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Obedient Dog Can Open Any Door In The Household8s

Obedient Dog Can Open Any Door In The Household

When your humans are too lazy to open the door for you, you have to do it yourself! What a talent! Watch as this obedient pooch opens any door in the household! Teaching our dogs some basic commands can be a lifesaver. You start with the usual: sit, stay, heel, down. When the dog overcomes these commands, you start with tricks, like roll over, high five, play dead and so on. However, this smart pooch here has learned a very neat trick. Other than being very obedient and waiting for the cue from her owner, this talented dog knows how to press the handle on the door to open it and get to whenever she wants to go very fast! Don’t you just find it adorably cute, how the intelligent canine jumps at the cue to open the door, struggling with the height. Then, when the door finally opens, the dog wags the tail in victory like it’s his first time to open a door! Watching this obedient pooch open doors around the household like it’s a piece of cake, has reminded us that dogs can really lend a helping paw anytime. Just imagine you are coming back from shopping and both of your hands are busy holding bags. Then, it comes in handy to have a trained doggy to open the door for you, like a personal butler! Incredible! Have you seen a dog opening a door with such an ease before? Let us know in the comments! Credit to @conchettadumond