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adidas Announces the NHL's All-New ADIZERO Authentic Jerseys in Las Vegas! | Video1m27s

adidas Announces the NHL's All-New ADIZERO Authentic Jerseys in Las Vegas! | Video

Here at stupidDOPE, we dig hockey almost as much as adidas. So when we heard about the NHL handling business in Vegas, we got airborne ASAP to catch all the action. On June 20, 2017, The National Hockey League (NHL®) and adidas showcased the new ADIZERO Authentic NHL jerseys & uniforms for all 31 NHL teams that are set to melt the ice with the 2017-18 season. With special guests like Desiigner, comedian Russell Peters, and Connor McDavid, the night unfolded in true adidas fashion. Speaking on the craftsmanship of the new ADIZERO Authentic NHL jerseys, Dom Fillion (adidas Head of Apparel) details on how he and his team of designers took the hockey uniform system and hockey jersey silhouette to new heights by improving fit, touch & lightweight structure. Setting the bar higher than anyone else in hockey apparel, adidas has made the ADIZERO Authentic NHL jersey lighter, cooler and more resilient by utilizing new cresting materials that make the new jersey up to 19% lighter in comparison to the current NHL Jersey. The ADIZERO Authentic NHL jersey features adidas Clima® technology embedded in the fabrics to present breathability to players. Pair those new attributes with construction that make their fabrics up to 27% stronger in burst testing & up to 72% tougher in abrasion testing, and you've got yourself a jersey thatll make you say “WHAT THE PUCK”'!?! The ADIZERO Authentic NHL jerseys are created with elite performance and supreme aesthetics in mind, so try to get your favorite team's apparel quicker than Crosby can zip by his competitors! Photo Credit: Getty//Jeff Vinnick

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Push Your Limits with K2's Unnatural Skate! | Video & Review50s

Push Your Limits with K2's Unnatural Skate! | Video & Review

There comes a time in many skaters lives when going fast needs to be paired with an self-assertive notion to nudge the limits of blading past conventional limits. Luckily for us, the most dope folks at K2 recently unleashed the Unnatural aggressive inline skate. With nods from regional blading powerhouses like Erik Bill, Manuel Rodriguez, Jimmy Spetz, & Gaby Valasquez, the Unnatural skate is primed for athletes who vie for both solid construction and a great looking aesthetic. Formed flawlessly around a leather-like upper, the Unnatural comes ready to roll right out the box with durable 60mm wheels and a strengthened SoftBoot® structure that spans secure foot comfort when you factor in the interchangeable powerstrap and ratchet buckle cuff closure. A wholly redesigned 1-piece soul integrated with Teflon® inserts help to make each grind faster and smoother for the skater. It's also pretty fly that the Unnatural skate also comes stock with K2's newly designed UFS-compliant frame. The frame can be ridden flat or rockered without fear of getting stuck on H-Block maneuvers, thanks to their wide groove. All in all, a very crispy skate, and we here at stupidDOPE encourage you to try out a pair ASAP! Can't wait to see what the future holds for the K2 Skate Division!

Enjoy the Journey with the SODO Blades from K2 Skates! | Video49s

Enjoy the Journey with the SODO Blades from K2 Skates! | Video

As summer approaches, most of us try to get our bodies back to beach-ready form. The release of the ultra-fun SODO blades from K2 Skates allow you to enjoy the journey to your peak of physical fitness. The SODO boot's sleek design pairs seamlessly with a customizable-rockered Frame that hold four 100 mm wheels on each foot, so speed demons get ready for the ride of your life! The SODO blades are quite possibly the most fun my feet have had whilst simply hill-bombing. So if you want that ear-to-ear grin, make sure to cop a pair of K2 SODO blades ASAP!

Keep your Spirits Lit with Iowa Distilling Company's Liqour Arsenal! | Video58s

Keep your Spirits Lit with Iowa Distilling Company's Liqour Arsenal! | Video

When it comes to whiskey, we here at stupidDOPE are filled with the spirit of good old-fashioned distilleries. While trucking it across the state of Iowa, we were drawn to the small town of Cumming after hearing through the grapevine that Iowa Distilling Company crafts dope booze. Nestled in the heart of corn country, Iowa Distilling Company keeps it local with a refined taste. They prefer quality over quantity, as they opt to locally source their grain, and keep computer-controlled machinery out of the equation. Working hard to preserve the OG method of distilling, Iowa Distilling Company also donates the grain solids to local farmers for livestock feed. We can dig it. We also really dig two of their most wanted spirits: Prairie Fire; Iowa's cinnamon whiskey. Their flagship product packs a punch with 35% alc/vol (70 proof) It's double-distilled whiskey for those who can stand the heat. Straight Bourbon Whiskey; “high rye” This excellently crafted 90 Proof liquor is fermented using locally sourced corn, rye, and barley mash bill. Look for plenty of spice in this whiskey, as it is aged at least two years in full-sized 53 gallon, Char #4, American White Oak casks. From seed to table, Iowa Distilling Company's Straight Bourbon Whiskey is mashed, fermented, distilled & aged on-site. For those interested in receiving exclusive access to the first bottles from this craft distillery, be sure to join Iowa Distilling Company's Bourbon Club & Distillery Rewards program. Members get email notifications of bourbon releases, inner access to the first bottles released, rewards for retail purchases, Bourbon Club t-shirts, & even your name on an IDC barrel that they permanently keep on display. Check the above video for a look into Iowa's premier craft distillery and leave your comments at the drop. Much love to letsruntrack for his most dope music.

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Ella Mai Talks USA vs. London & her Newest EP "Ready" | Video Interview2m36s

Ella Mai Talks USA vs. London & her Newest EP "Ready" | Video Interview

With the advent of social media, it has become more and more a viable resource for getting your name out there. Whether it be for sports, music or anything in between, the premise that you could be discovered for your talents with the click of a button is valuable, to say the least. We here at stupidDOPE believe that London-born artist Ella Mai would have been discovered at any time, but thanks to singing covers on Instagram, she's been signed to 10 Summers Records by way of the one and only DJ Mustard. While performing as a part of Kehlani's Sweet Sexy Savage Tour, 22 year-old Ella Mai stopped in Atlanta to update us on her newest EP, READY. This is her third DJ Mustard-produced EP in a year's time, with 6 tracks that flawlessly blend a West-coast vibe with her native London swag. Tracklisting: 1. Boo'd Up 2. Breakfast In Bed 3. Nobody Else 4. My Way 5. Makes Me Wonder 6.Anymore Don't let us spoil the interview above, but make sure you give “Anymore” a listen. That track RIDES. Much love to Randy for hooking up the interview, we'll see you in London soon, Ella Mai!

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Compose Guitar Riffs like the Greats with the iRig HD 2 | How To Video1m39s

Compose Guitar Riffs like the Greats with the iRig HD 2 | How To Video

Now, more than ever, we can hear the important relationship between quality musical composition and emerging technologies. Recently, we sat down Troy McLawhorn of the critically-acclaimed collective known as Evanescence to discuss how the iRig HD 2 mobile guitar interface helps him create dope sound. Capable of 96kHz Pro Sound, the iRig HD 2 makes mobile music creation even easier. The device's user-friendly features include a new Amp out jack with switchable output, incorporated headphone out with level control, and complete versions of AmpliTube for Mac, PC & iOS. For all you guitarists out there, the iRig HD 2 is for you, and the video above features Troy demonstrating how he gets his infamous sound just right. Looking forward to future developments from IK Multimedia! Much love to Subtle T for his accompanying instrumental, Starr and Marty from IK Multimedia for hooking this up.

Lava & Ice Cocktail with Cinnamon Spice from The Grass Skirt in San Diego! | Video1m28s

Lava & Ice Cocktail with Cinnamon Spice from The Grass Skirt in San Diego! | Video

Every time we touch down in sunny San Diego, it seems like the dope dining options never cease to amaze us. Recently, we stopped into one of the city's best kept secrets. Welcome to The Grass Skirt, a thriving tiki bar-themed speakeasy that truly captures the essence of faraway Polynesian lands. The Grass Skirt pairs unsurpassed grub with creative cocktails, ultimately meshing with restaurant's island ambiance for a one-of-a-kind gastronomical experience.

The Future is Now! 3D Printed Kicks from Feetz |  Video58s

The Future is Now! 3D Printed Kicks from Feetz | Video

It's 2017, and it's become incredibly easier to find our niche in fashion and fit. The footwear game is on the precipice of a new frontier, thanks largely in part to Feetz 3D printed shoes. No longer are the days where we have to choose between a size 10 or 10.5, thanks to Feetz' innovative craftspeople. Utilizing their progressive app, you can build your own shoe that is manufactured exactly to your foot's width contour, and so much more. Personally speaking, I have never felt the levels of comfort wearing my Feetz. They hold my feet precisely to the caliber that they need and deserve by employing their SizeMe™ System, which provides a whopping 22 dimensions of fit. In a world where custom is king, Feetz allows it's users to design their own kicks, utilizing any of their proven styles. Need a specific colorway? Once more, Feetz is changing the game by offering the entire color spectrum to us. You can choose the colors of the upper, mid-soles and soles to match your mood, outfit, and style. Feetz is as customizable as it is earth-friendly. They only make what they sell and ship in reusable bags. They recycle their own 3D printed product in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint by an astounding 60%. Water, which is increasingly becoming a precious resource, is not even a part of their shoe-making equation, which is stupidDOPE to the max. And to make things even cooler, their San Diegan cobblers are homegrown heroes that have now expanded their shipping to 30 countries worldwide. We can't wait to see what the Feetz crew cooks up next! We are tuned into the future now, thanks to the Digital Cobblers. Much love to Subtle T for incorporating his groovy track into our video piece.

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Serenity at The Sofia Hotel in San Diego | Room Tour & Review40s

Serenity at The Sofia Hotel in San Diego | Room Tour & Review

For over ten years, The Sofia Hotel has offered a modern stay to the visitors of San Diego with luxury amenities that nurtures a classy vibe intermingling flawlessly with natural colorways. Each of their comfortably-priced 211 guest rooms are impeccably designed to evoke a professional yet contemporary aesthetic aimed at today's traveler. Stocked with everything from a workstation, Wi-Fi, fine linens, ambient lighting, pristine bathrooms and even HBO, the rooms at The Sofia Hotel are intentionally crafted to be your home away from home. The city of San Diego has so much to offer, but when it comes time to wind down, The Sofia hotel has you covered. The property boasts a yoga studio, health center and even the acclaimed Spa Sofia, which offers unparalleled R&R to it's guests every single day. So check out the video above for a tour of one of their rooms, and be sure to book your stay with The Sofia Hotel the very next time you touch down in America's Finest City. Much love to Subtle T for the dope track.

The Emerging DIY Music Scene as Told by Lily Mercer | Video Interview1m19s

The Emerging DIY Music Scene as Told by Lily Mercer | Video Interview

Whilst kicking it with the Ballantine's Whisky Team in Madrid, we were able to catch up with internationally recognized & respected hip-hop aficionado, Lily Mercer. As a panel member for Boiler Room's True Music Panel, Lily brought to light many of the challenges and successes of the emerging DIY platform in today's music-sphere.

Snap & Go with the YoYo Fitness Mat | Video56s

Snap & Go with the YoYo Fitness Mat | Video

As you already know, we here at stupidDOPE are with staying fit, toned, and at peace. For those of us who dig the tranquility of yoga, there's nothing more frustrating than attempting to keep your yoga mat rolled up while on the go. The future is now, as some very innovative minds have stepped up their game.

Good Spirits in Madrid! | An Evening with Ballantine's Whisky | Video38s

Good Spirits in Madrid! | An Evening with Ballantine's Whisky | Video

Spirits make us here at stupidDOPE very happy campers. Recently, we were able to treat our palettes to the smooth stylings of Ballantine's Whisky in Madrid, Spain. With nine incredibly distinct blends, Ballantine's demonstrates the complexities of today's refined taste with a maturation process steeped in tradition of the Scottish region.

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Wet Feet? No Problem with the Dory Boat Shoe Sandals! | Video & Review32s

Wet Feet? No Problem with the Dory Boat Shoe Sandals! | Video & Review

The warmer weather is here in full effect, so many of us will most likely find ourselves chilling around water sources. Whether on a boat, the beach or even just at the pool, we all know how crucial it is for our footwear to be just as versatile. Let's give a round of applause for Cape Dory Rigging for solving our problems in the most dope way possible. Say what's up to the Dory, the boat shoe sandal that looks as fashionable as it is functional.

Getting Tatted with Nikita Beaux in Amsterdam | Video Interview1m40s

Getting Tatted with Nikita Beaux in Amsterdam | Video Interview

We here at stupidDOPE love art in whatever form it presents itself, so when exploring the canals and alleys of Amsterdam, it wasn't too difficult to locate where the coolest artists reside. Who's more dope than a down-to-earth, well-traveled tattoo artist? Well, her name is Nikita Beaux and she encompasses the aforementioned characteristics of the inked life & so much more. With a portfolio specializing in inking renditions of animals, female-centric designs, & mind-melding image-blending, Ms. Beaux stays fully booked for Amsterdam locals and tourists alike.

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Fingertips on Fleek with Amsterdam's Very Own Electa Nail Art | Video1m33s

Fingertips on Fleek with Amsterdam's Very Own Electa Nail Art | Video

Emerging trends with lasting impressions are the bread and butter of our readers. So when we made a trip across the pond to the bustling city of Amsterdam, it became prime objective to seek out the folks who influence the styles of the average Joes and Janes. Today we have a special treat for the ladies who dig looking good from fingers to toes. Meet Electa Manuputty of Electa Nail Art, the freshest nail artist in the Netherlands.

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Let it Shine! A Looksie from Melànie D's Jewelry Launch | Video57s

Let it Shine! A Looksie from Melànie D's Jewelry Launch | Video

Luxury jewelry company, Melànie D introduced their new diamond collection to an invitation-only crowd at the indulgent Ritz-Carlton Buckhead in Atlanta, GA. It was easy to be astounded by the 60+ collection of one-of-a-kind, wearable works of art while sipping on some fine wine. Composed of precious stones like orange sapphires, rubellite tourmaline and morganite, each piece truly embodies the creative aesthetic of the glory days of Old Hollywood.

Published: February 28, 201770,387 views
Win a Most Dope Trip to Hawaii Courtesy of Ivar's Restaurant in Seattle! | Video1m46s

Win a Most Dope Trip to Hawaii Courtesy of Ivar's Restaurant in Seattle! | Video

While kicking it in Seattle, we had the opportunity to catch lunch at one of the most prestigious restaurants in the region. Welcome to Ivar's Acres of Clams. Established in 1938, has proudly boasted it's award winning soups, seafood and sauces worldwide. Today, there are 23 Ivar's fast casual Seafood Bars and three full-service restaurants that supply hungry clientele with the best maritime grub there is to offer. But it seems that the Ivar's restaurant empire isn't showing any signs of slowing, as they are reaching all the way to Hawaii to return with the freshest fish for fine dining.

Published: February 20, 2017985,059 views
Watch: Live at the Dojo | CambiYO | Episode 192m32s

Watch: Live at the Dojo | CambiYO | Episode 19

Another day, same Dojo. This week we had Cambiyo stop by to catch up, play pool and talk about his new project, “Say Less”. Since his last visit, the Atlanta area artist has been cooking up music for our ears and speaker systems, and “Say Less” is aimed to provide more of the same dope content that we have come to know and place on repeat. “Make Some Shake” is one of seven tracks off of Cambiyo's newest project produced by Paul Ay, and the video above is a quick look into the hype he can raise. Check it out , and leave your comments at the drop!

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Checking into Eau Resort & Spa in Palm Beach, Florida! | Video2m19s

Checking into Eau Resort & Spa in Palm Beach, Florida! | Video

A blisteringly cold time of year is in full swing around much of the country, but the pristine waters of Palm Beach offers a warmer winter wonderland getaway guaranteed to please everyone. Very recently, we were able to kick it at one of the most celebrated resorts in the country, and it was freaking amazing. Evocative of a historically swank Palm Beach estate, Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa is THE spot to rejuvenate the body and spirit.

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