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Corgi Lovingly Befriends Pokemon Stuffed Animal34s

Corgi Lovingly Befriends Pokemon Stuffed Animal

Remember your first stuffed animal? Some of you probably still have it somewhere in your home, to remind you of the good old days, when all you ever cared about is not misplacing your favorite plushie, because sleep didnā€™t come so ease when you had to sleep alone. Our pets love stuffed animals too, because no matter how much they love us, their two-legged pack mates, they still need something that somewhat looks and feels like them. There is whole industry out there that provides loving pet owners with stuffed animal for their furbabies, but why stop at specialized plushies for your dog, when you can purchase a stuffed doll the size of your dog to keep it company? That is exactly what this woman did for her Corgi Belfi. The girl seems to be a huge fan of Pokemon, specifically Eevee, so she got Belfi a massive plush version of the Pokemon to keep him company. The best part? Belfi and Eevee both sport the same colors, making them look almost like they are twins! When you see him under that table, resting his head on the plush, it will melt you in a puddle on the ground and then some! Aaawwww!

Published: September 4, 2017Updated: September 6, 2017447 viewsVirality: 1%
Sleeping Baby Corgi Puppy1m28s

Sleeping Baby Corgi Puppy

baby corgi puppy was sleeping and looked so cute! I could not resist touching his fluffy tummy and pink paws! They were just like gummy bears!

Little fuzzy Samurai dog38s

Little fuzzy Samurai dog

This little fuzzy samurai thinks that manly samurai has to look tough and cool, so he tried but..... I guess he is still a baby samurai!