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Boy Has A Hilarious Reaction When Mom Tells Him She Ate All The Halloween Candies 1m22s

Boy Has A Hilarious Reaction When Mom Tells Him She Ate All The Halloween Candies

As a kid, Halloween might be one of the best holidays around! Aside from Christmas, where you receive a bunch of presents and gifts, Halloween is right up there. Kids love to dress up as their favorite superheros, television characters, or monsters, and kids really love their candy. Most parents usually take their candy away at the end of the night so they can portion control how much candy their kids eat. Usually, the kids are not too fond of this strategy, but it pays off in the long run when they don’t have problems with your teeth! Most people are familiar with some of the most popular late night television talk show hosts. One of the most popular Late Night hosts, is Jimmy Kimmel. Every year at Halloween, he does a segment in his show where parents film the reaction of their kids after being told their candy was eaten. Kimmel usually has tons of submissions and picks some of the funniest clips for the segment. There are often crying kids, angry kids, and some even very respectful although sad! This video is a submission to the segment, “Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy!” Lots of kids wake up the morning after Halloween maybe hoping to recount their earnings and have some pieces of their candy. These two kids come into the living room for some of their candy but are told that their candy has been eaten and they are asked if that is ok. The kids already begin to grunt and scrunch up their faces. You can tell tears are on the verge of being shed and they are really getting mad and sad! As the mother continues to tell them that she was hungry, the kids are getting more upset. One of the smaller kids starts to stomp on the floor, while the other shouts that the candies were theirs! You can already see their eyes starting to water up as they are in total disbelief! The kids even run over to the candy pot to see if this is true. They get to the bucket where the candy is stored only to find it empty! This doesn’t help them at all, as they become more sad after having realized that their candies are actually gone. The kid still shouts that it was his candy and he is becoming more and more mad. As the parents tell the child that they ate the candy because they were hungry, the boy gets infuriated. He starts screaming that it was his and you can tell he is very angry and frustrated. He is starting to have a tantrum over the missing candy! The younger kid doesn’t seem as mad, but the older brother is the one who really has a problem with his missing candy! These kids definitely have some very funny reactions, and the video ends before they reveal to the kids that all was a lie. We can only imagine how relieved the older brother was once he found out his candy was not gone!

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Cute Toddler Practices Dog Tricks With His Puppy8s

Cute Toddler Practices Dog Tricks With His Puppy

The Hudson Destaffany family feels proud and happy for their two great treasures, their firstborn son Jeremy Hudson and the small pet of the snoopy family because thanks to the dog, little Jeremy has shown great progress in every sense despite showing weaknesses, especially in the development of verbal language. This great child has moderate autism which does not prevent him from interacting effectively with animals, earning the respect and admiration of the family and the community because in spite of his young age, he manages to captivate most animals getting them to do whatever he asks them. This inseparable duo have incredible moments every day, but the most surprising thing is the way in which both communicate so perfectly. Snoopy the cute puppy that we see in the video understands everything that his dear friend tries to tell him and he is only three years old, and accompanies him in all his adventures. At the age of three, he has already become a great dog trainer because whenever he says just a word or two, this puppy obeys him and does what he wants him to do. However, this story does not end here because it turns out that Jeremy, as we said previously, suffers from moderate autism and it is difficult for him to integrate and communicate with his peers either in the community or in the special institute he attends, but canine friends are his weak spot and he has so much love for them. They make the whole integration process a lot easier for him. However, as you can see, with his little pet this intelligent child does not manifest any of the problems mentioned above, because in fact both are very popular in the area where they reside, which is located in North Carolina. This because Jeremy Hudson Destaffany does not refuse to help the owners of the other neighboring dogs of the community and surrounding areas. The close relationship that this child manifests with his puppy is also evident among the other animals in the area and it seems like he knows how to hypnotize them, making them do what he tells them to do and he is always accompanied by his faithful friend and assistant called Snoopy whom he never leaves alone when doing his job and is always willing to accompany him in all his adventures. A great example of friendship, solidarity, dedication, loyalty and other values ​​have left us in awe and we can only appreciate that there are no limitations or conditions to help those who need help. When there is a will, there’s a way, we only need to set our minds on the goal and it will become easily achievable. If you liked this video, do not hesitate to share it on all social networks, so that your friends and family can also enjoy it. The child can be a great example of how we should do things in our everyday lives and being a helping hand is always a rewarding experience. Don’t forget to make someone smile today, it will be the best prize you can get!

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Adorably Toddler Hilariously Struggles To Walk Dog On Leash36s

Adorably Toddler Hilariously Struggles To Walk Dog On Leash

There’s no joy like a dog and his boy. The adage is so true as to be a timeless archetype. There was even a science fiction movie with this title. You can’t help but smile at seeing the dog, who appears to be the “alpha male” of the dynamic duo (at least for now), teach his boy a thing or two. There is time enough for the boy to give the orders, but for now his dog is both a big brother and a nanny. Look at the dog’s happiness when he knocks the boy down and climbs on top of him. The interaction is just dripping with play. There is zero hostility on display, and it’s almost as if we can actually see the dog smiling. The boy is playing the submissive “prey” splendidly, kicking his legs, offering his throat for the kill. The dog finally “mauls” his victim’s arm, tearing the young human to shreds! The victim seems all too willing to offering himself for the sake of bolstering his canine friend’s self-esteem. Even though dogs were bred to more or less kiss up to their master, we can see this relationship is based on mutual trust and respect. The enactment brings great joy to the viewer, we who get it. It’s such a universal scene that we can easily put ourselves in both of the actors’ places. Nobody watching could mistake this for anything but a special close bond . The dog still has a puppy look to it, so it’s probably not even a yearling. That gives us some idea of when it was adopted by the boy’s family. In the relativity of young people, they have spent a very long time together. If the dog is around for even another seven years, that will seem like a lifetime to both of them. The phrase “thick as thieves” seems appropriate here, as it is doubtful the boy goes anywhere without his loyal companion, and where one gets into trouble, there shall we find the other ready to lend his moral support, or even his life in times of dire predicament. The video starts out so humorously, with the boy wanting to take the dog for a walk, but the dog quickly taking control of the boy. The boy points, “We’re going there!” but the dog has something else in mind. It becomes a tug of war the boy can’t win. He just hasn’t mastered the physical strength needed to take control of the energetic pup. Nor is the young lad coordinated enough to maintain his balance, and down he goes! The dog appraises what has happened. Should he continue tugging, or hit him when he’s down? The dog just can’t resist. He has to grapple with the boy on the ground. The boy kicks, like a deer in the death throes of a wolf attack. Of course, he isn’t screaming, but probably giggling at the faux-kill. In size and relative age the two are well matched. You just know that they will never be parted in this life.

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Toddler And A Puppy Have Fun Rolling Around In A Wrestling Match 13s

Toddler And A Puppy Have Fun Rolling Around In A Wrestling Match

In this sweet video a boy and his dog have a truly beautiful moment. There is something so heartwarming and precious about a child’s laughter ringing through the air. It is a sound that automatically puts people at ease, especially parents. Sometimes the worst possible day that you have ever experienced can be made a thousand times better just by seeing your child playing and being so carefree and laughing. This even relieves possible stress for people who are not parents as well. It is just a lovely noise that will make every adult instinctively smile and relax. See if you will feel just like this when you watch this video. Be sure to have the sound on your device turned up so that you can hear and enjoy this uplifting audio treat! This young boy’s dog looks like it is probably some type of poodle or spaniel breed or mix breed. It is easy to see that this dog’s absolute best friend in the entire world is his little brother featured in the video with him. Enjoy this precious moment between a boy and his dog while you witness the incredible bond between these two friends. This video was taken around Halloween. We can see that by what the dog is wearing. Many owners put Halloween costumes on their pets, and this dog’s costume is nothing short of adorable. He seems to be wearing a Jack-O-Lantern costume. It is an orange sweater with a black pumpkin Halloween face on his back. He also seems to be wearing a black mask on his face of some type. It is hard to tell exactly what the mask is or how it connects to a Jack-O-Lantern, but it might be similar to a “Zorro Mask.” It does not look like the little boy is wearing a costume of his own, so maybe the dog is a bit jealous of having to wear a costume when his little buddy does not have to! It is always fun to try to create a dialogue of what your dog could possibly be thinking, and it definitely will make for some good laughs! Even though this video is pretty short, it is just long enough to let its audience enjoy this cute moment and smile and laugh right along with the little boy. He and his dog are tousling on the floor, and the child is laughing uncontrollably. The dog is over top of the little boy, and it is licking the little boy’s face all over. The dog is enjoying every second he has with his best friend . These two are obviously very close best friends. It is so good for children to have a pet of some kind. It teaches them so many valuable life skills that may otherwise not be learned until much later in their childhood or teenage years. This boy has obviously done well with caring for his dog and helping out with him. They will hopefully have many more years together to make more memories like this one.

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Adorable baby discovers feet for first time1m19s

Adorable baby discovers feet for first time

This cute little guy is in the middle of a mind-blowing experience! Watch as he discovers his feet for the first time, hilariously lifting them in the air for a closer view. How funny is that? Credit to 'devojce11'.

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