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Great gift idea! 26s

Great gift idea!

Connect paper money with clear tape, roll tightly, place tag on the end that says, “Pull Here”. Place rolled money in small box with pull tab left at the end, outside the box. Secure top of box with clear tape. The person receiving the gift will love it!

How to defrost windshield in one minute 1m04s

How to defrost windshield in one minute

Hate scraping your windshield? Get rid of the scraper! Simply fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and boom! Clear windshield. Please note, I have A convertible that leaks so my windshield inside also gets covered with ice/frost.

How to keep homemade  cookies fresh 31s

How to keep homemade cookies fresh

A simple life hack especially helpful during the Holiday season! Using a zip lock back and a straw. After cookies are placed in the bag, remove as much air as possible then close the bag leaving a little room to insert the straw. Pull remaining air out using the straw. Homemade food saver!

Dog Drops Beloved Toy To Greet Patients 29s

Dog Drops Beloved Toy To Greet Patients

Abby the lab visited a sun-acute rehab accompanied by her favorite ‘baby’. However, when she was there, she ditched her favorite toy and waited patiently to give love to patients, care givers and staff members. I did not film her interactions with patients due to privacy.

How To Use A Can Opener The Proper Way 29s

How To Use A Can Opener The Proper Way

We’ve been doing it wrong. Simply switch the way you apply the opener to the can. There are two benefits to this: avoid creating sharp metal tops and decrease the chance of introducing any bacteria that may be on the top mod the can into your food.

Rescued sea turtle released back to the ocean2m10s

Rescued sea turtle released back to the ocean

This 230lb loggerhead sea turtle was injured by a ship's propeller. The turtle was found floating in the Atlantic Ocean severely injured. The turtle's shell had four deep gashes and would not have survived. It was brought to a non-profit animal rescue facility in New Jersey. Her recovery took 15 months. Watch as she finally goes home to the sea!

Dog Enjoys Pool Time As A Reward For Successful Spelling Bee1m12s

Dog Enjoys Pool Time As A Reward For Successful Spelling Bee

It’s pretty much everyone’s dream to have a pool in their backyard. Especially on those blisteringly hot days of summer when the sun just will not stop beating down on you. Owning a pool must be fun especially for dogs! Many dogs like pools, especially when they’re the place where everyone hangs out all summer. Some dogs will even swim or play fetch in pools and this doggo is one of those! As soon as her mom spells the word s-w-i-m he starts barking from excitement as she knows that is her favorite activity. Abby knows one of her favorite words when it is spelled: S-W-I-M! Check out what happens next! Her mom lets her out of the house and you can see that tail is waggling like crazy! Wow! She is so excited! As soon as they reach the pool she waits for her toy and she jumps right into the pool. Hilarious! We must share our pool with our friends and of course our dogs! They love pool time! Since dogs are family, it can be very easy to treat them that way. And if you’re anything like us, when we play in the pool we play hard! So does Abby too! For humans, summer is a time for great fun. What could be better than an entire season dedicated to swimming, grilling, and snoozing in the sun? In our opinion, very little! So, whenever you have the chance to forget to share those fun moment together with your pooch as they also really love summer activities! Dogs enjoy swimming, as much as, humans do! Swimming is an awesome way for your doggo to chill on hot days, get in some great exercise and have lots of fun all at the same time! Anyway, that brings us to our next question, why do dogs love swimming so much? We realize that most cats don't like water or even swimming. All in all, what makes it such a great amount of good times for pooches at that point? We think the next video of a dog having so much fun in a pool gives us the answer to that question. Just take a look at this overenthusiastic dog cools off in the backyard pool ! Would you look at the happiness that this dog has? Sookie the Greyhound is pretty spoiled because when she wants to cool off, she gets to jump around in the backyard pool. From the looks of it, she really loves to splash and play. Who can blame her, pools are cool, literally! How we would love to be with Sookie in that pool now! She definitely doesn't have a single care in this world, other than to eat, sleep and play in the cool water. It is like watching a child play with a toy she has been asking for so long! Sookie's joy doesn't seem to have an end and we don't want it to end for her either. So adorable!