly have to do with the works of nature but there is actually a funny story about how they came to be. History can’t tell us much about the beginning of humankind, but it leaves us with a lot of theories. Some of them might be true, some of them might be completely absurd, but either way they help us create a picture of the early stages of civilization. From what we know so far, the first people on this planet had dark features. Now, bear in mind, these are opinions based on the human remains we’ve collected in archeological sites throughout the world. So, if the first humans had dark eyes, how did blue eyes come to be? The color of the eye is determined by the pigments in it, the more you have them, the darker they are. It is believed that the first blue eyes appeared somewhere in the Black Sea region in Europe and the reason behind it - mutation. What this means is that somewhere in history, there was a human who had less pigments in the eye and a good part of the civilization of today carries his genes. Remarkable, right? Well, this footage shows us a similar story, one that is unbelievably cute. Presenting 'Whipper' - a bizarre-looking mutant parakeet from New Zealand. This adorable green birdy was left as a baby due to his looks, but managed to survive thanks to the people who found him and took him under their care. He is an absolutely stunning creature with the softest greenish feathers and the most adorable squeeks ever! What a cutie!

Published: June 14, 2016477,839 views
No Need To Adjust Your Device, That House Is Just Upside Down1m13s

No Need To Adjust Your Device, That House Is Just Upside Down

There are plenty of crazy and unique works of architecture in this world. Some of the most famous ones are the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Empire State Building in New York City or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. However, there are plenty of architectural masterpieces that go unnoticed in this world. One of which is a house the was purposefully build upside down in Szymbark, Poland. It is one unique building that will leave you in awe. Who would have thought that a house could even be build upside down like that? Just looking at it is so disorienting and almost makes you feel dizzy. The inside is even more astonishing as even the furniture is upside down as well! No wonder no one has asked to stay in this house, they could never get used to the disorienting atmosphere! Nonetheless, it is still amazing to look at and is truly a unique building that definitely needs to get more recognition than it currently has. Have you ever seen something like this? What unique pieces of architecture have you seen before? Let us know down in the comments section below. Please share this video with your family and friends as it will truly amaze them!

Puppy Becomes Inseparable Best Friend To A Little Duckling57s

Puppy Becomes Inseparable Best Friend To A Little Duckling

Unlikely animal friendships are the things that calendars are made of. To see them in the flesh is a myth that captivates the public.They may be an unusual match but this dog and duck are the best of friends. It’s the sweetest pit stop in the world! The pair are best friends and have formed a special bond. Like a precious phoenix, their bond rose from the end of another! This miraculous pair can be spotted on the streets of China, as a small puppy and a little duckling walk down the streets. The inseparable bond between these two animal babies has made our day! The puppy is a stray dog who was taken in by a local man after being abandoned in the street. The duckling was bought as a pet for this man’s daughter and it didn’t take long for the duck to imprint on the canine. Namely, the tiny dog almost immediately befriended the little duckling and the duo is inseparable ever since! Watch how cute the look when they are tucked in and nap together. The duckling adores his canine friend and pampers his fur with its tiny beak. Adorable! It is amazing to see this puppy and duckling share incredible bond. By now these guys have developed a healthy relationship, where everybody is getting something out of it. When they are together, somebody is always chasing or jumping on someone else, but when they are apart, they’re always calling for each other!

Published: June 14, 20164,535 views
Check Out These 10 Mysterious UFO Sightings2m47s

Check Out These 10 Mysterious UFO Sightings

With a universe this large it stands to reason that we are not alone, the real reason is why would anyone want to visit Earth? Find out about 10 mysterious UFO sightings in this video. From a bizarre UFO caught on the BBC News to a flying object dropping glowing orbs down on Earth, join us as we take a look at 10 UFO sightings caught on camera. Here are 10 UFO sightings caught on tape. Striking footage emerged in August, 2017 from Jinan, the capital of China’s eastern province Shandong showing a bizarre rectangle shape hovering above the clouds. Two separate cameras captured the same sighting, as well as numerous residents all saying they saw the same strange shape flying in the sky. On February 21, 2017, a UFO passed over Tasmania, Australia. The object looked like it was on fire as it streaked across the sky. Filmed by hundreds of eyewitnesses, the strange glowing object sparked fierce online debate. Video shows a bright yellow streak, trailing in the morning sky. It looks like it’s aflame, almost like a meteorite entering the atmosphere. Cool! A mass UFO sighting occurred on July 23, 2011 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The incident was reported by dozens of witnesses and even caught the attention of a local news report. Up to four separate pieces of footage were publicly released, all capturing the same strange circular shape floating in the sky. This is some bizarre footage showing an unidentified flying object. It’s not necessarily alien in origin but it’s a flying craft of a speculative nature. Spooky! In January 2017, striking footage emerged out of Salento, Italy. A local man noticed something strange in the sky at around 8:00 pm local time. He filmed the bizarre object with his smartphone. In the video we see a bright white light hovering in the night’s sky. The mysterious UFO seems to change color from white to green. At one point it even transforms into a halo shape right before vanishing completely. What was that? In the next video we see three glowing balls of light. They fly in a triangle formation right next to the plane. The three orbs shift about in the air effortlessly before taking off at great speed towards the bottom of the screen. The maneuverability of the objects is far too agile for it to be other commercial aircraft or even military fighter jets. Whether you believe in such stories or not, this video is definitely worth the watch!

Momma Dog Adopts Most Peculiar Infant53s

Momma Dog Adopts Most Peculiar Infant

What an amazing story! It seems like we can never get enough of the pupper awesomeness. They keep us at our toes with their antics and melt us into puddles of mush when they turn on their charm. Although, however cute they may be, nothing makes us love them more than when they become the heroes in the story. This one comes to us from Beijing, China and it is definitely something you wouldn’t have ever thought of. We often hear stories about baby animals left alone in the wild. The cause can be different each time, from moms who weren’t able to recognize their own babies because they smelled like someone else, moms who didn’t have enough milk to give to their babies to mothers who left their frail babies behind to save the healthy ones when the situation asked for them to do it. No one said that survival in the wilderness was fair, but luckily, not all of these babies continue on the same grim path they were lead on. Every now and then there is a silver lining in these stories and the little ones get the happily ever after they weren’t expecting. One such case is this lion cub from Badaling Safari in Beijing. The little one was left to its own devices after his mommy couldn’t feed him. Luckily, the staff at the Safari was able to find him a substitute by employing a canine mom to look after its needs. Together with the three other “children” they are inseparable. Ah, we just love happy endings!

Published: June 10, 201621,619 views
Thumbelina: World's Smallest Horse38s

Thumbelina: World's Smallest Horse

Meet Thumbelina - at 17.5 inches, she's the world's smallest horse. She might not become a champion show-runner in her lifetime - in fact, she is so tiny, she might have trouble jumping over a bucket. All these things do not bother the miniature mare, as she has officially been recognized as the world’s smallest horse. The five-year-old has received her title from Guinness Book of Records when her owners realized she is not going to get any taller. Her owners run a farm that specializes in breeding miniature horses, which are popular show horses and can reach a height of 34 inches when fully grown. But when Thumbelina was born, it was evident that she will never grow up to be like her mother; the foal weighed only 8 pounds (that’s a newborn baby’s weight) and grew up to be only 60 pounds, as opposed to the expected 250 pounds they can reach in adulthood. That would make her a miniature version of a miniature horse! Size doesn’t bring her down, because feisty Thumbelina rules the farmland at the Goessling's Goose Creek Farm in St Louis. Mr. Goessling’s parents have been breeding miniature horses before, but they have never had one as tiny as Thumbelina, whose condition was attributed to dwarfism.

Published: June 11, 20165,694 views
Learn About The 10 Most Dangerous Insects In The World2m22s

Learn About The 10 Most Dangerous Insects In The World

We all have our fears. Most of us are afraid of bugs, while others get scared by snakes or sharks. Imagine noticing the grossest, hairiest, most nightmarish-looking centipede you have ever seen inches away from your lunch box. How would you react? Would you scream like a banshee and call someone in hysterics or would you finally get yourself together and gather enough bravery to squash the beastly bug with the first thing that gets to your hands? If you hate bugs this much, here is a good reason not to kill them. Yes, you read it right. According to entomologists, different bugs have different roles in the circle of life. Some of them transmit very deadly diseases, so killing them on your own might not seem like a smart idea. If you happen to be fascinated by insects, here are 10 extremely dangerous insects. The Bullet Ant’s sting is so painful it feels like being shot. Many people believe that this tiny insect possesses the most painful sting known to man. A Botfly larva can burrow into the skin of their host and remain inside for weeks. You can feel them moving while they are inside their raised pustules. Fleas are one of the most common parasites that get caught on your skin. While sucking the blood out of the animal, they can spread numerous deadly diseases. The Kissing Bugs usually bite their victims during the night in the area around their lips or eyes. These deadly creatures spread the Chagas disease which is the reason for the deaths of over 12,000 people every year. The bite of a Giant Japanese Hornet can cause intense pain, while its venom can dissolve human tissue. Imagine turning into human pudding! We all have heard about Fire Ants. They are an aggressive species, whose sting causes red welts and pustules. In some rare cases, the sting of a Fire Ant can actually kill you. Tse Tse Flies are large flies that suck your blood. This way they can spread sleeping sickness, which kills people in Africa on a regular basis. You wonder which insects are on the top of this list? We invite you to keep watching the video, but brace yourself because it’s the one we all hate. Music = The Verdict by Terry Devine-King, Tom Peters and Gavin Harrison

Rescue Dogs Flaunt Their Surfing Skills On The Paddle Board1m23s

Rescue Dogs Flaunt Their Surfing Skills On The Paddle Board

On a hot Sydney beach, Australian dog trainer and former surfing champion, Chris de Aboitiz, is passing on his skills to man's best friend. Chris has been riding his surfboard with his four dogs for around ten years, and hits the waves almost every day with Max, Murph, Rama and Millie. Chris learned Rama and Millie, the two rescue dogs, to perform amazing tricks as they surf and they are joining Chris on his daily surfing adventure. Watch as these adorable dogs stand on the paddle board and use their balancing skills to stay on board. They don’t just tag along for the ride, but they actually work the waves and paddle through! Chris says that it is all about the discipline. It is just like raising a child. When they are on the surfboard they are not allowed to move, they can be curious, but they are not allowed to move. When Chris is surfing with the dogs, they are allowed to look around, but not do what they want to do. Chris and his four dogs travel on the east coast of Australia, teaching owners how to better handle their pets with his unique method. Namely, they are traveling the coast, not only surfing, but also going to rescue centers and educating the volunteers and the staff to not only give love but to give love and structure. While some of those he meets are keen to get in the waves, a fair number of pooches prefer to keep their form only on the sand. Dog surfing involves dogs that are trained to surf on surfboards, bodyboards, skimboards, windsurf boards or to bodysurf. Historically, surfing dogs have been documented as occurring as early as the 1920s in the United States. Competitions and exhibitions that feature surfing dogs have occurred in various coastal areas of the United States.

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Here Is A List Of 10 Charities That Conned The World8m21s

Here Is A List Of 10 Charities That Conned The World

The world can be a cruel place to live in. We hear of great inventions and people going in space but we also hear a lot of pleas for financial help for people in need. Now, you might think that if we have the money for science, we would also have money to help the less fortunate people, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Every day there is a new disease that is trying to find its place among the already existing ones, and if sickness isn’t the issue, then poverty and natural disaster definitely are. To say that we don’t have our priorities straight when it comes to the division of finances would be an understatement, that is why there are people who create all sorts of funds and organisations to focus on the real problems. These charity organisations aim to gather funds to help the people in need, and are amassing huge amounts of money each year. But are we really sure that those funds eventually find their way back to the ones they were designated for? In this video you will see a list of ten of all time worst charity organisations that gathered millions of dollars throughout the years and decided to keep a few in their pockets. Which ones surprised you? Do you think that you’ll be able to donate to charity again? Make sure you are aware of these con organisations and tell us what you think in the comments down below. Giving to charity is a great thing to do. But it is certainly important to know where your money is actually going!

10 Incredible Facts About The Moon2m47s

10 Incredible Facts About The Moon

With plans to have man set foot on the Moon again in 2019 we thought you'd enjoy 10 incredible facts about the moon. First of all, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first landed on the Moon in 1969, they left a variety of stuff there. One of those items was Yuri Gagarin’s cosmonaut medal. There are 160 missing rocks from the Apollo 11 and 17 missions; 0.2 grams of lunar dust was sold at an auction for staggering $442.500. Who needs such expensive dust? Out of all the insane marketing tactics, Pizza Hut takes the crown with their idea to place their logo on the Moon using lasers back in 1999! They abandoned the idea when they were told the logo would have to be the size of the state of Texas, which is 268,597 square miles. Talk about space age advertising! When Apollo 12 crashed a 2.5 ton empty Lunar module on the Moon’s surface, it rang like a bell for an hour, hinting at underground structures. The Moon also has rainbows on its surface, only they’re called moonbows. They appear when light hits the surface, although they seem white to the naked eye. The most unusual fact about the Moon is that scientists still have absolutely no idea how it was formed. It could have just dropped into orbit, or a Mars-sized rock could have crashed with our planet, forming the Moon. How crazy is that! Be sure to check AllTime10s other videos for more unusual lists.

We Present You The Solar System In Numbers2m23s

We Present You The Solar System In Numbers

Our Solar System contains eight planets, five dwarf planets, tens of thousands of asteroids to three trillion comets and icy bodies. We present you the solar system in numbers. The solar system is estimated to be 4.6 billion years old, the sun is the center of our solar system and makes a 99.8% of its entire mass. Saturn’s biggest moon Titan has the most similar atmosphere to Earth’s own. A 2005 probe found lakes and seas containing hundreds of times more natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons and all the known oil and natural gas reserves on Earth. In 2006, Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet at 1,400 miles across which is only half the width of the USA and is now known to be recognized as part of the Kuiper belt along with nearly 200 similar minor planets. Another dwarf planet is Haumea it takes only 4 hours to spin on its axis due to its unusual ellipsoid shape. Jupiter is known to have the biggest ocean of all the planets in our Solar System. The atmospheric pressure on the planet is high enough to turn hydrogen to liquid. The sea is estimated to be 40,000 kilometers deep, which is as deep as the Earth is round. Meanwhile, Mars has the tallest volcano in the Solar System, named Olympus Mons, it is 27 kilometers above the surrounding plains, and some scientists believe it may still be active. In 2013, NASA’s voyager 1 spacecraft became the first object to leave the heliosphere, a huge bubble of electrically charged particles emanating from the sun. It will take another 30,000 years before it leaves our Solar System completely. A theorized cloud of icy objects that orbit our sun it is thought to be the source of long period comets and it is estimated to be at a distance of a 100,000 astronomical units or 1.87 light years away. Despite it being our home, the Solar System is still full of mysteries.

Waterskiing Squirrel44s

Waterskiing Squirrel

A short video about a waterskiing squirrel from New York. And a speedboat driven by hamsters.

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We Present You The World's Largest Glass Viewing Platform 1m25s

We Present You The World's Largest Glass Viewing Platform

Teetering 2519 feet above sea level, and 1312 feet above the floor of stone forest valley near Beijing, this is the world's largest glass viewing platform. The breath-taking observation deck opened to the public on May 1, 2016 and has quickly drawn the attention of daredevil tourists. This attraction is set to be a very popular tourist destination, both for those looking for a thrill or a way to remedy their vertigo. The bridge and platform are both made out of glass, leaving many visitors feeling a little sick. The platform is 4,470 square feet in size as it protrudes more than 107 feet over the edge of the cliff face it's set against. A glass-bottomed walkway leads to a circular viewing platform which is often windy. Some visitors are so scared to look down and clutch their hands to the railings, unable to let go of their grip. Others would rest on the platform or even do push-ups. This transparent walkway is both scary and exciting! Footage shows that this breathtaking platform hangs over a rocky cliff with lush mountains ranging as far as eyes can see in the background. Watch as some tourists struggle to walk on the platform, while others cannot get enough of the transparent floor and stare down the vertical rock underneath their feet. Known as the "flying saucer" this attraction provides those brave enough to confidently stride across. It is offering visitors with incredible, bone-chilling views of nature. Would you dare to climb up this platform and look down?