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Grumpy raccoon is in a very bad mood36s

Grumpy raccoon is in a very bad mood

Roper is very grumpy as she is going through her annual "spring fever." It can last from 3 to 6 weeks and she can be subject to mood swings. Here she's being a grump & irritated with simple interaction.

Needy Raccoon Demands Human Petting At All Times1m12s

Needy Raccoon Demands Human Petting At All Times

Pets are amazing creatures that brighten up our lives. Of course, they can be a lot of hard work to raise, some might say it is almost like raising another child, but the love and memories they give are worth the trouble! This raccoon tends to create memorable moments with her adorable reaction to human petting! Roper the raccoon loves being pet and having her back scratched. Check out what she does the second her owner stops petting her. Hilarious! While petting can be a great way of showing affection to your beloved pet companion, once they get used to it, they can become more demanding for your attention and affection later on! Take this raccoon for example! She demands more petting from owner and won’t let let him stop until she feels like it! This adorable pet just wants all the love she can get! The little raccoon has some demands and is very tenacious about it. Who knew that raccoons could get so pushy and demanding when they want something? Roper, the raccoon shows her owner what the true meaning of endless petting is. She doesn’t seem to have any understanding that her owner might want to stop, eventually. Whenever there’s any pause in the scratches, Roper insistently demands all the attention to be directed back towards her. Hilarious! It is obvious that this needy raccoon loves human affection, and won't let her owner stop petting until she says so! Watch as the pushy raccoon demands endless petting and doesn’t stop with her bossy attitude! She takes the human hand like she owns it and places it on her back, over and over again! Adorable!

Published: November 28, 2017126,677 views
Very Cute Racoon9s

Very Cute Racoon

Raccoon playing with some blanket fuzz while her daddy sips coffee and he later gets annoyed that Im filming.

Published: October 14, 201727 views
Raccoon helps owner remove rocks from her shoes53s

Raccoon helps owner remove rocks from her shoes

When you hear the word raccoon, chances are that your mind wanders to a place of wildness, disgusting, and probably somewhat fearful. We're taught that they're infested with rabies and dangerous to us, but did you know that you can in fact get them as pets one way or another? Well you can, and for some, they make for great pets! They can even help you with your little problems, just like this one that removes rocks from the bottom of her owner's shoes. How adorable! Would you ever consider getting a raccoon as a pet? They can be really cute! Check out to get your daily dose of cute animals, as well as the newest trending videos on the web. Roper the raccoon helps out her owner by pulling out the rocks from the bottom of her shoes. What excellent teamwork!

Published: June 11, 201746,591 views
Pet raccoon learns how to makes herself a bath15s

Pet raccoon learns how to makes herself a bath

When Roper the pet raccoon's owner hears a noise coming from the bathroom, she walks in to find an adorably amazing surprise. Roper has somehow learned to turn on the water in the sink and make herself a little bath. Awesome!

Baby raccoon loves to lounge in bathroom sink1m37s

Baby raccoon loves to lounge in bathroom sink

When Jennifer hears a funny sound coming from her bathroom she discovers it's just Roper the 4-month-old raccoon being super adorable. Apparently she loves the sink so much she sleeps in there most days. Anyone else feel the need to get a pet raccoon now?