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Stag beetle39s

Stag beetle

Beetles deer forests nurses, as well as muravi.Vremya from the time they are fighting for territory.

Children's disco and the little dancer5m55s

Children's disco and the little dancer

Children's disco and the little dancer. It's hard to throw the legs back - this is the problem, accompanied by a small tanschovschitsu all disco. I got lost on the invoice as the child fell, count you please, and write in the comments. Who will count correctly, that fellow!

Oops. Dog scat in Dog Show5s

Oops. Dog scat in Dog Show

Dog Show - an exciting event for dogs and their owner. hostess in a hurry for the contest and did not even notice the dog poop, make it a dog))) Or maybe a dog made from the excitement that will receive a cup and food for a month)))

Child learns to do a somersault36s

Child learns to do a somersault

Birthday daughter - years. Kids jumping on a mattress. Then he decided to play a somersault. Friend knows, and his daughter yet, look what came out of it.

Random seating area in shop30s

Random seating area in shop

Apparently, the store knew we priydёm - put the tent, inflated wheels for swimming, lacking only the reservoir. The daughter told us goodbye and left to rest from a busy day. Shop better than home))))