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Curious Husky Puppy Discovers Her Own Shadow And Tries To Catch It2m31s

Curious Husky Puppy Discovers Her Own Shadow And Tries To Catch It

Young pups are such funny creatures, always ready to play and chase around, even their own shadows! Just take a look at this adorable little husky dog in our video and see how much fun she is having all by herself! This beautiful gray pup has discovered how amusing it is to try catching all the shadows on the floor, including her own. Hilarious! Phoenix the husky puppy discovers her shadow and adorably tries her best to catch it. When this curious pup saw her own shadow on the floor, a thorough investigation quickly commenced. From pouncing furiously to the ground to chasing the shadow around her bed, this energetic pup wasn’t going to give up without a fight. Luckily, owner managed to capture the hilarious footage on camera. Cuteness overload! Did you know that dogs can get obsessed with chasing shadows? Have you ever seen a dog with its mind fixed on catching a shadow ? Even if you have, you just have to watch this hilarious video! As the video begins, we can see a tiny Husky pup resting in her bed, enjoying the coziness of her home. Moments later, this curious pup notices her own shadow on the floor and engages in a quest to pursue it. This cute doggy is having the time of her life chasing after her own shadow. Can you believe this little fellow? Each time the pup moves, her shadow moves together with her, after which the pup goes into a hot pursuit, chasing after the shadow in her own funny way. How cute is that? This doggy is determined to catch her shadow and will stop at nothing! Absolutely hilarious! Who knows, maybe this dog thinks she’s ghost hunting! Whoo-oo-oo-oo… Just kidding! Watch as this curious Husky pup goes up against her own shadow for the very first time. This little ball of fur is learning about shadows and she is up for a big surprise when she finds out that they are very hard to catch! We all know that little pups are all about 'stalking and hunting'. They are always looking for some interaction and adrenaline driven games. From chasing tails to chasing shadows, you name it! This play behavior is linked to prey stalking, attacking and predation in nature. Adorable! Dancing shadows on a wall will prompt dogs to run and leap to examine all moving shapes. Especially when they are very young at age, they are puzzled with the appearance of any form of shadow and try chasing after it. This little pup is eager to play, and even chasing after her own shadow makes for the adventure of a lifetime! Watch her long game of chase and enjoy her silliness. The little fellow almost immediately jumps after the prey in desperate need to catch it, but all in vain. This is how you entertain your pup all night long, and better yet, it can also be a very amusing game if the owner joins in. When we were children, we loved chasing our shadows because it seemed like a good idea at the time. However, of course, we never caught it, so eventually, we gave up! Well, the adorable pup in this video is just like us when we were little. Footage shows the adorable ball of fur resting in the living room, and after a while she notices her own shadow. It's only logical that the curious pup starts chasing it around, on the carpet and onto its bed. The little pup isn’t giving up. Luckily, owner caught the hilarious encounter on camera for us to enjoy Phoenix’s performance!

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