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Cute Christmas gift idea 30s

Cute Christmas gift idea

tape money together end to end. tape a place a piece of paper on one end.create a roll and place in a gift box. leave the end with the paper sticking out of the gift box with the word, ‘Pull’. sit back and watch as the gifted person rolls out the money!

Dog waits for beloved toy to be fixed1m04s

Dog waits for beloved toy to be fixed

Abby loves her stuffed animal, but when she notices a tear in it, she throws it at her owner in a desperate plea to have it repaired. Watch as she waits patiently for her friend to be fixed!

Saving a Butterfly 1m23s

Saving a Butterfly

butterflies are migrating to Mexico, they collect nutrients from the beach prior to their journey. this little guy was covered in sand and water. it was dying.

Doggy pool party! 40s

Doggy pool party!

watch as one dog stands waiting and another jumps on a bodyboard in a pool all to retrieve their beloved ball!

This Pooch Would Not Part From Her Favorite Stuffed Animal Even For A Walk27s

This Pooch Would Not Part From Her Favorite Stuffed Animal Even For A Walk

This might not be the most unusual video you will see today, but it sure is cute. Every time this dog goes for a walk, she takes her favorite stuffed toy along for the ride! Isn’t that just the sweetest? Abby the Labrador loves taking her duck stuffed animal on a walk. She sees the leash coming, so she runs to get the ducky, then waits for the leash to come on and the door to open, so that they will both go out and see what a beautiful day it is. Remember your first stuffed animal? Some of you probably still have it somewhere in your home, to remind you of the good old days, when all you ever cared about is not misplacing your favorite plushie, because sleep didn’t come so ease when you had to sleep alone. If we had to give it a second guess, it might be just a brilliant training tactic for dogs who love to run around while on a walk, checking things out or staring at other dogs and forgetting about the walk. If you let your dog carry something in its mouth during walks, it will give them something to focus on, rather than pulling on the leash or towards other dogs. Still, seeing your dog with a “pet” of its own can be one of those “aww” moment that you want to record and annoy people on social media with it. We understand though, it really is cute.