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Cuddeling puppy 4 months 37s

Cuddeling puppy 4 months

Frenchie Flo is now 4 months. One energetic monster puppy, really in the time this video uploaded she did a pee in her new bed, she stole my fliplop and bumped her head against te table. After 4 minutes madness she shuffles to me and falls asleep. Ooo what do we love her a lot! Cute little flower Flo. @chasingchop

French bulldog rocking awesome tricks! 1m00s

French bulldog rocking awesome tricks!

French bulldog chasingchop learned how to wave! What a ridiculously awesome trick! Also play dead, roll, sit, box, high five and turn is not a problem. Time for some treats right?!

Published: December 18, 20176 plays$0.01 earned
Little puppy big talk 59s

Little puppy big talk

First day that our little potato is home and already big talk with his new bed. Attention please!

Published: April 6, 20174,621 plays$12.38 earned