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Fastest possible way to separate egg yolk49s

Fastest possible way to separate egg yolk

Separating egg yolks has never been easier, and you only need a water bottle! Place the mouth of the bottle on top of the egg yolk and slowly release your grip. The air pressure will push the yolk into the bottle. That's it!

Guy Demonstrates How To Quickly Peel An Egg41s

Guy Demonstrates How To Quickly Peel An Egg

Hard boiled eggs are delicious but they can also be a hassle. Peeling the shell off an egg can be a lengthy process and can also be quite frustrating. The egg shell never peels off completely, it always breaks off in pieces. This is always annoying! This simple life hack can change that! Watch as KochenOnline shows us how to peel an egg in only a matter of seconds. This definitely doesn't take five minutes to peel! This simple life hack isn't difficult either. Place an egg in a glass cup, pour some water into the cup and shake for a few seconds, the whole shell will completely slide off, so cool! Just make sure your hand is covering the top of the glass or else the egg will go flying! This is so awesome, now you can spend less time peeling and more time eating! Share this video with your friends and family to help them save some time, awesome! After you peel your egg, you're probably going to need a nice egg peeler. Whats the point of peeling an egg perfectly, if you can't cut it the way you want as well! Check out some of these best selling peelers ! Do you have any nifty tricks you want to share? Let us know in the comment section down below!

How to make rainbow waffles!1m00s

How to make rainbow waffles!

Learn how to easily make rainbow waffles, a breakfast trick that children will absolutely love! Ingredients: 2oz/69g butter, melted 12oz/340g all-purpose flour, 3tsp/4g baking powder, 1oz/30g superfine sugar, 11oz/315g (ml) milk, 2 large eggs, 1tsp vanilla, vegetable oil, and 5 zip lock bags.

Check Out This Amazing Recipe And Learn How To Make Delicious Chocolate Bowls 1m24s

Check Out This Amazing Recipe And Learn How To Make Delicious Chocolate Bowls

If you have a sweet tooth that this is the perfect video for you!For the true chocoholic, just thinking about chocolate can evoke a pleasurable response. You may want to grab a bar or make a nice cup of hot cocoa before you begin watching this video! A step-by-step tutorial which shows you how to easily make delicious chocolate bowls! Fill them with ice cream for a fun party treat! Delicious! For these amazing chocolate bowls, you’ll need balloons and chocolate! Lots of chocolate! Step 1: Put the chocolate in a bowl and then melt it for 30 seconds, make sure is nicely melted and if it’s not just stir it and you will get the structure you want! Step 2: You make tiny little circles of chocolate on a cooking foil! This is the base for your chocolate bowls! After that just grease the balloon with some oil just to make sure the chocolate does not stick to the balloon. After you put the oil you dip the balloons nice and slowly in the chocolate to make the bowls and stick them to the base of the chocolate circles that you previously made. Step 3: Let the chocolate to cool off for 1 hour to make sure the bowls are nice and firm! Gently pop the balloons and wallah you have delicious chocolate bowls. You can be creative and fill this bowl with ice cream , fruit or why not more chocolate! Tasty, isn't it?

This Is The Fastest Way To Peel An Orange40s

This Is The Fastest Way To Peel An Orange

Sure, there are other types of fruit other than oranges, but their refreshing flavor cannot be replaced at any period of the year. They are juicy, brightly colored and taste amazing, but that is all spoiled when the fragrant flesh from the inside squirts on your fresh shirt and makes wanna throw that orange and just grab a banana! What if we could tell you that there is a very simple, elegant and squirt-free way to cut into your orange and eat it too? Say goodbye to picking and digging into the skin until your nails turn yellow and filled with fleshy pith. Just grab a cutting board or any other surface of your choice, take a nice sharp knife and begin the simplest peeling technique of all! Cut away the top and the bottom just enough to reveal the flesh. Then, find a spot between two segments inside and cut all the way to the center. Then just set your knife down and use your two opposable thumbs to “uncoil" the fruit! Viola! Simply use a knife to barely slice off the top and bottom of the orange , then slice the orange from the center to outer edge on one side. Then simply open the orange up and separate the orange sections. This technique is both easy and fast, and doesn’t make a mess! Not only is it ready to eat in seconds, you don't need a dish! You are welcome. Now share it with your friends to spare them of yellow, pithy nails!

Life Hack: Fastest way to peel a kiwi!38s

Life Hack: Fastest way to peel a kiwi!

Oranges are just one of those fruits that can make any gloomy winter's day all the more sunnier. Aromatic, delicious and full of nutrients and if you happen to have a fireplace, drop the skin in for an extended enjoyment. But they are such a drat to peel! All that cutting and peeling, cutting and peeling...and it makes your fingertips yellow... Learn how to quickly peel an orange and save a few seconds in your day! Lay the fruit horizontally and with a sharp knife cut off the top and the bottom just enough so that you can see the meat inside. Then make a vertical cut just between two segments all the way down to the center and with you two opposable thumbs open up the fruit to reveal it's juicy innards. Yummy! Do you know any similar life hacks? Share your favorites!

How To Peel A Boiled Potato In Seconds Using Just Your Hands50s

How To Peel A Boiled Potato In Seconds Using Just Your Hands

It is one of those kitchen chores you would much rather skip altogether, rather than having to suffer through it. We all love good mashed potatoes, especially during the winter months; that soft, creamy texture, it is too much to avoid. But to make a decent amount of mash, you need an even more decent amount of potatoes and they all have to be peeled before they will unite as one glorious side dish with butter and cream…oh, the torment! What if there was a way to remove the skin from the boiled potatoes in one swift movement so that you can jump to mashing those glorious bulbs together quicker. Well, there is and it is so dang simple, you will, without a doubt, ask yourself - why didn’t I think of this sooner?! Basically, all you need to do it is your hands. That’s right, this little trick can be done with just the two hands of yours and the ten digits on them. Before you cook the potatoes, it takes a simple prep step. Score each potato down the middle with a small sharp knife, then place them in cold water and bring it to a boil. Cook the potatoes until a knife goes through the potatoes with ease. After you have cooked your veg, prepare an ice bath by putting about a cup of ice in a bowl of cold water. Using a slotted spoon, remove the potatoes from the pot and dunk them in the ice. This will prevent them from cooking further. Now for the magic bit; after you have left the potatoes in the ice for some 10 seconds, pick them up with your hands and tug on the ends. The scoring you made previously will make the skin literally slide off the flesh. How amazing is that! Now get mashing ! Make sure your potatoes don’t look like this though, because they will make a bad mash.