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4-month-old baby shows off amazing balancing skills37s

4-month-old baby shows off amazing balancing skills

This athletic baby displays just how talented she is as she balances on her dad's hand at only 4 months old! Her older brother did the same thing at her age, so it's safe to say these skills run in the family. It's incredible to see how much fun she is having!

Father and son demonstrate the importance of trust17s

Father and son demonstrate the importance of trust

You have to admire the trust level between this dynamic duo! Behold in epic slow motion as this dad tosses his son high up into the air, only to safely catch him upon return. This little guy loves it, wanting to go again and again!

Baby Girl Has Emotional Reaction To Daddy's Singing34s

Baby Girl Has Emotional Reaction To Daddy's Singing

What a precious moment!As soon as this father starts to sing to his baby girl, her reaction is priceless. She is enjoying every moment her dad sings a new note to her. Her smile is so beautiful; he must be so happy that he can make her laugh with his voice. He has a great voice, sweet! This little girl is so adorable; she is looking directly at her dad, focusing on everything he does. As her dad continues to sing to her, she even lets out a little giggle; she loves every minute of this, she appreciates every moment of the love and affection, these two already have such a great bond, so adorable. Her dad carefully holds her head, as she continues to listen to him sing. She is mesmerized, there is nothing that will distract her now, she has her full attention on her dad. When he is done singing, he gives her the biggest kiss, and I'm sure she loves it! What a beautiful moment! How could you not spoil this little girl? She is adorable! Check out some of these baby products so you can spoil your kids as well! Having a baby is an individual thing. They can change your life forever. Everything that is done for them will always be worth it, from cleaning their diapers to paying for their college to singing to them and enjoying this kind of precious moment. The father and daughter bond is unbreakable. From the moment they are babies till the day they grow up to be somebody's wife. Just take a look at this fantastic father and his daughter sharing a particular moment at her wedding. This father-daughter dance made every guest jump to their feet and we find it so incredibly fun. This bride is no exception! This dynamic duo took the dance floor with “My Girl” by The Temptations, but after the first chorus, the record scratches and the mashup begins! From “Baby Got Back,” to “Gangnam Style “ and “Whip/Nae Nae,” these two set the dance floor on fire. They surprised the guests, and they had so fun dancing! Usually, brides choose a song that means a lot to them and their dads, often accompanied by tears of joy and sorrow, but these two made a choreography that was out of this world! A father is one of the unique persons we all have in our life, they are the ones who make us strong, who makes us fell in ourselves, to have faith in us and our decisions as we grow up. Fathers share their stories with their daughters; they teach them to take risks to build self-confidence, they talk to each other and share what happened throughout the day. Their relationship is strong and will always be like that, as fathers see their daughters as little girls no matter how old are they! Do you have any precious moments to share? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Excited dog can't stop spinning!9s

Excited dog can't stop spinning!

Here we have a little cute dog that goes nuts over feeding time. Carly, a mini pin, gets extremely excited when it's "that" time. I don't know what the story with this dog is but she seems like she hasn't eaten in forever. There's always the option that she might be waiting on the best treat she has ever got. This is one cute and adorable dog, that's for sure. The level of insanity she reaches is ether way hilarious. This dog is probably the most enthusiastic about eating as no other dog out there. Watch as she hilariously spins in circles preparing for her food. So funny! Credit to 'dateher4life.

Baby Shows Off Incredible Balancing Skills37s

Baby Shows Off Incredible Balancing Skills

Looks like this little guy may be a future Olympian! Watch as 6-month-old Noah shows off impressive balancing skills with some help from his father. Adorable! There are hundreds of " baby balancing on dad's hand " videos on the internet, although there is a footage of a mom doing it as well, somewhere… But what is the science behind this phenomena? Between the ages of 3 and 6 months, whenever babies are held vertically and they feel a pressure on the soles of their feet, there is a kind of reflex that kicks in that clenches the muscles in the legs and back, but it doesn't keep them balanced, only straight. The balance comes from the person holding the baby, that's why you see them sway from side to side. The scenery where these parents decided to film their acrobatic baby boy demonstrate his skill makes for an even more magical viewing! The colorful background that is the sky during dusk makes baby Noah look like a tiny little magician, floating on air, while dad gives him the boost from below! WOW! Awesome stuff! If you feel like trying this with your baby, just make sure you do it over a bed :)