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Giant Bunny Gives Owner A New Look And It's Beyond Hilarious17s

Giant Bunny Gives Owner A New Look And It's Beyond Hilarious

Bunnies are the cutest, don't you think so? Especially when kept indoors. Only this way you can really observe them every second of the day and decide on whether you like or dislike their behavior. Apart from nibbling on your shoelaces and the occasional potty mess you need to collect before you step right in it, they are a real treasure to have hopping around in your house. And do not shy away from introducing them to other animals. While you are still giving yourself time to decide whether you can take a bunny in as the next pet, this family is busy "reaping the benefits" of their bunny member. Do you think having an in-house barber won't work wonders for your domestic budget? Think twice and watch the video at the top of the page to find out more! This big and cute bunny adorably groom s the father of the family's hair. You have your typical barbershop setting: the man is enjoying himself laid down on the sofa, head comfortably set on the pillow and the expert barber is busily massaging his scalp. Both the "customer" and the barber are enjoying themselves, until or guild master gets so much involved into what it is doing that it is forgetting its strength and starts playing it rough! Can anyone explain why it's doing this? Well, rabbits communicate mainly through gestures and smells. They might be on the more primitive plain of mammalian species but they regardless do express their feelings. Bunny lovers know that their funny balls of love can purr like cats, grumble and scream if they feel a deadly opacity or experience severe pain. Therefore it is a very important point in building understanding with your domestic rabbit is to read each other's body language. There are so many aspects of the secret handshakes only bunny lovers know, but for now, the most important thing is to understand that just like dogs, rabbits can lick your hand in a gesture of disposition and manifestation of friendliness. The rabbit would treat its babies, rabbit partners or rabbit friends in an exact manner. Today is all about rabbits so do take a look at this next video. Certain pets you do not need to rock until they fall asleep. A hair dryer nearly puts bunny to sleep after bath and that is all you actually need! This cuddly bunny is about as relaxed as it can get! This amusing video was captured as a rabbit was given a quick blow-dry by its owner. The bunny named Holly is all stretched out and flat on her back as she enjoys the warmth of the hair dryer after its bath. This rabbit almost looks like she is having a relaxing spa day. Even the loud sound of the hair dryer doesn't seem to faze her. This rabbit appears to be a very calm animal and it's absolutely adorable. What most people don't realize is that the rabbits behavior is an instinctive coping mechanism that it uses to deal with a predatory attack. When you place a rabbit on its back, it will often go into an almost a trance-like state. This state is referred to as tonic immobility. In more simple terms, when a rabbit is in a stressful situation it will often "play dead" By appearing limp and motionless, the rabbit can sometimes fool the predator into believing that it's already dead. This could give the bunny a good chance to escape.